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American History
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Places That Are Gone
At an awful moment in the history of American restaurants, with nary a one safe from the pandemic’s killer shadow, here is a volume honoring joints and cafes and posh establishments that already have shuffled off the mortal coil in one California com
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Hamilton’s History, Out of Hiding
Alexander Hamilton, the West Indian striver who elbowed his way into the front ranks of the Founding Fathers, has been revealed to have been a lifelong slave owner and slave trader. Jessie Serfilippi, historic interpreter at Hamilton’s former estate—
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Nation Of Nations
Historians use many lenses through which to view nations’ growth and changing values over the centuries. University of Nebraska professor Thomas Borstelmann has come up with a viewpoint both off-beat and rewarding: the shifting American definition of
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New Hall of Fame Home
The National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York, has moved into a spacious new setting. Previously housed in a historic bank facing Wesley Chapel in Women’s Rights National Historical Park, where activists gathered for the 1848 Women’s Ri
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Primus Inter Pares
“Hominem te memento,” the Romans said. Remember you’re human. The axiom was uttered during triumphal processions following military victories, repeated to generals in case they had short memories. Many Americans have the same short memories regarding
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Besides American History, Paul F. Bradley (“Up in Flames,” p. 34) has written for America’s Civil War, Civil War Times, and national newspapers. He recently completed a play about John Wilkes Booth and is working on a Civil War novel and a nonfiction
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Crafty Is As Crafty Does
Through most of the history of history, those chronicling the past relied on documents, leaving out of the story the mass of the population unable to write or disinclined to create books, journals, and official reports of the sort historians relied o
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Keep up your great work. As a longtime subscriber, I look forward to each issue, which I read cover to cover. FYI: While “JFK’s Other Boat” (October 2020) describes John F. Kennedy’s wartime heroics as a lieutenant (jg), the accompanying photo shows
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Acton, Massachusetts…
…lies between the Massachusett and the Nipmuc tribes’ former ranges. Arable soil, Assabet River tributaries able to drive mills, and ponds for harvesting ice drew settlers. In 1735 Acton residents, wanting to build their own church, detached from the
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Culture Clash
Besides working on Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, communications consultant Spencer Critchley of Boots Road Group counts the U.S. Department of Labor and others as clients. He contributes to national media outlets. His book Patriots of Two Na
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Full Court Press
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the 87-year-old Supreme Court justice, died on September 18, 2020. Eight days later President Donald J. Trump announced that he would be nominating Appellate Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a 48-year-old conservative Republican, t
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Friend Of The Devil
When Anton Szandor LaVey decided to start a religion in San Francisco in 1966, he figured he’d better shave his noggin. Medieval executioners, carnival strongmen, and black magicians shaved their heads, he thought, so he shaved his. LaVey’s pale, nak
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Everybody’s Business
American commerce changed in 1877 when the Supreme Court broadly authorized states to regulate businesses, a dramatic shift. Noted The New York Times, the ruling settled “one of the most important questions ever considered by the court.” The great re
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Hair Power
At the peak of her long career, diminutive powerhouse Martha Matilda Harper was overseeing some 500 hair salons around the country, in Canada, and across Europe that promoted her Harper hair care method. From an impoverished child indentured in Ontar
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Electric Warriors
Midway into his first term, President Franklin Roosevelt went to war with the American electric utility empires. The November 1934 elections had increased already large Democratic majorities in Congress, positioning Roosevelt to fulfill one of his ca
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Up In Flames
Swabbies in the U.S. Navy of the mid-1800s coveted coastal survey duty. Crews doing this work mapped such details as depths, shallows, obstructions, and tides along the American coasts. Survey duty meant regular shore leave, fresh food, and slim chan
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Combat Yacht
Ravaged by aerial attack, the auxiliary tender, heavily burdened with a load of ammunition, depth charges, and aviation fuel, was wallowing in open water between the Solomon Islands and New Guinea on Friday, May 22, 1943. The vessel’s 136-man crew ha
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Suffragette Cinema
In November 1914, American voters in seven states were to consider proposed state constitutional amendments that would enfranchise women. That September, the suffragist movement prepared to employ a new medium by making a cinematic thriller meant to
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Orphans of Empire
West by northwest of California, across 5,000 miles of Pacific Ocean, swells break against the volcanic rocks of the Bonins, a small island chain that takes its name from the Japanese for “uninhabited.” Japan is 600 miles north; Guam a thousand miles
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American History Online Exclusives
H.L. Mencken Scorned His Compatriots Outrageous, snide, and cynical, the caustic newspaper stylist considered his fellow Americans a lower species. In the aftermath of World War I, Mencken wrote a manifesto exposing his countrymen’s most mortifying h
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A Woman For All Seasons
It is not as if no one knows who she was: first lady among First Ladies, doer of enough good deeds during and after her husband’s presidency to last multiple lifetimes, inspiration and model for all successors. ER’s life has generated several biograp
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Roadway To Realism
Forging functional constitutional details for the government they were forming, the Founders gave one issue little discussion: virtually all agreed that when a citizen of one state had a legal dispute with a citizen of another state, the party of the
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Dollars And Sense
In 1862, an Anglo-Irish political economist and abolitionist locked horns with Confederate lobbyists trying to formalize ties with Britain, the world’s leading industrial power. The United Kingdom was the main market for the 2-to-3 million bales of c
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Explosive Election
Among pivotal American episodes, the 1800 election occupies a central place. That race, labeled by Thomas Jefferson “the Revolution of 1800,” introduced to the world the modern political campaign as well as the peaceful transfer of power in a nation-
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Camp Follower
Catching sight of Quebec, Baroness Frederika Charlotte Riedesel felt her heart pound. Early on that Wednesday morning—June 11, 1777—the baroness spied from aboard ship a cluster of stone buildings perching on a hilltop between rivers named for Saints
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Pitching In
Wives following common soldiers in 18th-century armies lived very differently from their aristocratic counterparts with ties to the officer corps. They got army rations, but had to work for them, performing odd jobs. Cooking and sewing was usually a
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“Your Number Came Up!”
For many mid-20th century Americans, October 16, 1940, was and is R-Day—the date on which all men between ages 21 and 45 were required to register for the draft. As men were forming long lines at registration facilities, President Franklin Roosevelt
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Run From The Shadows
Wracked with dread on a wintry Tuesday evening in 1873, U.S. Representative James A. Garfield retreated to the pages of his diary. “At 11 o’clock went before the Credit Mobilier Investigating Committee and made a statement of what I know concerning t
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A Credit Mobilier Primer
In passing the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862, Congress intended to promote construction of the transcontinental railroad with $48,000 in government-backed bonds and 6,400 acres in land grants for every mile of track laid. Despite the proffered federal
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