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Soomom Essentials Tested
LONG GONE ARE THE DAYS OF walking through to the back of a bike shop and searching the small number of racks for a limited number of jerseys. There were a few pro kit offerings, usually a year or two out of date, and a variety of other plain, single-
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FRAME: Carbon Torayca T700 UD, Asymmetric, Flexstays, Think2, Internal Cable Routing, Flatback profiles FORK: Onda T700 UD Carbon, 12x100mm Thru-Axle WHEELS: 650b Fulcrum Racing 7 DB TYRES: WTB Resolute 42mm GROUPSET: SRAM Force 1 BRAKES: HRD Fo
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Emily Watts Powers On
EMILY WATTS IS A 20-YEAR-OLD road and track cyclist currently racing for Kom Knights Racing. She is also a full-time university student in her second year of studying a Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education) at Sydney University. Orig
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Riding Eyropro Bars
SUPERFICIALLY, DROP BARS ALL look pretty much alike, and they have looked like that for decades. Dig into the details, however, and it quickly becomes apparent that there are numerous subtle things going on in bar shape that distinguish one model fro
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Five Of The Best Climbs
1 TIZI N’TICHKA 01 (33.2km long, 2.9% average and 1079m gained, summit at 2260m) 2 TIZI N’TEST (29.3km long, average 4.6% and 1364m gained, summit at 2094m) 3 TIZI N’OUADI (36.2km long, 5.2% average and 2034m gained, summit at 2942m) 4 TIZI N’TIRH
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Long Way To The Top
THERE’S AN ALL TOO OFTEN indefinable line of threshold pain and suffering that lies between cracking a long climb and it cracking you, be that mentally, physically, or both. There is no definitive line between a climb being considered a power climb
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REVIEW: Finish Line Tubeless Tyre Sealant
CURRENTLY, THE VAST MAJORITY of tyre sealants are latex-based, but one that takes a curiously different approach is Finish Line Tubeless Tyre Sealant. Rather than latex, which typically requires ammonia to stop it from coagulating inside your tyre, F
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Orbea Orca M20 Team
ONE OF THE WORLD’S OLDEST bike brands, Spanish manufacturer Orbea, is closing in on its 200th anniversary. But the company hasn’t been making bikes since the get go; in fact, they started out as a rifle and gun producer. Nowadays they are better know
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FRAME Orbea Orca carbon OMR Disc, monocoque construction FORK Orbea Orca OMR ICR fork 2021, full carbon CRANKSET Shimano Ultegra R8000 34x50t HEADSET Acros Alloy 1-1/2" Internal Cable Routing HANDLEBAR OC1 Road, reach 80mm, drop 125mm STEM Orbea
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Finding Missing Mojo
HOW DO YOU REGAIN THE desire to commit to sport after losing motivation? Demotivation is common in sport these days, especially, it seems, during a pandemic. With no upcoming events or races to train for, many of us have decided to ‘pull the pin’ for
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Rudy Project Tralyx Photochromics
COMPACT, DURABLE, comfortable and light. The Rudy Project Tralyx boasts a clean, modern design easily distinguished by the distinctive PowerFlow vent system that sits along the top ridge of the frame. Bespoke air channels are also incorporated to the
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Gen Z Have Found Their A Game
When I first got hooked on the sport in the early 1990s and began chasing the ridiculous dream of becoming a pro (professional dreamer, yes; cyclist, no way, José!), it was commonly accepted that to be a Grand Tour contender, or to be in the running
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Knee Pain
KNEE PAIN, IN ONE FORM OR another, would have to be right at the top of the list of bike-related aches and pains that riders complain of when presenting for a positional assessment. The knee joint acts in a single plane of motion and is therefore sub
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WHO? ROMA STREET FIRIES WHEN? BEFORE WORK MOST DAYS WHERE? RIVER LOOP, BRISBANE COFFEE? LOST BEAN COFFEE VAN, SOUTH BANK ON ANY GIVEN MORNING, chances are you’ll find at least a few members from Brisbane’s Roma Street Fire Station sneaking in a p
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Schwalbe Aerothan Ultralight Tubes
DEVELOPED IN A FIVE-YEAR collaboration with German chemical giant, BASF, these are very clearly not your everyday tubes. For starters, there’s the price-tag: upwards of $50. Per tube. There’s also no rubber—something of a curiosity, given Schwalbe ha
