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3 Themes To Put Together In Baskets
A Main Street Series coleus whose bright yellow and green leaves will provide a contrast to the smouldering begonia. Any citrusy green or yellow-flowered coleus will do, but they’ll prefer light shade. HxS: 16x12in (40x30cm). A spectacular fibrous-ro
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4 For Containers
This stylish pink-orange anemone dahlia is lovely with grasses in the border, but is also superb in large, well-drained pots in sun. Cut open blooms for the vase to prolong flowering. H: 2½ft (80cm). A large Bowden’s lily with stunning heads of long-
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Tidy Up Perennials
SPRING perennials will have passed their best now and many will probably be starting to look untidy, their spent flowerheads splaying outwards as they fade and set seed. This week I have been tackling our hellebores and pulmonarias, both of which put
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Smarter Planting Time
Listen to Peter’s free podcast every Thursday. Search for ‘This Week In The Garden with Peter Seabrook’ on iTunes FREEDOM to travel and easier access to people have allowed more exchange between folk of all ages who are now actively growing things. H
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Thornproof Gardening Gloves
You can listen to Steve on alternate Sundays 10am-2pm on BBC Radio Kent’s Sunday Gardening (BBC Local) WHETHER you are pruning ornamentals like roses, pyracantha or berberis, or nuisance plants like brambles, you need hand protection, otherwise you a
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Butterfly Watch: The meadow brown (Maniola Jurtina)
NOT all our butterflies are flamboyant in appearance, but this makes them no less fascinating. The meadow brown is found almost everywhere in the UK from June to September. It has several slight variations of its markings and four named subspecies, b
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Call Of The Wild
LAST year, I received a ‘thank you’ card from Sainsbury’s for being in ‘the top 4% of people nationwide who purchase filo pastry’. Surely it must have been a case of mistaken identity? Apart from mille-feuille treats, goat’s cheese tarts, salmon wrap
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Spreading By Creeping Roots
Vigorous twining top growth, with deceptively pretty white trumpets, bindweed surges into growth from constantly spreading roots and smothers shrubs and perennials alike. Dig down deeper than you think is necessary to remove the roots. With roots up
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Crossword …just For Fun!
2 and 5 down Occasion marked by this week’s Miscellany! (7,7,4) 6 This cultivar of gooseberry is also a reflected sound! (4) 7 For example, the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) can grow __ __ 100ft (30m)! (2,2) 8 Dionaea muscipula is the Venus ____trap
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The Daisy Days Of Spring
LOOKING at the garden now, so full of life and colour, it’s hard to remember back to the winter when everything was bare, brown and sodden (just as when we are in the throes of winter it’s impossible to recall the verdant days of high summer). Today’
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Bring Out The Baskets
DURING a quick tidy-up, I hooked a decorative hanging basket onto the support bars of my greenhouse. Empty of flowers and filled only with a lining of lawn moss, it still managed to transform the space. This is what baskets do – they fill the middle
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String Thief
Write to us: Letters, Amateur Gardening magazine, Future Publishing Limited, Unit 2, Eelmore Road, Farnborough, Hants GU14 7QN (please include your address). Email us: SHARE YOUR STORIES TIPS AND PHOTOS and you will rec
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The Ever-giving Gift
I ALWAYS think that autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year, as its palette naturally turns towards fiery shades and warm russet tones. Many plants flower in autumn, too – those that still have fuel in their tank after summer, and those tha
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Worst Weeds Ever!
