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Track By Track With Beardyman
“I thought this was an apt track to start with. The lyrics go, ‘I think I’ve led my life inside a machine/All I wanna do is be real/You know what I mean?’ I thought that could be taken in a bunch of different ways. “A lot of these lyrics are very per
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Dictaphone Recordings
01 > We’ve set our dictaphone to record and captured some upright piano chords and some isolated, higher notes. We could plug in a USB cable and transfer these directly to our DAW, but we’re adding a second layer of lo-fi, by recording them via a mic
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Apple Logic Pro X 10.5 $199
CONTACT WHO: Apple WEB: apple.com KEY FEATURES Update to Apple’s Mac-only DAW. Free to existing Pro X users. Requires macOS 10.14.6 or later. Logic Remote available to download from the iOS app store, requires iOS 13.1 or later Although it’s not unh
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Record Setters
As any seasoned mix engineer will tell you, trying to ‘fix it in the mix’ is a fool’s errand. Realistically, if you want something to sound good in your finished track, it needs to sound good to begin with. If you’re working purely in-the-box that’s
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Like It? Try These…
Radio play of the comedy sci-fi classic. Much loved by Beardyman, and indeed, quoted on this month’s classic album. ADD THESE TO YOUR PLAYLIST: ‘Journey Of The Sorcerer’, ‘Micturations Of A Vogon’, ‘Infinitely Improbable’ Britain’s foremost impro
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Danny Turner explores his stunning studio and obsession with technology Few electronic artists have displayed their passion for sound, technology and innovation with as much enthusiasm as Maryland-born producer Brian Transeau (BT). From his first al
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Remote Worker
This latest update makes Logic’s iOS companion app more appealing than ever. Here it gains Remix FX, an XY controller pad that can be used to add DJ-like effects such as filter sweeps, pitch dives, bitcrushing and beat repeats. These sounds will appe
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Future Music
Si Truss, simon.truss@futurenet.com Simon Arblaster, simon.arblaster@futurenet.com Kate Puttick, kate.puttick@futurenet.com Phil Cheesbrough, philip.cheesbrough@futurenet.com Danny Turner, Tim Cant, Rob Redman, Bruce Aisher, Roy Spencer, Oli B
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Breathe Life Into Your MIDI Parts In Ableton Live
Using MIDI is a fantastic and incredibly flexible way to compose with software instruments and samplers. Wherever you are, you can use your computer mouse or trackpad to draw notes into the MIDI Editor grid, or even use the computer keyboard as a vi
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The Track
VIDEO ON FILESILO Longtime Future Music readers will be no stranger to one Simon Neale aka Shadow Child, Dave Spoon, Polymod and various other dance music monikers. Simon’s latest project, Apollo, is a series of EPs that take inspiration from earl
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The Alternatives
Both Live Loops and the new Samplers bear an obvious similarity to tools within Ableton, which remains the more ‘modern’ of the two, albeit with a slightly shallower feature set ableton.com Having clip launching and a timeline side-by-side is an ide
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In The Archive – Updated!
