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Synths Under $60
An excellent resource for chiptune sounds, miniBit offers up (appropriately) a single oscillator from a choice of 18, with the ability to construct new oscillators in the Editor (eight slots are available). The oscillator’s control set gives you tuni
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AmpliTube 5
$300 ikmultimedia.com There’s no denying that the market for virtual amp sim suites has grown and grown over the last decade, as developers continue to bolster their packages with realistic profiles and tone-sculpting scope, but there’s still only a
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Updated Jup-8 V and Stage-73 V
Arturia V Collection 8 doesn’t just bring new instruments to the line-up, existing V Collection instruments have also got an upgrade. The Jup-8 V, Arturia’s take on the Roland Jupiter-8, has received a revamp. Now on version four, Jup-8 V has an upda
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Jimmy Edgar
Detroit Native Jimmy Edgar has been a rule-breaker since day one. From starting on a home studio setup first centered around FLStudio and then a plethora of hardware being sequenced by Logic, Edgar has always followed his own ears as opposed to seeki
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SQ-64 Poly Sequencer
$299 korg.com There’s something satisfyingly ’80s about Korg’s new SQ-64 sequencer. I’m not sure if it’s the red LEDs that look part cylon and part Kitt, or the whiteon-black paint job but it works. The SQ-64 manages to hark back to days long gone, w
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Standard: $52 Deluxe: $65 Fans of the u-he Diva (did you know that stands for “Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analog”?) love this softsynth for the way it captures the spirit of those iconic monophonic and polyphonic machines of yesteryear, today. It
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$199 astonmics.com I’ll start this review with the conclusion that the Element is a total success, that easily outperforms microphones that cost double and even triple the price. There, I’ve said it. There will be mic elitists out there who doubt the
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Signature BB29
$1,548 jzmic.com BB29 is a cardioid condenser mic from Latvia’s JZ Microphones and is the first in their signature series. It’s a single membrane design with 24mm centre-tapped diaphragm manufactured using their golden drop technology. According to J
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Full Bore Overdrive
As promised in last month’s column, let’s explore fully saturated and distorted tones for your lead synth playing. I’ve interviewed many of the key influencers of this style over the years, and can share some of their approaches. First tip: When craf
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Sonarworks SoundID Reference Calibrates Your Speakers Or Headphones So That You Can Create Better Mixes
Although it’s no substitute for a high-quality monitoring setup, Sonarworks’ Reference has always been a good option for anyone who wants to get a more reliable reference sound that will enable them to create better mixes. It works by calibrating you
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Three Other Great V Collection Members
The CMI V is a stunning replication of the Fairlight CMI, an absolute classic in the world of early sampling and the first iteration of the workstation, a precursor to the now ubiquitous DAW. CMI V takes what was great about the original, and upgrade
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Nuendo 11
$972 steinberg.net When Nuendo was first released back in the year of our ancestors, 2000, Steinberg worked hard to differentiate its brand new platform from the long-established Cubase, and the company decided to do this by positioning its new DAW t
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Woov Promises To Recreate The Live Music Experience In Your Browser
Ever since live music events were brought to an abrupt halt last year, the search has been on for a digital platform that will enable both artists and crowds to get something like the same kind of experience in their own homes. Enter Woov, which is d
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Buchla Modular Synths
Music production has always been subject to brand loyalty. Just as desktop musicians debate the merits of Reason vs FLStudio, analog aficionados argue over their chosen aesthetic, defined by the region from which two seminal synthesizers emerged. Moo
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The New Sub Standard
With talk of Native Instruments and iZotope uniting under a new technology group (see page 10), there's been much speculation among the online commentators about the inevitability of the brands introducing a subscription for their products. Subscript
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Vocal Recording Styles
Single-tracked vocals offer the most natural sound, as there are no additional layers thickening them out. The trick to getting a great sound is making sure the vocalist feels comfortable, so that they can project their voice with power and accuracy
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Native Instruments And Izotope Join Forces
In what can only be described as a stunning development, Native Instruments and iZotope have announced that they’re joining forces to form a new technology group backed by investment firms Francisco Partners and EMH Partners. While the two companies
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Vocal Reverb Types Explained
First invented in the 1950s, plate reverbs like the classic EMT 140 mechanically create artificial reverberation and have been used on thousands of classic hit records since. An electromechanical transducer driven by an input signal vibrates a metal
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Live 11 Suite
$749 ableton.com Ableton has a long-held tradition of incrementally improving its software rather than radically altering it. Live 11, in that vein, features a number of changes and improvements. These can be broadly split into three categories: enha
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Spaced Out
$69 babyaud.io In a relatively short space of time, Baby Audio has gone from producing the quirky, simple and much-loved ‘New York sound’ I Heart New York parallel compressor to some of the best plugins in the business. Comeback Kid and Parallel Aggr
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Beatport DJ Lets You Mix In Your Web Browser
We’ve long wondered about the potential for a streaming service that has DJing functionality built into it, and now it’s finally arrived, in the form of Beatport DJ. Released now to all LINK subscribers, and soon to be offered on a standalone, entry-
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Vocal Mixing Tips
A great way to even out excessive dynamics in a vocal take is to use a utility plugin for manual volume automation, letting you dial back loud phrases or increase the level of quiet passages in a cleaner way than compression can. Don’t go overboard w
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The Iconic E-mu Emulator II
Nowadays a sampler is a pretty basic bit of kit, but back in the 80s it was revolutionary technology. E-mu introduced their Emulator lineup in 1981. The very first E-mu Emulator was bought by Stevie Wonder, and they quickly became very popular, being
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Arturia V Collection 8
The V Collection is Arturia’s flagship collection of vintage synth emulations. A license gets you access to not one, not two, but 27 emulations of some of the most iconic electronic instruments of the past 60 years. You also get access to Analog Lab,
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Negative Harmony
A relatively new area of music theory that still sparks debate amongst theorists, negative harmony stems from the core idea of polarity, in that, just like an audio waveform, the notes in a melody or the chords in a progression can be either positive
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To order go to https://bit.ly/B1FMAG Or call 1-800-289-9919 and mention code B1FMAG *Pricing valid in the US only. First issue mails within 6-8 weeks. ■
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Roland’s Monster JD-800 Synth Is Back From The ’90s As A Zen-Core Model Expansion
Released in 1991, Roland’s JD-800 was, in some ways, ahead of its time. Like so many synths of that era, it was digital, but with its massive panel of controls, it harked back to the analog beasts of yesteryear. However, this was a long time before t
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Vocals 101
Given that you’re reading this magazine, it’s safe to assume that you’ve got a computer and a DAW. So what else are you going to need to facilitate your vocal production endeavours? Let’s start with a run-down of the essentials. You can, in theory, r
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Cherry Audio Enters The Oberheim Fray With Eight Voice Vst
You wait ages for one Oberheim 8-Voice synth plugin emulation to come along and then… well, you know what’s coming. Hard on the heels of GForce Software’s OB-E comes Cherry Audio’s Eight Voice, another software take on the monster hardware instrument
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M-audio’s Hammer 88 Pro Is A Full-size Midi Keyboard That Will Appeal To Pianists And Producers
Hammer-action MIDI keyboards are usually designed for pianists, but with its wide-ranging set of control and performance features, M-Audio’s new Hammer 88 Pro has plenty for producers, too. Building on the success of the Hammer 88, the Pro version of
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