WEEDS are a menace, and the worst weeds ever are more of a menace than most so we need to get rid of them. After all, what’s the point of growing flowers or edibles if we allow the weeds to smother them or steal their moisture and nutrients? “Easier
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3 Late-summer Bulbs
A gorgeous dinner-plate dahlia with shell-pink flowers that mature to buff-peach and can reach 10in (25cm) across. Beautiful in a vase. Grow in well-drained, rich, moisture-retentive soil in sun. H: 4ft (1.2m). The butterfly sword lily has a subtle b
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4 Unusual Choices
The pendent flower tassels of annual love-lies-bleeding decorate baskets well. Sow now and fast-growing plants will flower in late summer and autumn. Some have purple leaves, or yellow tassels. HxS: 3x2ft (1mx60cm). The hardy, deciduous Japanese fore
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Five-star Plant Selection
This is the sixth of a 10-part series by Percy Thrower, who reveals his ‘best buys’ originally published in Amateur Gardening in 1973. In this art Percy concludes his look at bulbs. The following articles in the series will focus on herbaceous plants
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Ask John Negus John Will Reply Personally To All Your Gardening Questions Every Week
While John sometimes advocates using chemicals against pests and diseases as the most effective means of control, organic options are sometimes available and we advise readers to go with their preferences Contact John Negus by email address below Ema
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Eight Steps To A Great Garden
1 Soil: It goes without saying that the health of your soil is key to everything in your garden. Mulching when it is damp, especially in spring and autumn, adds nutrients and improves its structure. I like to add chicken manure pellets a few weeks be
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Word Search
WIN £30 This word search comprises words associated with British native plants. They are listed below; in the grid they may be read across, backwards, up, down or diagonally. Letters may be shared between words. Erroneous or duplicate words may appea
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Mind The Gap!
GARDENING naturally is a balanced affair, because I want to grow some garden plants that are not very wildlife-friendly. My rose and peony borders contain lots of double-flowered roses and peonies, but these petal-packed flowers offer no pollen or ne
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Amateur Gardening
Future Publishing Ltd Unit 2, Eelmore Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 7QN Editorial: Editor: Garry Coward-Williams Email: 0330 390 3732 (Mon-Fri 9.00am-6.00pm) Gardening Editor: Ruth Hayes Assistant Editor: Jane
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Along Came A Spider…
WHICH bunch of critters do you reckon are the gardeners’ true friends, if we judge by what eats the most pests? Birds? Hedgehogs? Frogs and toads? Shrews? Ladybirds? Violet ground beetles? All are good contenders, but now consider how many of each mi
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“I recently reported that I was conducting my own test of peat vs peat-free compost. Nothing scientific, just a simple test any AG reader could do: growing two sets of container spuds - one with peat and one peat-free. I already use peat-free compost
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Focus On… Outdoor Tomatoes
Next week: Focus on potager plots, sow spring onions, wield that hoe to prevent weeds, prune grapevines, use grey water on edibles, try naranjilla. BEING the daughter of commercial tomato growers, I have spent a fair few hours (probably years!) among
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3 Basket Plants For A Shady Nook
A compact heuchera whose ruffled grey-marbled reddish-purple foliage acts as a foil for flowers and shows up well against red brick or whitewashed walls. Pale-green flowers appear in summer. H&S: 12in (30cm). Golden creeping Jenny is a great choice f
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British Flowers Week
This week it’s: NEXT week is British Flowers Week (14-20 June), a campaign run by London’s New Covent Garden Market, to celebrate the beauty and variety of British-grown flowers, foliage and plants for the floristry trade. In truth, the cut-flower bu
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Roadmap For A Healthy Garden
Going potty: Next week I look at containers and baskets, including how to fill them, unusual plants to use and how to keep them colourful all summer WOULDN’T it be wonderful if our cultivated plants grew like weeds? How simple (though probably less i
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Saving Daisies
Each week we publish a reader’s poem about a favourite plant or gardening experience. This week, Sharon shows that a child’s perspective can be insightful A mother and her daughter, Spend a summer’s day, Picking roses from the garden To arrange a fin
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9 Autumn-bloomimg Bulbs
This ginger lily has scented apricot-orange flowers in late summer and early autumn and lush, exotic-looking green leaves. Grow in sheltered sun. Protect in winter in cold areas. H: 5-6½ft (1.5-2m). A magnificent dark dahlia with huge claret flowers
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