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Making It Count
WELCOME TO THE SECOND EDITION OF BA FOR THE YEAR ... YES, 2021 seems to be hurtling away like a rider in an aero tuck. With that in mind, it’s high time to set some cycling goals and make the year count. This may be a certain number of rides or kilom
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3T Racemax With Ekar 13 Speed
LAUNCHED IN 2016, THE 3T Exploro filled a void the vast majority of us didn’t even know existed. Described as a ‘Gravel Plus’ platform, the premise was to add aero efficiencies to the humble gravel bike and to ‘go slow faster’. This was primarily ach
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Durbo Versus Roubaix
FOR LUKE DURBRIDGE, THE LAST FEW YEARS OF HIS career have been missing something. He’s not mounted an uninterrupted Classics campaign since 2017. Since then he’s either missed the entire Classics season (2019), crashed out of Paris Roubaix (2018), or
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Gearing Up For World Masters Games
MAY 2022 WILL BE THE FIRST time a Masters Games has been held in Asia and is attracting significant participation from both Japan and other regional countries. Japan will be fielding a wide cross section of athletes at these games, and not least in c
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Bicycling Australia
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Soomom Essentials Key Features
Contemporary round neckline and longer sleeve length Stretchy ‘welded’ hem and arm cuffs for secure fit Three rear pockets with laser-perforated vent holes Fourth zippered pocket for secure storage of items Reflective striped dot pattern on pocke
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Sun Safety: How To Reduce Your Skin Cancer Risk
AUSTRALIA IS THE SKIN CANCER capital of the world. Approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. Over 16,000 Australians are estimated to have received a melanoma diagnosis last year, making it the nation
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Pinarello’s Grevil
WHEN IT COMES TO GRAVEL bikes there’s a sliding scale ranging from the ‘slow and steady all-day adventure bike’ through to the ‘I’m just a super-fast road bike in disguise’, with an ever growing number of bikes fitting somewhere in between. So, when
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How To
March to June and September to November Australian and UK passport holders can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival in Morocco. Marrakech is blessed with numerous options to suit all budgets, however, choice is limited in the Atlas Mountains with most
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Latest Gear
Focus have entered the ever-growing gravel and adventure bike market with a new model, the Atlas. The bike will be available in three variants, the Atlas 6.7, 6.8 and 6.9, and features a reliable alloy frame, carbon forks and the capacity for 47mm ty
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Summing Up
The first Pinarello I ever rode was the F12, so I had pretty high standards to judge the Grevil against—not as a complete bike, but rather in terms of handling, stability and reactivity. And it didn’t disappoint. Apart from the tendency for the back
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GoPro Hero9
IT WAS CLOSE TO 20 YEARS AGO that the first GoPro camera appeared on the market. Before the time of mainstream digital photography, that debut GoPro Hero was a rugged 35mm film camera designed for surfing but perfectly suited to other action sports s
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Campagnolo Ekar 13 Speed
Released just weeks after the updated Exploro, Campagnolo posted news of their first gravel-specific groupset in September 2020. Known as Ekar (pronounced ‘Eckar’) and named after a mountain near Campag’s Italian HQ, the new groupo came with a number
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Classics Season
IT HAS BEEN A LONG, TEDIOUS AND FRUSTRATING buildup but it’s finally just around the corner … the first Mudgee Classic will be held on Sunday, 2 May 2021. It should have been our second Mudgee Classic but the COVID-19 pandemic halted our plans. In fa
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Atlas Dreaming
MY GARMIN IS TELLING ME TO TURN LEFT, ONLY there’s no road, just the faint outline of a dirt track leading into a vast expanse of copper-tinged mountains. Surely this can’t be right. I take out the old tattered map I was given in Marrakech to double-
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