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Elise Ansel
Elise Ansel was born in New York City in 1961. She studied a BA at Rhode Island’s Brown University, where she later returned as a visiting artist and lecturer. An MFA in Visual Art followed at Southern Methodist University in Texas. Her paintings are
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Wish you could turn your hand to any subject? One man reputed to be able to do just that was the Scottish artist Thomas Stuart Smith. His legacy doesn’t end there, however. Born in 1814, he was also an avid collector and is the reason why the Stirlin
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Woodblock is a type of relief printing. In woodblock prints, the surface of the material is used to make the print and the cut-away areas do not register. Below is a simple, two block project that is a good starting point for anyone who wants to expl
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Apart from being a surface on which to mix, an artist’s palette is also simply a collection of colours that they’ve chosen to use. Some artists’ palettes can appear to be an almost random selection but generally most will be based on a range of cool
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Preparatory Studies
This project will walk you through painting a preparatory study – that is, a painting to prepare you for a more complete painting. This study is what I would typically aim to produce in a single sitting and will provide many valuable lessons. If you’
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I really enjoyed writing about Wassily Kandinsky for this issue because he and I have something (almost) in common – and sadly, it’s not that I’m also a successful Russian abstract painter whose works sell for billions of rubles. No, it’s that Kandin
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Portfolio Plus
Every month, one of our Fresh Paint artists is chosen from Portfolio Plus, our online, art-for-sale portal. For your chance to feature in a forthcoming issue, sign up for your own personalised Portfolio Plus page today. You can also: • Showcase, shar
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Write To Us!
Send your letter or email to the addresses below: POST: Your Letters, Artists & Illustrators, The Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd., Jubilee House, 2 Jubilee Place, London SW3 3TQ EMAIL: info@artists The writer of our ‘letter of
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Painting POETRY
From being whisked away on a private jet to draw a buffalo jump in the foothills of Canada’s Saskatchewan Mountains to meeting indigenous Amerindians while painting waterfalls in the Guyanese rainforest, Mary Anne Aytoun-Ellis had some extraordinary
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Kandinsky Wassily
Wassily Kandinsky wasn’t the first artist to embrace music in his painting, but he was possibly the first to do so in such an immersive and comprehensive way. Music for the Russian artist didn’t simply mean a radio on in the studio; it was a source o
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Picture this: you want to draw a figure. An exciting composition comes to mind, so you grab a pencil, or a piece of charcoal, and... nothing looks right. Do you recognise that feeling? Figures are one of the biggest challenges to draw from one’s imag
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The Working Artist
Recently an ex-student of mine, Bill, came to my studio to collect a print. He told me that during the Covid-19 restrictions he’d been working on his printmaking and trying to improve his technique. I was impressed by his prints, but the thing that r
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I am greatly enjoying your January issue’s creative challenges [Issue 425], working my way through quite a few of them and learning a lot. I would also like to thank you for your inspired choice of recommended reading: The Vivisector by Patrick White
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1 Rembrandt
In this three-part series, we will look closely at a few paintings in terms of how they have been composed. I teach a class at The Heatherley School of Fine Art called “Drawing from Paintings in London Collections”, which normally involves a group of
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A Place To Grow
I belong to an art group on Facebook and, by a wonderful chance, I struck up a social media friendship with a superb fellow artist. She recommended Artists & Illustrators to me as an all-rounder magazine for artists. She was right, of course. I am a
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Basic Forms
You can’t be good at drawing fantastic figures, if you can’t draw a simple cylinder. Therefore, it is good practice to draw and shade some simple forms, like spheres, cubes and cylinders. Draw lots of them, quickly, in various positions – and don’t w
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WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST MEMORY OF PAINTING? On my first day of primary school, we had to paint something to put next to our coat peg. I remember doing this yellow grid, which was very different from what the other kids were doing, but it set me off
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The Viking Cruises British Art Prize 2021
Artists & Illustrators is proud to support The British Art Prize 2021, in association with Viking, the award-winning cruise line. This major new national open art competition will provide artists of all ages and abilities with a platform to gain exp
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Artists & Illustrators
Group Editor Steve Pill Art Editor Lauren Debono-Elliot Assistant Editor Rebecca Bradbury Contributors Hashim Akib, Martha Alexander, Grahame Booth, Laura Boswell, Lizet Dingemans, Al Gury, Laura Smith, Jake Spicer and Rob Wareing Managing Director,
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2. STILL LIFE painting
Still life painting in the west appeared as early as 3,500 years ago in Egypt. Images of mundane objects useful in a good afterlife adorn murals of daily life in Egyptian frescoes and tomb paintings. They were commonly interwoven with images of worke
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I •Coloured Pencils Mars Violet, Black and Plum, all Derwent Procolour pencils; Dark Orange, Amber Gold, Natural Brown, Wild Lavender, Mid Ultramarine, Turquoise Green, Strawberry, Flame, Moonstone, Oyster and Flesh Pink
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1 Wrap a clean rag or paper towel around the ferrule (the metal bit of the brush) and wipe away from the handle – you want to avoid pigment getting down the ferrule. Repeat as necessary. 2 Dip the brush head in a jar of odourless thinners (a safer a
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Meet Our Prize Donors
Rosemary Thompson Founder, Rosemary & Co. Why did you start Rosemary & Co.? I felt frustrated with the quality and price of artists' brushes. I couldn't afford the better brands and so began making my own. I figured if I could make fishing flies fo
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Take a first sheet of paper and spend 30-60 minutes drawing from the National Gallery painting. Take note of every figure and, as much as possible, draw them in relation to one another. Try to get the whole composition in and be sensitive to the rect
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Emily Ponsonby
I will always jump into any water that presents itself to me,” says painter Emily Ponsonby, with a vigour that translates to the oil-and-beeswax scenes of nude figures submerged in water that feature in her work. Although she rather accurately descri
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Fresh Paint
Whenever Paul Wright is struggling in the studio, he always returns to faces. For almost 20 years now, the human head has been integral to his practice and his paintings have featured at the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Society of Portrait
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Portfolio Plus
Every month, one of our Fresh Paint artists is chosen from Portfolio Plus, our online, art-for-sale portal. For your chance to feature in a forthcoming issue, sign up for your own personalised Portfolio Plus page today. You can also: • Showcase, shar
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Watercolour Textures
As primarily a painter of landscapes, my work has often featured stone and its many textures. From shiny, worked granite and natural field boulders to stone rows and rocky coves, it seems as if I’ve painted stone in all its forms and guises. Living a
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Spending time in the studio of a favourite artist can be something of a pilgrimage, a chance to celebrate their genius and get closer to the source of their creativity. Doing so can help to further bring to life the paintings that were created there
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Final Painting
The rough surface of the paper helped to accentuate these drybrush strokes. The white of the paper was reserved to indicate sunlight hitting the stone. I let these cauliflowers form their own textural details within the shadows. Allowing paint to do
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