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Seeing Clearly
While adding a glazed room to your home may seem like a modern concept, they actually have a long history. The first orangeries date back to the 17th century, built as horticultural structures in which to grow exotic fruits. Then evolutions in glass-
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Golden Days
Nestled in the idyllic countryside of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with its picturesque yellow façade that gleams in the sunshine, Holly Tree cottage was, for André and Lisanne, like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainb
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Editor’s Letter
Fate is often declared to be the mysterious benefactor behind dream house purchases – when someone secures the property they had their eye on for years; the one that ticked every box but was seemingly out of reach, until a chance encounter changed ev
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Natural Selection
Six years ago Nicola Cliffe was teaching chemistry at senior school, never imagining for one minute that life was about to take an exciting – and completely unexpected – change of direction. Within a few months she had left her 25-year career in the
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Box Of Delights
Fond childhood memories of visiting homeware events and interiors shops with her mother, nurtured Laura’s creative flair. ‘My interiors journey began as a child watching and helping my mum,’ she says. ‘I grew up in a similar cottage in Cheshire, wher
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Capturing the delights of her Sussex cottage garden, Elizabeth Ockford has launched a new collection of nine beautiful wallpapers. From pansy heads and exotic orchids, to beetles and butterflies, the varied designs in The Garden collection were inspi
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Could You Be A Winner?
We’re inviting readers to enter completed home improvement, garden, or interior decoration projects into our awards. We can’t wait to see the schemes you’ve come up with for all kinds of period properties, large and small, and to hear their unique st
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Partners With Benefits
Companion planting, although with ancient roots from across the world, became popular in our gardens from the 1970s with the resurgence of organic and permaculture practices. In nature, certain plants grow together while others are never seen in each
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Period Living
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Child’s Play
Images (Room to change) Brent Darby; (Neat and tidy) Kasia Fiszer ■
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GRAND Illusions
A captivating blend of vibrant planting and ornate structures elevate the magnificent gardens of Stourhead, in Wiltshire, into a living gallery. Designed by Henry Hoare II in the mid 18th century, their inspiration spans eras, from Ancient Roman temp
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Images Clive Nichols, Colin Poole, Jeremy Phillips, Jody Stewart, Leigh Clapp, Green Retreats, Oak Designs Co ■
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Wardrobe Buying: What To Look For
MEASUREMENTS CHECK: View an auction or visit a shop with a tape measure to hand. 19th- and early 20th-century wardrobes can be lacking in depth. Clothes were often hung flat inside, against the back of the wardrobe, on brass hooks or small pull-out r
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Staircases range from the relatively simple to the intricate and are constructed of timber, stone or metal, sometimes in combination. Over time, all staircases will require maintenance, whether to spruce up polished handrails, rectify squeaking tread
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Perfect Partners
Buying a new bed is a big decision, especially for period homeowners looking for a design that is well-made, comfortable and complements their interior style. So, Period Living has partnered with The Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company to present a time
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A Creative Collaboration
Although set within centuries old bones, the gardens at The Laundry in Llanrhaeadr, Denbigh are fairly young, created from a blank canvas by owners Jennifer and Tom Williams since they took it on in 2008. Regular readers of Period Living may recognis
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Garden Journal
With the days getting longer and brighter, create an outdoor dining area to rival that of a maharaja’s with a beautifully ornate and colourful handmade parasol. The new Augusta design, with its handpainted twill and lotus pattern, plus decorative fri
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Project Journal
Bryony Wilson talks us through how she and her partner Tom Bown renovated their bedroom to return the period charm to their Edwardian home Was finding your home love at first sight? Without a doubt! It was absolutely beautiful and filled with fantast
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Subscribe For £43 and Get A FREE Annie Sloan Paint Set
FREE GIFT WORTH £24.95 This beautiful Annie Sloan paint set is from the Charleston collection, inspired by the home of the artistic Bloomsbury Group. It features 120ml of Chalk Paint in Firle, a zesty green that echoes the distemper of the wall surro
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Still Hanging around
There is something infinitely satisfying about a word that, once dissected, denotes exactly what it is. The word wardrobe is one such example. We use it ubiquitously, but how often do we analyse archaic expressions? It is thought the word entered the
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Stepping Back In Time
Maureen and Rod Lackey were ready to be out with the new and in with the old when they started looking for their next home in the Lake District town where they have spent most of their lives. ‘We’d been living in a new build a few miles away, but we
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Medical History
British doctor Edward Jenner changed the course of medical history – and world history, too – when, on 14 May 1796, he scratched cowpox into the arm of a young boy. The Gloucestershire medic had heard that farmworkers who caught cowpox seemed resista
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Your Journal
I just wanted to say what a wonderful read the Hope & glory feature was in the March edition. I’m now listening to Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March No 1; it really does lift the spirits and ignites a feeling of hope. Carol Lambert Having been a su
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Design Details mouldings
The mouldings we see in our period homes are one of the most obvious features that add charm and elegance – providing opportunities to exploit and break up blocks of colour or bring a more intimate feel to an otherwise clinical, or perhaps imposing,
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A Kind Of Magic
Penny Kennedy has a happy knack of summoning up magic when she needs it, in a way that rarely happens to others. When she was at a crossroads in her life and faced many difficult decisions, a friend called to say she had found the perfect cottage for
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Take It Easy
French toast in itself is a decadent brunch, but using banana bread really jazzes up this morning treat. Feel free to use caramel sauce or clear honey instead of maple syrup. SERVES 4 BANANA BREAD • 280g plain flour• 1 tsp baking powder• ¼ tsp salt•
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Antiques Journal
Floral artist, stylist and visual storyteller Lucy Hunter (@lucytheflowerhunter) creates romantic interior vignettes set to the textured backdrop of old plaster walls alongside perfectly focused exterior snapshots, which merge the floral boundaries o
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House Journal
Based in the East of England, new lighting brand Lam Lighting combines style and sustainability in its first collection of pendants. The lights are handcrafted from organic porcelain, which is low-waste, and are unglazed to let the beauty of the raw
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Food Journal
As an alternative to the traditional chocolate egg, enjoy a colourful Easter treat with this tin of hand-iced egg biscuits, £35 from Biscuiteers. Increasingly we look for good provenance in the food we eat, and there is no mistaking the origins of Pe
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Front doors say a lot about the period and status of a house. They also suffer exposure to the elements and wear and tear from frequent use. Worse still, lack of maintenance may lead to decay, while the removal or replacement of door furniture – espe
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