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The Next 100
Archerfield (Dirleton) Archerfield (Fidra) Ardglass Ashburnham Ashridge Beau Desert Berkhamsted NEW ENTRY Berwick-upon-Tweed Blackmoor Blackwell Boat of Garten Brora Camberley Heath Carne (Wild Atlantic Dunes) Carton House (Montgomerie) Castlerock (M
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Stand Bags
Your stand bag will be with you through the highs and lows of every round, so you need to love what it offers if it’s to be your perfect match. A model that has the preferred range of pockets, weight and level of protection will leave your mind free
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Ping G425 Drivers £450
A combination of excellent ball speed and forgiveness with relatively low spin meant the G410 Plus driver kept its place in our bag for most of 2020. Our testing showed it was one of the fastest and most consistent drivers around, so we were keen to
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Is Enough Being Done To Support Our Greenkeepers?
While we were stuck at home working or on furlough, going out on our daily walks or our weekly food shops, greenkeepers were hard at work battling the elements over what was a very testing winter period. When we recently returned to our courses, they
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The Best Feelings In Golf
It satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.” So said The King himself, Arnold Palmer. Golf is a sport that elicits an almo
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What About Tiger Woods?
When Tiger exploded into the global consciousness, father Earl declared he would have greater humanitarian influence than Nelson Mandela, Gandhi or the Buddha. One of Nike’s early ad campaigns played heavily on the race angle and many expected Tiger’
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Only A Matter Of Time
The year that Jon Rahm was born – 1994 – Jose Maria Olazabal won The Masters, making a 35-footer for eagle on the par-5 15th in the final round. He then scrambled to save par from the gallery on the 18th to secure a two-stroke victory and the first o
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Tiger Faces ‘Up To Two Years’ Of Rehabilitation After Car Crash
The golfing world fell into collective shock in February when news broke that 15-time Major Champion Tiger Woods had suffered significant lower-leg injuries after crashing his car in California. He sustained multiple fractures of his leg and foot and
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Golf Monthly
Editor: Michael Harris Digital editor: Neil Tappin Senior content editor: Tom Clarke Technical editor: Joel Tadman Content editors: Nick Bonfield, David Taylor Editor-at-large: Bill Elliott Design director: Kevin Eason Design editor: Jamie Latchford
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Test Your Knowledge
1 Fergus lifts his ball to take an unplayable drop. Before dropping, Jezz says it’s an abnormal course condition so free relief, which Fergus takes. What is the ruling? A. There is no penalty.B. Fergus gets one penalty stroke.C. Fergus gets the gener
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Rules Refresher – Relief From Temporary Water In General Area
Thankfully, the Rules of Golf grant you free relief from certain situations that fall under one of the four categories of abnormal course condition (ACC). These four conditions are things which are not intended to be part of the challenge of the game
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Personal Preferences
As you will see in this month’s Top 100 supplement, a fair amount of my working, and indeed playing, life is involved with Top 100 and Next 100 courses. This is a privilege and pleasure, but if there is one lesson I have learned increasingly in recen
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In Good Company
The Dane claimed four victories in 1995, the first in his homeland at the Himmerland Open. A year later, he won the first of his 15 European Tour titles at the Loch Lomond World Invitational. In 2018, he became the first Challenge Tour graduate to ca
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GM Editor Michael Harris Has Been Using Whoop For Two Months…
Over the last few years fitness has become a huge part of my life. I’ve shed a lot of weight (five stone) and my golf swing, if not my handicap, has improved significantly. The thing I’ve found with fitness is that unlike golf, the harder you try, th
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Take the mighty links of the Wirral out of the equation and many golfers would rank the fine course at Prestbury among the top three in Cheshire. The club, which reached its centenary milestone in the difficult year that was 2020, plays over a wonder
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Does Golf Have A Problem With Racism?
T game of golf has a chequered past when it comes to race relations and equality. But let’s be honest – for a very long time, and until uncomfortably recently, there was overt racism in many areas of the game. Inequality was, sadly, engrained in many
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The P-word
There are many things I don’t understand about golf: gigantic, ugly putters; the popularity of shorts; the current insistence that SMASHING THE BALL AS HARD AS YOU CAN is a good idea. But the thing I really don’t get is practice. Golf courses are bea
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That’s Entertainment
Bryson DeChambeau driving the water on the par-5 6th at Bay Hill this March sparked a frenzy of interest and discussion, putting golf in the limelight. Inevitably, his Herculean ‘short cut’ stimulated further rumbling about distance and the need to c
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TaylorMade Spider Putters from £269
TaylorMade’s popular range of Spider mallet putters just got bigger as the company has announced the addition of four new models, headlined by the Spider EX. Thanks to its multi-compound construction, TaylorMade says the Spider EX delivers optimal st
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Your Top 100 Courses…
Since the 2004 publication of what was originally a Top 120, we have refined the process to a point where we have a Top 100 ranking that we genuinely believe is as fair, democratic, comprehensive and contemporary as possible. One thing it is not, is
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Eddie Pepperell
I’ve just got back from Qatar, which was a long way to travel for one week, but I do think it was a worthwhile trip. I started the tournament with four straight birdies and actually played very well over the first two days. I basically made one bad s
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Sophia Popov
I had the tendency to be 50-50 on my left and right in my backswing, so I changed to having 70 per cent on my right side, which enables me to shift all my weight to the left side and move through the ball better in the downswing. That gives me more s
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Would You Rather Spend £250 On One ‘Trophy’ Course Or Five Decent Courses?
Says Fergus Bisset There are so many things to love about golf, but, for me, principal among all the merits is simply playing the game. I enjoy hitting shots, making pars and birdies, trying to better myself and occasionally others in a little friend
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Q & A
Brenda Allvey Member at Piltdown GC for 50 years How has Piltdown changed most as a club since you joined? Fifty years ago, the membership consisted largely of ex-military and ex-pats. It had the reputation of being rather elitist and a haughty eleme
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Old Tom Morris Legacies
With four Opens to his name, Old Tom went on to become a founding father of course design. He created Askernish in 1891 at the age of 70, but partly due to its gloriously isolated location, it changed beyond all recognition. In 2005, course maintenan
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Ben Hogan PTx Pro Iron £725
For those golfers considering investing in a set of Ben Hogan irons, the classic Icon model is understandably hard to ignore. But while its looks and feel might appeal, not every player wants the uncompromising blade-like performance of an iron like
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Why The World's Best Golfers Are Wearing Whoop
Wearable technology is huge in sport. In golf, one item in particular is rapidly catching on. Not only can wearing one benefit your golf, it can also significantly boost your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s called Whoop, a fitness and recovery tr
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The 5 Worst Feelings in Golf
Paragon of all golfing fears, so perfect in its malevolence, so utterly ruinous. The shank can strike at any time. One shank will send your golfing brain into convulsions. What to do next? How can I avoid it? Will it happen again? On this shot? On th
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Head To Head fairway Woods
Loft: 15° Shaft: Fujikura Motore X F3 7 stiff, 76g Loft: 15° Shaft: Project X Hzrdus Smoke IM 10 6.0, 60g The full-length white grooves help set the face square at address and the carbon fibre pattern boosts the appeal. It has a fuller profile with a
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The Top 100’s Ultimate Round
The idea was simple – choose the best 1st to 18th holes in this edition of our Top 100. Of course, any such hypothetical selection is highly subjective. But we’ve tried to create a fictional course delivering the right blend of ebb and flow, challeng
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