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We Had A Date EVERY Night Of The Week
Considering myself and my husband Jon are most often found in PJs on the sofa watching Repair Shop reruns and eating Hobnobs, it’s fair to say that, for us, romance has definitely been put on the back-burner. So when I read that, since the start of t
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Exploring The Area
The town is surrounded by countryside, that makes an idyllic backdrop for walks and bike rides. Head to 16th-century Sherborne Castle – started by Sir Walter Raleigh, it’s been home to the Wingfield-Digby Family since 1617. It boasts Grade I-listed l
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Celebrity Carers
✱ Dame Judi Dench quit a theatre role to nurse her husband, Michael Williams, at home after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died in January 2001. ✱ Corinna Schumacher, wife of seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher, has stood by her
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Zara To The RESCUE?
Zara Tindall may hold the key to healing the deepening rift between royal brothers William and Harry. Sources tell me Harry has remained in close contact with his favourite cousin from the moment Meghan came onto the scene and throughout the traumat
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‘I Would Want A Younger Man. Isn’t That Awful? It’s A Thing About Skin.’
Apparently women find eco warrior men more sexy. Scientists showed test participants photos of 12 people and told them they had bought green or normal varieties of car, shoes or a dishwasher. Participants then rated the people as potential partners.
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Debt of £60,000 is enough to scare the pants off anyone. Indeed, it creates fear and dread in the homes of many young people considering university. Yet for most, even though it’s called a student loan, thinking of it as a debt is a nonsense, unrepre
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A Weekend Away... IN DORSET
Tinseltown appears to have fallen in love with the market town of Sherborne in Dorset. Far from the Madding Crowd, an adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic 1874 novel, was filmed around the historic Abbey. Its stars Carey Mulligan, Tom Sturridge and M
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What a WEEK
Amanda Holden looks set to take the reins of a Blind Date reboot. It comes 30 years after Amanda, 50, appeared on the infamous show – formerly fronted by Cilla Black – as a contestant looking for love. The Britain’s Got Talent judge said it has ‘alwa
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Know Your Numbers
✱ Small container of egg fried rice: 679 calories, 17.9g fat ✱ Sweet and sour chicken: 435 calories, 6.1g fat per serving ✱ Crispy duck and three pancakes: 403 calories, 21.8g fat ✱ Crispy chilli beef: 380 calories, 19g fat per serving ✱ Chicken chow
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FEEL GREAT With fitness expert Annie Deadman
And they do, they really do! As us girls get older and our oestrogen levels drop (along with a lot of other things, sadly) so can the density of our bones, leading to osteopenia, even osteoporosis, then potential breakages followed by inconvenient tr
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Should Camilla BE QUEEN?
The Duchess of Cornwall is our future king’s beloved wife. A woman he adores and has long regarded as ‘non-negotiable’. She is down-to-earth, easy to talk to, funny, discreet and dignified. Yes, she had an adulterous affair with Prince Charles, an a
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For Sarah Ferguson, 2021 has already proved to be a big year. In just a few short months, the Duchess of York has released her debut novel Her Heart for a Compass with publishers Mills & Boon and become a grandmother for the first time. It’s clear s
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Harry & Meghan Why there really is NO RETURN
Prince Harry and Meghan’s divorce from the royals is now absolute. Stripped of all remaining titles and patronages, Harry is no longer a member of the official family and he has finally escaped his ‘accident of birth’. But like so many separations,
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10 Ways To Sort Your SKIN ISSUES
There are a number of great brands offering bespoke skincare routines, prescribed to you by a dermatologist. We suggest taking a look at Dermatica (dermatica.co.uk), Skin+Me (skinandme.com), InsitU (insitu.me) or Facetheory (facetheory.com), to get p
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Q I my man never stray – and we spend so much time together that it would be impossible anyway! So why do I have these horrible fantasies of him in bed with other women? I don’t want to mention this to him as I don’t want to worry him. But how can I
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Coming Soon...
Look out for Isabella Rossellini in this epic drama set in Ancient Rome. The 10-parter follows emperor’s wife Livia Drusilla (Kasia Smutniak), who navigates her way through Roman society, and the Italian-born actress plays one of her enemies. Made i
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3 Ways To Have Lovely First-time Sex
First-time sex will likely mean you don’t yet fully understand each other’s needs. So well beforehand, actively talk through your different individual boundaries, expectations and turn-ons. Once in bed, take it slowly, regularly checking that you’re
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Try the TREND
Give this style-staple floral midi a refresh with raffia accessories and pastel hues. This ruffle-detailed blouse adds a romantic touch to your everyday denim. A pair of trainers will dress down feminine florals. Smarten up joggers with a pussybow
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The former Corrie actor looked sleek and stylish in this figure-hugging black jumpsuit. Red-carpet glamour done right. You can never go wrong with animal print and Catherine has nailed it here. Plus, the tie-waist detail flatters her in all the righ
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‘I Get To Choose How I Remember My Son’
Helen Minn, 57, lives in St Albans, Hertfordshire. She lost her son, David, aged 24, in 2018. David sadly died in a trekking accident in Argentina, while travelling in January 2018. He was a really happy, positive person who had loads of friends and
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Thrust Into The SPOTLIGHT
A modicum of fame can be tantalising. Mega-fame, however, is often a monster. To be propelled from relative anonymity into the global fame that comes with being a member of the Royal Family has the potential to destroy. In recent times, three royal w
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‘News And Social Media Could Intensify Grief’
Alison Thomas, children and young people’s service and development manager at Cruse Bereavement Care, says, ‘Any reminders for a bereaved person can be difficult. This is why we often advise that if a person is feeling overwhelmed, they should stay a
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Should We Embrace Our Age?
Singer Sinitta, 52, tries everything she can to make herself look younger – including cosmetic injections. ‘I’m against ageing – you could even say I’m anti-ageing! I do have botulinum toxin injections to stay looking young – I cry when I have them
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Should Princess Diana S Memory Finally Be Laid TO REST?
Princes William and Harry must squirm at the thought of the new Kristen Stewart movie about their mother and think, ‘Not again’. The film, Spencer, follows three days in Princess Diana’s life after the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles. It
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Shocking Reports
reports assault and rape in secondary schools is horrific. Schools are rightly looking at how to teach issues like consent and respect for the opposite gender. As hard as it is to get any teenage boy to listen to a parent’s advice, these awkward conv
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Heartbroken Brad TURNS TO JEN
Brad Pitt hasn’t been far from the headlines recently. He separated from his second wife Angelina Jolie in 2016, but five years on and things are turning increasingly sour. As Woman recently reported, Angelina is said to have claimed that she can ‘pr
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The Picture That Means SO MUCH
Our smiles in this photograph are radiating, two beaming grins that could make you believe me and my daughter, Freya, 21, haven’t been through hell in the last decade. No matter what happens, my family has a way of putting on a brave face and this p
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10 years of WILLIAM AND KATE
On 29 April 2011 – 10 years after meeting each other at the University of St Andrews – Prince William, now 38, and Catherine Middleton, now 39, married in a fairy-tale ceremony at Westminster Abbey and became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. For he
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DON’T TELL ME I CAN’T… ...embrace my grey hair
Combing my hair, I pull it back into a ponytail and admire my reflection in the mirror. I’ve always taken pride in my appearance, but at 57 I’ve never felt more confident about how I look and my hair is my crowning glory – every single grey strand of
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