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To Kenny With Love
Noah Haidu remembers the first time that he really “got” fellow pianist Kenny Kirkland. Haidu, still in his teens at the time, was with his father at the New York City club Sweet Basil, where Kirkland was accompanying singer Carmen Lundy. “It was ver
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OP vs. BE
Ever since jazz piano trios became a thing, there have traditionally been two principal ways of setting up the piano, bass, and drums on stage. The formation used by Oscar Peterson, Erroll Garner, and others—often from an earlier era—has the pianist
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Notes Toward a Supreme Fusion
Kassa Overall, the drummer/rapper/producer whose work pushes the limits of any working definition of jazz, knows what you think of him. “Sometimes people assume, ‘Oh, he’s just throwing 808s on shit and disrespecting Miles Davis,’” he says with chara
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Tribal Tech
Compass Confusion Pyroclastic Making electronic music is very different from live improvisation—so much so that few musicians have even tried to bring the two together. On one side, Kurt Rosenwinkel’s side project Bandit 65 makes brilliant electronic
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Part Of The New System
Performing with others, for in-the-flesh listeners in real time, requires one to think like an architect, and like a psychologist too. That, at least, is how New Orleans pianist and composer Lawrence Sieberth explains his approach to making music. “B
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Charles Mingus
@ Bremen 1964 & 1975 Sunnyside Recent years have been banner ones for newly discovered recordings of classic jazz greats, Charles Mingus included … but the 4-disc @ Bremen 1964 & 1975 isn’t one of those. Both these concerts have circulated for decade
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The Lure Of The Street
The lead video for Cuban pianist Harold López-Nussa’s latest album, Te Lo Dije, is an out-of-character dazzler. As López-Nussa works through a tune in the studio, the notes on his sheet music morph into dancers in top hats and leotards. Before long,
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The Mariel Bildsten Quintet
Backbone Outside In Ever wonder why studio dates so rarely capture the casual vibe of a late-night hit? Perhaps it’s the pressure, with the clock ticking away, or maybe it’s the circumstances surrounding a manufactured meeting set against sterile sce
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Lifting the Fog
Many musicians have been influenced by the words of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, but pianist and composer Cat Toren takes the sway of the great leader to new levels on Scintillating Beauty (Panoramic), the debut album by her band Human Kind. The
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Victory for Art
World War II shut down large parts of the entertainment industry, including the recording segment. But Uncle Sam wanted to make sure that the boys overseas didn’t lack for rockin’ tunes. Thus the V-Disc label was launched—that stalwart first letter,
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Toshinori Kondo, a Japanese trumpeter who firmly established himself in the avant-garde and fusion scenes of the 1970s and ’80s, died in Kawasaki, Japan on Oct. 17. He was 71. Following a few years in the ensemble of free-jazz pianist Yosuke Yamashit
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Memories of Eubie
The most visible aspects of Eubie Blake’s unique career were in two discrete stages: first as a songwriter, later as a pianist. Jazz musicians have recorded Blake’s “Memories of You” over 700 times. Those lyrics are by Andy Razaf; before that, Blake’
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John Fedchock
Trombonist John Fedchock, 63, carries the broad sweep of history in his head and his horn. Over the course of more than four decades he’s crossed paths or shared stages with nearly every living notable wielding a slide, garnered two Grammy nomination
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Donald Brown
Between 1987 and 2000, before a combo of rheumatoid arthritis and rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders made pianistic expression complicated, Donald Brown recorded 14 of his 16 albums. They document a corpus that pianist Eric Reed describes as “g
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The Year In Review 2020: Top 50 Critics’ Picks
By now, jazz fans have come to expect marvels from Maria Schneider, but the scale and magnificence of Data Lords is exceptional even for her. A concept album split into two spheres, it wrestles with the key conflict of our time: the alluring, empty p
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Top 10 Historical Releases
Documenting one of the unlikeliest gigs in Monk’s career (possible alternate title: High School Thelonious), this recording sat in a box for more than five decades. That its high-spirited swing can now be heard by all of us is one of the few blessing
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Bright Moments: Sonny Rollins
“I don’t listen to my own music,” Sonny Rollins said in October from his Woodstock home, chewing a Ricola cough drop as he got ready to reflect back on a lot of it. The one exception is if it comes on the radio he often has playing in the background.
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Attack Of The Killer Beas
One night in L.A. in the early ’90s, a 30-something John Beasley found himself, improbably, occupying the “second keyboard” chair alongside Herbie Hancock, one of his idols, during a concert tribute to Jaco Pastorius at the Hollywood Bowl. “I think w
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Singer/guitarist Jonathan Butler speaks frankly about his single “Our Voices Matter,” his lifelong encounters with racism, and his hopes for a new era in the U.S. in a no-holds-barred Q&A with David R. Adler. And don’t miss our weekly conversation se
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Prepared Pianist
AT 8:01 p.m. sharp on September 30 at Brooklyn’s Roulette Intermedia, Sylvie Courvoisier launched her first COVID-era public concert for six masked, socially distanced witnesses in the balcony and a global livestream audience of thousands. Over the n
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Jazz Times
Editor Mac Randall | mrandall@jazztimes.com Contributing Editor Lee Mergner Contributing Writers David R. Adler, Dan Bilawsky, Shaun Brady, Philip Booth, Brent Butterworth, Nate Chinen, Sharonne Cohen, Thomas Conrad, J.D. Considine, Morgan Enos, Brad
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Lousy Year, Good Gear
The year 2020 was a terrible one for jazz fans, with listeners forced to settle for YouTube and Facebook streams instead of the live performances we all love. But this meant that many people redirected their travel and entertainment budgets toward bu
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Here’s To A New Standard
Like a lot of people right now, I’m grieving the loss of one of New York’s most popular jazz clubs, the Jazz Standard, which announced on December 2 that it would not be reopening in the basement location it had occupied for 23 years on East 27th Str
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Fun for All
The world has seen quite a few peculiar electronic keyboard instruments over the years, especially from the era before digital technology. Some, like the Mellotron, Optigan, and Chamberlin, have achieved cult status and are coveted by musicians and c
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Mark Colby, a well-traveled saxophonist who eventually put down roots in Chicago as a jazz educator, died Aug. 31 from complications related to cancer. He was 71. Colby spent three years in the 1970s as part of Maynard Ferguson’s big band, then moved
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JAZZTIMES DID NOT START WITH A PROPOSAL, prospectus, or PowerPoint presentation. There was no capital investment. There was no particular strategic plan. It didn’t even have a name. What kind of magazine is launched without a thoroughly researched an
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THE TOP 50 Jazz Albums of the Past 50 Years
What better way to celebrate the anniversary of a music magazine than by making a list? Given how much time we’re spending at home right now, a list of albums seemed the most sensible, and fun, option. Under normal circumstances, we might not all hav
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Ukulele ike sings Again
A snap quiz from the Kollege of Musical Knowledge: Who introduced the timeless tune “Singin’ in the Rain” in a Hollywood musical? Gene Kelly in the eponymous 1952 movie, right? Wrong. “Singin’ in the Rain” was first performed on screen in The Hollywo
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The Ballad Of Miles And Prince
Bringing together musical geniuses with huge egos—no matter what respect or affection exists between them—can be more difficult than uniting warring nations or battling spouses. So it was with the brief dance between Prince and Miles Davis. In the fi
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Into The Madhouse
After Prince’s Parade tour ended in September 1986, Eric Leeds was sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon when he got a call from his boss: “I’m here with my dad playing some jazz. Want to come over and play with us?” An hour later, Leeds showed up at
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