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4 What A Corker
“ It took a lot of time and experimenting to understand how cork really works,” says Laurie Wiid van Heerden, explaining his journey towards creating the wide range of unique contemporary cork products that his studio has designed to date. “To fully
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The pandemic, the lockdown and particularly the work-from-home phenomenon have prompted many of us to reconsider what we want and need from our home. “The refurb of this house was done during lockdown,” says interior designer Julia Day of Julia Day I
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15 New Horizons
Celebrated with a beautiful shoot that instantly caught the VISI team’s collective eye, Haldane Martin’s fresh take on outdoor furniture is, he says, “a new direction”. “This shoot is a culmination of about two or three years of work – and the realis
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French Connection
It has been a 21-year-long labour of love. Marti Heyns-Foster admits that, when she first moved into her corner home on a shaded street in the Winelands, it wasn’t her dream abode. But it had good bones, high ceilings, original wooden floors and plen
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1 Coming Home
The Urbanative’s founder, designer Mpho Vackier, says the Covid-19 pandemic led to a worldwide rediscovery of what home means to people. As a result, her design firm’s Homecoming collection was not just an exploration of colour, materials and form: i
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10 House Style
It’s been almost a year since local design cooperative Always Welcome opened its doors at Hyde Park Corner shopping centre in Johannesburg – during a tumultuous time in the local design industry’s history. Trade shows have all but ceased, and budgets
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3 Design Journey
In celebration of my 40th wedding anniversary, I designed a small range that incorporated the West African Adinkra marriage symbol as an engraved pattern on the doors. The units were manufactured in walnut, which represents a mature yet contemporary
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18 Definitely Our Bag
Antelo’s owners Carin and Pietie Nelson have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the local manufacturing industry, and have used their love of nature, the outdoors and classic simplicity to inspire their chic designs. “We want to keep it simple an
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’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH COLOUR. Hard to believe, given that my monochromatic personal wardrobe and home-decor aesthetic (beyond the odd bright splash of the Barbara Hepworth print behind me) have usually followed a neutral palette. As it did for many
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18 Need It Now
Taking its cue from the current, seemingly universal, live-more-in-less-space moment, local furniture and homeware brand Coricraft has created a fresh and accessible range of furniture that can be seamlessly mixed with your existing decor, or used as
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13 Good Vibrations
Hands up: who doesn’t get a positive vibe from a Kombi? Yep, not even the Grinch has his hand up. No other car in the world is associated with friends, family, sun-kissed good times and memorable road trips like the iconic Volkswagen Kombi. And what
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2 Above And Beyond
Kobus Botha, CEO of the Cradle Boutique Hotel & Nature Reserve, has worked closely with the property’s owner since construction of the hotel began in 2015. “I love working here,” he says. “It’s only 40 minutes from Sandton and close to Lanseria Airpo
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20 Kidding Around
Celeste and Alain Ferrier had their child in August 2019, then rapidly experienced a pandemic and lockdown with their little one – a time during which “the importance of child development and the role that space performs in this were revealed to us,”
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Feeling Broody
Hibernation – it discomforts me. It implies Do Not Disturb signs, irritable bears and gross strategies against digestion. (Care to guess what a tappen might be?) Hibernation has the sense of something to be endured behind a knockout sleep that may as
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Visi English
Editor-in-Chief Steve Smith Deputy Editor Robyn Alexander Editor-at-Large Annemarie Meintjes Creative Director Mark Serra Contributing Designer Marcus Viljoen Managing Editor Samantha Charles Digital Editor Gina Dionisio Content Producer Michaela Ste
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About Love
If you’re looking for the architecture and design equivalent of “never judge a book by its cover”, this apartment in the Onyx must be it. Its white-accented black-mirror façade and similarly themed foyer and corridors provide little hint of the explo
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7 Driven To Abstraction
THULI LUBISI This talented printmaker’s graphic works are a celebration of both her cultural background and her craft. Why abstract art? While I was a student at Artist Proof Studio, most students and graduates did realistic artworks. When I got to
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The Places We Could Go
Despite ours being a nation in lockdown and in mourning, I can’t seem to quell this insatiable desire to leave home for a bit, and explore a world that, until a year ago, was just an easy, albeit pricey, return flight away. I can’t help but be enviou
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Visi Bathrooms
If you’re looking for inspiration for your bathroom, our special supplement is the perfect mood board. From new colour trends to the latest hardware and expert insights, it’s a must-have that will help you create a tranquil space. VISI Bathrooms is o
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For The Birds
How does an eight-litre water fount with drinking capacity for 100 feathered friends become a romantic outdoor-dinner light for lovebirds? Simply remove the domed lid from the interlocking base, fix an adhesive, battery-operated touch light to the ce
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Out Of The Woods
London designer Paul Cocksedge, whose original solutions to public-space dilemmas never fail to surprise, invites the public to sit on undulating, concentric benches made from upcycled scaffolding planks with this installation. “Please Be Seated” is
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8 Wall Order
Aweh Migo – aka Garth Wareley – has been a muralist for just shy of two decades, and recently spent four days in De Doorns with his brother, Matthew, documenting the process of creating Soar. “VKDB Architects hit me up about the space at De Doorns Pr
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21 A New Leaf
1. The Plant Hemisphere hanging pot evokes nostalgia for your gran’s veranda, but adds a fresh twist in the form of a powder-coated stainless-steel finish in 12 cool colours. The leather straps are adjustable in length too, which is handy. From R695
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5 Time To Shine
Re-imagined via an aesthetic dialogue between virtuoso architects Jun Aoki and Peter Marino, Louis Vuitton Ginza Namiki has become a new, naturalistic tower that inspires wonder both outside and within. Located on the corner site that has been occupi
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Making A Statement
“There are 360 degrees. Why stick to one?” said the late starchitect Zaha Hadid – and this philosophy could well describe Mica and Marcel Angel’s Llandudno home. At its entrance, concrete slabs suspended over a body of water deliver you to a pair of
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On The Edge
“The landscape and the environment were the key design generators from the client’s brief,” say Miguel Ferreira-da-Silva and Andrew Payne of MFS Drew Architects about the build of the new Caracal Cabin. “Owners Samantha and William Rupert Mellor had
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Visi Reasons
“GREAT DESIGN is EFFORTLESS FUNCTIONALITY that encourages meaningful HUMAN CONNECTIONS.” The Homecoming collection is a collaborative exploration of colour, materials and form. ■
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12 Visual Appeal
The super-limited-edition Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams – just 750 units have been made – brings together award-winning actor Daniel Craig and acclaimed British photographer Greg Williams, who has captured many iconic Hollywood moments. The p
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9 On The Rise
Studio Toogood – long known for the earthy, chunky, organic feel of its furniture designs – recently produced a clean-lined, unisex clothing collection, and collaborated with footwear brand Birkenstock on a range of covetable shoes. Now, the studio i
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