’90s Ambient (562 samples) Ambient Dawn (490 samples) Majestic Bells & Mallets (444 samples) Spring Reverb & Tape Delay (533 samples) Atmospheric Beds (369 samples) Noise, Crackle & Hiss (512 samples) Sounds of the City (371 samples) Analogue Polys (
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Album Reviews
Welsh producer and bassist Huw Marc Bennett, the man behind a number of innovative and exciting musical excursions, announces his hugely impressive, new Tresilian Bay project in celebratory style. Bennett, known for his Gambian-focused sound as Susso
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Making Mars’ Retro Sound In Logic
01 > The initial idea behind Mars is a synth stab created with Arturia CS-80V. “I recovered this part from an old project because I thought it was cool,” reveals Simon. FabFilter Simplon is used to low-pass filter this sound in the intro, with its cu
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Røde NT-USB Mini £109
CONTACT WHO: Røde Microphones WEB: rode.com KEY FEATURES I/O: Cardioid electret condenser, 1 in 2 out USB interface, integrated zero latency monitoring, Headphone output with level knob, INPUT SPL @ 1% THD: 121dB, FREQUENCY RANGE: 20Hz to 20kHz frequ
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Exclusive Sample Packs
We take classic six-string sounds and mangle and mash them into unique loops, weird riffs and out-there FX Add some atmosphere with these ethereal pads, majestic bell tones, shimmering FX and glistening soundscapes ■
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In The Studio With Beardyman
“By the end of the album my studio gear list was made up of a synth behemoth that I’d built – this truly vast Ableton rig, which was a sort of multi-synth full of instances of Massive, turning on and off, and presets I’d made. I made Massive do thing
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More Unmissable Video Training From Future Music
Leading producers go in-depth on the sounds, ideas and techniques behind their latest releases Rising stars Jonathan Campbell and Thomas Alston make liquid DnB gold with the help of respected vocalist DRS. We found out how… Pablo Nouvelle, Milambi
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Free Instruments
A clone of the Korg PS-3300 synth, which was a ’70s classic, FB-3300 is a three-oscillator synth with some very old-school options and a truly vintage sound. The PS-3300 was effectively three Korg PS-3100 synths in one; Full Bucket also emulate that
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Bonus Samples Download Them Now From Filesilo.co.uk/futuremusic
01 Loopmasters GAWP Heavy House 02 Loopmasters Pres. Leftfield House & Techno 03 ODD SMPLS Stuck At Home Trap Smpls 04 Loopmasters Artist Series Piero Pirupa Nonstop Tech House 05 Ghost Syndicate Yurei 06 EDM Ghost Production Melodic House & Tec
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Jaga Jazzist Pyramid
Five years on from their last record, much-loved Norwegian jazz-prog giants, Jaga Jazzist make an explosive return with their 9th album, Pyramid. Making their first appearance on Flying Lotus’ revered Brainfeeder label, the Nordic 8-piece sink deep i
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Ableton Wavetable
AUDIO ON FILESILO Although Ableton Live 10 was packed with workflow enhancements and impressive new effects (like Echo and Pedal), the biggest news for sound designers has been Wavetable, an impressive new approach to wavetable-based synthesis, wi
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Cableguys Shaperbox 2
> With Cableguys’ plugin package you can build the perfect curve, and use it to change one of six factors, controlling the filter, pan, volume, width, time and (now) Crush processors individually or as a team. ShaperBox’s curve editing makes it easy
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Akai’s MPC Beats Is A Free ‘Beatmaking DAW’ For Mac/PC
Akai’s MPC products have been inspiring electronic music and hip-hop producers since 1988, which saw the release of the iconic MPC60. Now Akai are marking another milestone with the release of MPC Beats – a free ‘beatmaking DAW’ for PC and Mac. The r
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How To… Record Everything!
When something moves and causes the air around it to vibrate, magic can happen. You know this from before you are born; the vibrations you hear all around you, from your mother’s beating heart to the sounds which reach you from outside that become fa
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After 20 years working alongside Nik Roos and Martijn van Sonderen as one third of bass behemoth Noisia, Thijs de Vlieger is wasting little time moving on, writing a score for the live contemporary dance and art production Sleeping Beauty Dreams and
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Klevgränd Spinn $50
CONTACT WHO: Klevgränd WEB: klevgrand.se KEY FEATURES Multiband rotary modulator. Formats: AU, VST, AAX (64-bit only). Also available for iPad (AUv3) priced at $15 The latest effect plugin from prolific Swedish developers Klevgränd, Spinn is a multi
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Deadmau5’s Performance Controller Available To Own
What do you do when you want to use a unique touchscreen performance interface when playing live? Well, if you’re deadmau5 you collaborate with a developer to create your own. The Canadian DJ and producer has been using OSC/Pilot for a good while now
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Recording Drums With Multiple Microphones
Recording drums can be a deep engineering experience (if you’re lucky enough to have access to a studio, a drummer and a rich collection of mics and preamps). Below, we’re using a multitrack recording session from Kore Studios. The mics are as follow
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Of all genres with complex legacies, dubstep ranks as one of the strangest. It’s less than 20 years old, yet already feels like it’s been through more ups and downs than a low-frequency oscillator. A victim of its own success in many ways, the sound
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