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Cook, author and presenter. Cooking and food has always been a big deal in my family, but the dish that resonates with me most is my mum’s chicken korma. She makes it twice a year for all the family when we celebrate Eid. When I was young, there mig
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To The Lighthouse lighthouse
There’s something about lighthouses. I’ve thought so as far back as I can remember. Land lights carry the romance of solitude and times gone by, while the majestic sea towers – those columns standing straight up out of the water – appear haunting and
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Best Beauty Buys
For a colour refresh, try these hue-depositing masks that fade gradually when you shampoo. Wella Color Fresh Mask, £15.70, 11 shades, lookfantastic.com Pop this Miracle Shot vial into a Josh Wood hair dye to protect hair as colour develops. Part of J
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‘I no longer HIDE FACE MY ’
My symptoms developed rapidly 20 years ago. I’d noticed that my throat felt slightly sore that day, but I dismissed it and went out with my husband for a date night. Over dinner he looked at me, horrified, and said he was taking me straight home beca
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What I’m Reading
I’ve just finished THE APPEAL by Janice Hallett – an innovative murder mystery in epistolary form. I found it addictive and fast-paced. Nicola Smith, Sheffield FLAPPY ENTERTAINS by Santa Montefiore was a breath of fresh air! A delightful read tha
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It’s All About You!
Add your pictures by hashtagging #womanandhomestreetstyle or email wandhstreetstyle@futurenet.com to join in. ■
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‘Never Turn Down An Opportunity’’
I’ve worked as a presenter for 26 years, and it’s been amazing. My career has taught me to never turn down an opportunity, as it could lead to the next step up the ladder in your career, or even just be a great life experience or learning curve. I’ve
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We Work At Sea
Annie Gilbert, 57, fishes with her husband, Ian, 60, on their boat, the Happy Hooker II, off the coast of Poole. They live in Wareham, Dorset. Fishing on the open sea is tough, but it’s a job I wouldn’t change for the world. And the fact that I shar
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Where To Book?
Since the start of lockdown, Dermatica has sent out 150,000 treatments. Subscriptions start at just £19.99 per month, with custom-blended skin prescriptions. Just complete an online consultation about your skin, then upload a few high-quality photos,
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If You Do One Thing This Month
For a beautiful spring day treat, head to Blakeney Point on the north Norfolk coast. The grey seal colony here has grown from humble beginnings, with just 25 pups born in 2001 to England’s largest colony, with 3,399 pups born last year. It’s a wildli
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Chrissie’s 6 Steps To Calm
1 Have a good sort out in spring. Being at home more has made me realise good kitchen textiles are worth it. Somehow a stylish tea towel and oven glove hanging on the cooker brightens up the kitchen. 2 A calm home is an organised home, and this make
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The animals THAT SAVED US
Colin the pig helped Hannah Clarke, 51, redress her work-life balance. Hannah is a director of Headsight Services, which offers animal-assisted therapy to children, young people and adults. She lives in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, with her husband T
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Sunday Times bestseller Erin Kelly knows a thing or two about what makes a compelling psychological thriller – she’s written a few of them. Author of He Said/She Said, Stone Mothers and The Poison Tree, Erin also wrote the novelisation of TV crime dr
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GREEN Made Easy
Knowing which claims to believe is a big challenge when trying to shop ethically and sustainably. Caroline Jacobs-Graf, founder of conscious retailer A Little Find, says, ‘Prioritise accreditation such as the Butterfly Mark, B Corp certification and
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Relaxed CHIC
✢ The trench is a must when heading into spring, and it’s a versatile wardrobe staple. ✢ Cream, beige and greens work perfectly as a tonal all-over way to dress this season. Don’t be afraid to mix your shades for a classic head-to-toe look. ✢ Plimsol
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‘I Am So Much Happier Than I Was In My 20s’
In your debut novel, Asking for a Friend, one of the characters, Meagan, has a five-phase life plan. How about you? It’s funny because those three girls – Jemima, Meagan and Simi – are all me. Like Meagan, I would have thought by this time I will de
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Copy The Queen
CHARITY WORKS Good causes keeps the Queen’s personal cares and worries in better perspective. HUMOUR HEALS She often laughs when things don’t go to plan. HATS HELP Avoiding the sun has preserved her snowy complexion. ✢ Bryan Kozlowski is the author
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There is hardly any fiction for adults about ballet, it’s mostly YA. This one is about a ballet dynasty set in 70s New York – a stunning book about a ballerina who moves to the suburbs after her career is over. It’s about how she comes to terms with
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The Benefits Of NATURE
Knowing the benefits of nature to our health is so important – especially in the current climate. In fact, a study by Zoopla found 57% of Brits say their mental health has been impacted negatively by the amount of time they’ve had to spend indoors re
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CYCLING With A Difference
Cycling for women has had a modern makeover, thanks to the rise in e-bikes. In fact, searches for them have soared by 47% in the past year and sales have grown by 31%. Even back in 2018, e-bike sales already surpassed traditional bike sales in the Ne
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Book Of The Month
On the back of her fantastic debut, Saturdays at Noon, comes another compelling book from Marks. Noah has made mistakes in life, but his biggest regret is the day his wife, Kate, walked out with their two boys, who he now only sees at weekends. He de
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Remember the days when you’d request ‘a cup of coffee’ in a cafe? Ask for that now and the barista would stop frothing and grinding the extra-shot, coconut-milk macchiatos to regard you as an artefact that had strayed out of the British Museum. Anot
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Star Sign Of The Month
May kicks off with a bang – hopefully a pleasant surprise. Need to charm someone? Your best days are before the 10th. Entry into a different social circle is possible from mid-May until July. Your job sees challenges – useful contacts help there. C
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If You Try One Thing This Month
Louise Chunn, founder of therapy platform Welldoing Ltd (welldoing.org), says: ‘Sometimes we think that if we want to improve our mental health and wellbeing, we need to change everything – which can be too much to even contemplate. But actually, it’
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Her Majesty’s RULES FOR LIFE
Singing God Save the Queen seems almost superfluous. As she celebrates her 95th birthday on 21 April, the Queen has already fulfilled that anthem’s most elusive plea – long to reign over us. While for some, her longevity seems a natural by-product of
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What Are You Reading?
We’d love to hear about the books you’re enjoying, so get in touch and let us know. You can email zoe.west@futurenet. com, drop her a tweet at @zoeannewest or message on our w&h Book Club Facebook page. ■
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Get The Look
This hardy perennial (Ferula communis) has mounds of feathery leaves in spring, from which emerges a broomstick-thick stalk up to 3m high. By midsummer, the flower heads will look stunning against a blue sky. It needs full sun and well-drained soil.
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Do you want to know how to be happier, full of energy, and better equipped to deal with stress? The blueprint could be simpler than you think – and it all starts with positive action. Try these expert-approved ways to improve your mood and strengthen
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Usually by now I’ve amassed a healthy GWL (greedy want list) of things to buy for the new season. Listed in order of priority I’m never exactly short on things I think I need in my life. But buying a whole new wardrobe feels rather pointless given mo
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Fact Or Fiction?
The popping sound that occurs when you crack a knuckle, or stretch other joints, such as your neck, or knees, is caused by bubbles bursting in the synovial fluid, the lubricating liquid inside joints. The bubbles pop when you pull the bones apart, wh
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