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Ya Tseen
Nicholas Galanin is an indigenous Alaskan, also known as Tlingit and Unangax, and a contemporary artist who channels many of his beliefs through both art and music. As well as taking part in direct actions like the excavation of the shadow of the sta
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DAW-like Flex
The Akai Force makes use of its larger surface area to provide plenty of hands-on control – there’s even a crossfader up there at the top right. Other than the function buttons, the interface can be broadly organised into three sections: the touch di
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Pro Tips
Getting a drum sound absolutely nailed typically means getting each individual part sounding as good as possible, then sending everything out to a single stereo bus. The processing on said bus is crucial, as it’s responsible for gluing everything tog
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Next Issue Sick Of Your Plugins?
Next issue we are looking at the detail of making your own plugins (not nearly as hard as that sounds), and as we return to live music (hopefully), we have an extensive feature on how to take your sound out live. It’s an issue not to be missed! Tone
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Akai Force
Akai’s Force is many things in one: a sequencer, a sampler and a software instrument host. What’s most relevant for us today is that it includes a fully-fledged arrangement view, where compositions can be created, edited, mixed, then exported as Able
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> Real time
As you will see, some of FilterBank’s most creative results come from tweaking the sound in real time. We found the best way to do this is to loop a section and either tweak with a mouse, or if you are lucky enough to have a controller, assign severa
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Native Instruments Maschine+
Of the four units we have in this hardware-focussed roundup, we spent rather less time than we would have liked with Maschine+, simply as there weren’t enough units available for NI to get us one in time. That said, we have had enough time with the u
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Cm Mini Reviews
Web Gear Creative Soundpack Best known for exceptional orchestral libraries – the clue is in the name – OT branched out into more diverse, yet cheaper themed collections last year. Umbra is the latest of these ‘Creative Soundpack
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Mode Audio
ModeAudio is a small team of four music-obsessed friends, formed as an outlet for quality, inspiring sounds for music producers but now encompassing a wide range of sound design activities for the likes of Native Instruments, Reason Studios and Ablet
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There’s a fair bit of crossover between the MV-1 and other Roland products, most obviously the MC-707 groovebox – another device sold as able to provide a full standalone or performance hardware experience. A step sequencer is a big part of the packa
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Soft Keys
UF8 can communicate via both HUI (Human User Interface) and MCP (Mackie Control Protocol, aka MCU), and so can work with all major DAWs. On the HUI front, SSL has additional features that enhance the core abilities of the protocol, giving Pro Tools u
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Roland Verselab MV-1
Who else has the groove box market covered in the way that Roland do? Nobody. They have the Aira series, the Boutique takes on their classic drum machines, newer devices based on the ZEN-Core synthesis platform, including the MC-707, and this, the Ve
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To PC Or Not PC?
Is the Polyend Tracker a hardware monster that can kill off our software? Well, it’s sitting here next to our computer, and Ableton Live hasn’t deleted itself yet! However, we think that for a lot of people it might just be true; there are so many st
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Call me Al
Leapwing spent many long painstaking months developing this plugin, forensically deconstructing Al’s studio alchemy via classic tracks, gear simulation, and of course, by asking the man himself. The reverbs – or ‘Echo’ as it’s dubbed here – in partic
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Although the Polyend Tracker works incredibly well as a fully standalone music machine, it can of course connect to the outside world. There’s the micro SD slot, which is an essential part of importing audio samples from a computer, but also at the b
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#01 Adding warmth
One of the most well-worn criticisms and shortcomings of electronic music, and indeed digital sound in general, is that it is too clean, precise and, well, just too damn cold for human ears. Luckily, today’s technology affords us producers a plethora
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Waves Vocal Bender £110
It’s hard to know exactly where the trend for overtly pitch-shifted, processed vocals in modern pop first began. While vocoding had been commonplace in more outré fields for decades, and intermittently used in a somewhat gimmicky fashion on various b
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Cableguys DriveShaper €39
DriveShaper is the latest effect to be added to Cableguys’ modulation-focussed multi-effect plugin ShaperBox 2. It arrived as a freebie for existing Cableguys users towards the end of last year, meaning all existing ShaperBox owners had it added to t
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#02 Punchy bass
As anyone making commercial music will cite, using the perfect set of basic sounds can make or break a track. This begins with the essential components of bass and drums, but getting your bass sound to punch through a mix can be a real challenge – an
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Loopmasters Cm 296 Samples
01 LM Egoless - Experiments In Dub 02 RV Lo-Fi Deep House 03 LM VIBES 15 - Ska & Rocksteady Vol 2 04 Tone Kitchen Neo Soul & RnB Keys 05 LM Brame & Hamo: Rave House Techno 06 Sample Diggers Reel to Reel Hip Hop 07 LM Creatures - Deep & Dark DnB
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Round The Bend
Digging into the presets a little further reveals a diverse range of instant effects. There are some presets that can bolster a performance, like ‘Fake Vibrato’ which sneakily adds a realistic-sounding vibrato to your vocal. It’s actually astonishing
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Mixing It Up
Lau.ra’s skills as a remixer have been acknowledged by the MPG this year, as she has been nominated for a prestigious gong. We asked her to detail her general remixing process, and how it feels to be nominated? “It was quite a nice surprise to get th
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Going Live
The Maschine+ clearly has a studio role as a beat-making and production instrument, but it’s arguably even more at home on stage. First, it is of course a standalone device – you don’t need to drag a delicate, possibly unstable computer along with yo
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Get With The Programmers
cm How did you get into music software? MK “I started programming audio software in the early 90s. There was not much available on the market in those days, so we had to develop our own. We used ‘trackers’, which were able to play back samples and
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Back To Life
Laura is hopeful that the imminent reopening of live venues can level the playing field. “I actually think we have a unique opportunity to support more home-grown talent, especially in dance music,” Laura tells us. “Over the last five years, the same
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Ro-ro-ro Your Synth…
There was a time, of course – and not actually that long ago – where Roland didn’t do software. However the company’s Cloud subscription service has opened up that particular soft door (or DAW if you work for this mag) and now you can download classi
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“I really should have been here five years ago, producing my own music,” states Laura Bettinson, the 33 year-old Rugby-born artist whose marked successes in the guises of FEMME and as one third of Ultraísta, haven’t stopped her from deviating her foc
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New Bass Samples
After last month’s warped keys, we’ve set our pro sample providers the task of mutating their bass ends. Here’s what Robbie from Cyclick Samples has to say on his new pack… “This collection was created with two basses, a heap of pedals and absolutel
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The 6 Best… Bundles!
Bundles don’t come much bigger or more focussed than V Collection. This beauty contains pretty much every classic keyboard imaginable and is a must for anyone into classic synths. We concluded: “it’s not the cheapest bundle and can certainly be a bit
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Under The Hood
ZENCore is a system that works on both hard and software, modelling analogue and digital synthesisers, and it’s obviously something that Roland thinks of as a big deal, with literally 1000s of instrument sounds and dozens of drum kits available. Soun
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