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You May Not Be Changing the Filter in Your Face Mask Often Enough
For a little bit of added protection against COVID-19, many people have begun adding filters to fabric face masks. In fact, many of the cloth masks available from small businesses and major retailers now include a filter pocket specifically for that
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Reese Witherspoon Thinks About Her 2006 Oscars Dress a Lot, and I Mean, How Could She Not?
Reese Witherspoon has attended many an award show over the years, donning countless glam ensembles, yet one outfit in particular stands out in her mind: her 2006 Oscars dress. The beaded vintage Christian Dior gown is an iconic red carpet look, so it
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Was the Marathon You Wanted to Run in 2020 Canceled? Here Are 9 Virtual Options
Due to concerns over the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), marathons and half marathons are being canceled. As of August, this has affected both the New York City Marathon and NYC Half, the Boston Marathon, and races in Chicago, Berlin, and Lond
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How I Re-Created Studio Cycling Classes at Home Without Draining My Bank Account
For fitness enthusiasts, the "new normal" during COVID-19 means more than just working from home. It means no gym equipment. No cardio machines. And no space to sweat. Prior to the pandemic, I spent every Tuesday and Thursday taking a high-energy cyc
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The Umbrella Academy: What to Know About the Real-Life Jack Ruby
You don't have to be a history buff to notice that season two of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy had a real-life '60s twist. Luther's "Jack" from 1963 Dallas is Jack Ruby - yes, the Jack Ruby who (allegedly) shot President John F. Kennedy's assassin L
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I'm a Trainer, and This 4-Week Beginner's Program Will Teach You How to Lift Weights
Now that you've decided to start lifting weights, you're probably wondering where exactly you should begin. Learning a new style of training can be confusing, and at times intimidating, which is why we created this guide to get you acclimated to lift
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17 Royally Sweet Photos of Queen Elizabeth II and Her "Dearly Beloved Grandson" Prince Harry
With Queen Elizabeth II's blessing, Prince Harry stepped down as a senior member of the royal family in March. In her statement, the queen made it clear that Harry, Meghan Markle, and Archie "will always be much loved members of my family." In the p
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What to Know About Bachelorette Star Dale Moss's Day Job
We're all learning who Dale Moss is this week, thanks to the latest news out of filming for The Bachelorette. With rumors swirling that he and Bachelorette Clare Crawley already have fallen in love and left the show together, everyone is wondering wh
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5 Ways Americans Can Help Provide Disaster Relief For Victims of the Beirut Explosion
Thousands of people were injured and more than 135 were killed in Beirut on Aug. 4 after a major explosion in the city's port warehouse sent shockwaves through the Lebanese capital city. According to bystander footage and photos shared across social
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Well Over a Decade Later, I Realized I Can't Journal Like I Used to - and That's OK
My first diary had a yin and yang symbol on the cover and was filled with details about my baby doll, my first- and second-grade classmates, and stories that I'd dictate to my mom - we'd sit on her bedroom floor, and I'd spitball about Pokémon or a m
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Pregnant and Can't Sleep? Melatonin Isn't the Way to Go, According to Ob-Gyns
Melatonin can be incredibly useful when you're having trouble sleeping, as long as you're taking a safe dosage. Because many melatonin supplements are larger amounts than you should take, melatonin becomes a tricky topic for one group of people speci
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The Sarong Skirt and I - We've Rekindled Our Romance This Summer Like It's 2004
My first experience with the sarong skirt was during my Limited Too days, when I was excited not just to purchase a bikini but the full set it came with - so I could be swathed head-to-toe in the print of my choosing. Oh! Was there a matching headban
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The Untold Fashion Story of Elizabeth Hurley's Iconic Versace Safety Pin Dress
It was the year 1994 when of-the-moment English heartthrob Hugh Grant would be upstaged at his own film premiere for Four Weddings and a Funeral - not by his sultry date, Elizabeth Hurley, but by the black Versace safety pin dress that would make her
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Allyson Felix on Raising Her Daughter: “I Want to Expose Her to All the Right People and Cultures”
Nine-time Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix is no stranger to overcoming adversity. As the most decorated track-and-field athlete of all-time, she even broke Usain Bolt's record for the most gold medals in world championships history 10 months afte
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Postpartum Care Was a Problem Before - Here's What It's Like During a Pandemic
When Jane gave birth back in November 2019, she didn't realize it at the time, but her daily bouts of uncontrollable crying fits were one of the hallmark signs of postpartum depression. It took her several months before she realized her symptoms were
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The Hairstylists Behind Lana Del Rey's New Blond Hair Color Say They're Not Finished Yet
It's been a little over two months since Lana Del Rey lightened her blond hair with lemon juice at home, and now with hair salons open again in Oklahoma, she decided to pay a visit to the for a long overdue color appointment. She's now sporting a ne
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12 Green Vegetable Recipes Your Kids Will Actually Want to Eat
As a mom of one amazing eater (my daughter recently ordered salmon and steamed broccoli at a friend's birthday dinner, providing me with one of my proudest parenting moments) and one decidedly awful one, I'm always trying to find dishes that will app
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How Can Kids Possibly Wear a Mask All Day? This Montessori Teacher Explains
Of all the objections parents have to the reopening of schools this fall, one of the foundational nonstarters is expecting children to wear masks all day long. It's certainly been a concern of mine, and I'd venture to say my two kids - an upcoming k
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15 Dinner Recipes Your Kids Won't Know Are Low in Sugar
With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, making the time to plan a healthy family dinner every night can be pretty daunting. And while takeout is always a tempting option, there's something to be said for a meal cooked in your very own kitchen. I
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Self-Care Sunday: Baking Has Become My Favorite Stress Reliever
I come from a family of great cooks, and have always wanted to find my niche in the kitchen. Back in March, when everyone I know started making banana bread, I thought I'd give it a shot. My mom has the best recipe, and there was something seriously
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Your Kids Will Obsess Over This Sneakily Healthy Sweet Snack - and It's Only 2 Ingredients!
Although I'm a grown, childless adult, I've already figured out how I'm going to keep my hungry kids at bay after school and virtually any other time of day - with a sneakily healthy but completely delicious "dessert" dip. This two-ingredient dip was
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I Have to Store My Wedding Dress For a Year, So I’m Using These Expert Tips to Keep It Safe
When I got the call that my wedding dress had been delivered to the bridal shop this past May, I should have been ecstatic. However, after postponing my October 2020 wedding a full year due to the pandemic, this would-be exciting moment filled me wit
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Dear Hollywood, the Trans Women of Pose Deserve Your Recognition
Another year, another chance to recognize Black and Latinx trans actors squandered. The 2020 Emmy nominations are out, and while I'm not surprised that Pose was snubbed once again, I am disappointed. FX's Ryan Murphy-produced series revolves around t
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18 Million Thanks Aims to Send a Thank You Card to Every Healthcare Worker in the US
When's the last time you sent a snail-mail thank-you note? For some, these handwritten cards are reminiscent of grade-school birthday parties and wedding celebrations. But a new campaign spearheaded by 13 women-led small stationery companies aims to
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From One City Dweller to the Next: Trainer Tips For Better Outdoor Summer Workouts
A jog around my neighborhood means stopping at every intersection, encountering overcrowded parks, and feeling convinced that cool breezes are extinct - these are the realities I experience while exercising outdoors in New York City all summer long.
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Here’s How to Jump Rope (From Square One!) For a Calorie-Burning, Full-Body Workout
Don't consider jump rope workouts a lost cause just because you've tripped your way through multiple attempts. With the right modifications - like ditching your rope altogether (yes, that's step one!) - the full-body workout could become a staple of
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If You're Going to Try 1 Hair Accessory Trend This Year, the White Headband Is It
I would like to personally thank whoever brought headbands back in style. The hair accessory is the ultimate time-saving beauty hack. Bad hair day? Put on a headband. Need to look extra polished for a meeting? Headband. Tired of your hair getting in
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How the NBA and Disney Plan to Keep Players Safe and Entertained Inside the Disney Bubble
The NBA is back, and in the most unexpected crossover of all time, the teams will be finishing out their 2019-2020 season at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Regular season games don't resume until July 30, but players have already begun to arrive i
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A Guide to Practicing Yoga Without a Mat - And What Pose to Skip
Practicing yoga without a mat is like jumping into a pool with your clothes on - it's spontaneous, refreshing, and fun every now and then but gets uncomfortable quickly. Sometimes it has to happen, though - and for me, that moment was in the midst of
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I Was Intimidated by Boxing Until I Learned It's Not Really About Arm Strength
Arm toning is the bane of my fitness existence, which is why I've always copped out of boxing classes - even virtually. And guess what? I was wrong to think I needed impressive arm strength to keep up with a class. "It's a misconception that boxing i
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