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Tito Ortiz Elected To City Council
Known during his MMA career as “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy,” former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz was elected to the Huntington Beach City Council in Huntington Beach, California. Ortiz was the leader among the 15 potential candidates f
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Martial Arts Vs. Fighting Arts
Most serious practitioners understand the distinction between a martial art and a fighting art. Martial arts are those disciplines that were practiced by a warrior class or that have evolved from those disciplines. Fighting arts are those that were d
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Man Of The Year
BASE: DENVER ART: ENSHIN KARATE Before the UFC started, the Sabaki Challenge was regarded as the toughest competition in which a person could test his martial skill. Full contact, punches and kicks without pads, grabs and sweeps — all the techniques
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Judo School Established On Mount Everest
In what is probably the world’s most elevated martial arts school, a judo dojo has been established in Nepal on the slopes of Mount Everest. Built by a Japanese nonprofit organization in Khumjung Village, the school was erected at an elevation of nea
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Leon Jay Is Out To Spread Small-circle Jujitsu And Small-circle Judo
As you may have guessed, Leon is Wally Jay’s son and successor. He maintains the superior mechanics for which his father was famed while continuing to refine the art in a way his dad would have approved of. I first got to know Wally in the mid-1980s
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Woman Of The Year
BASE: HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA ARTS: BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU, MMA In the October 2012 issue, the editors of Black Belt named the toughest female martial artists ever to walk through the doors of BB HQ. The roster was augmented by a sidebar that named
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Police Shut Down Underground Fight Club
After apparently responding to reports of a large gathering that violated COVID-19 restrictions, law-enforcement officials in New York discovered an underground fight club that was staging an event with 200 attendees, many of whom were unmasked and f
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10 Years Of Travel, Part 3
UFC commentator Joe Rogan has predicted that many traditional martial arts will eventually disappear as masters elect to teach only those techniques that work best in a fight. While this may be a bit of an exaggeration, the trend around the world doe
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Instructor Of The Year
BASE: NEW YORK, NEW YORK ARTS: JUDO, COMBATIVES, NINJUTSU, VEE-ARNIS-JITSU Around the world, untold numbers of women have turned to the martial arts after being threatened or victimized. That’s the raison dêtre for the arts, after all. A select few o
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French Women Dominate At European Judo Championships
France prevailed at the 2020 European Judo Championships, recently held in the Czech Republic, where it claimed a tournament-best eight medals, including five golds, by dominating the women’s divisions. All but one of the nation’s medals came in the
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11 Paths To Kidney-punching Prowess
Firing shots to the kidneys likely has been a feature of armed and unarmed combat since human beings began walloping one another. Just when the term “kidney punch” became a thing is a bit unclear, but legend ballparks it on an early lightweight champ
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Competitor Of The Year
BASE: TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA ART: AMERICAN TAEKWONDO Among those who follow the tournament circuit, the consensus is that Jack “Iceman” Felton will go down in history as one of the greatest point fighters ever. His martial arts career, which spans 26 yea
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World Taekwondo To Move Headquarters
World Taekwondo, the governing body for Olympic-style taekwondo, will move its headquarters to Goyang City, not far from its current location in the South Korean capital of Seoul. The organization’s President Chungwon Choue signed a memorandum of und
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Crash The Gap, Then Strike With Full Bodyweight!
Maintain control of the other person and shove him away from you to build the gap. If you can’t push him away, push yourself away. Then violently jerk him back into your strikes — in other words, “crash it.” If you can’t, yank yourself into him, lead
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MMA Fighter Of The Year
BASE: MAKHACHKALA, DAGESTAN, RUSSIA ARTS: MMA, WRESTLING, SAMBO, JUDO The fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov is only 32 years old but already retired speaks volumes about his MMA skill set. So does this: He was the longest-reigning lightweight champ the U
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Pan Am No-gi Competition Concludes In Atlanta
The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation recently staged its Pan American No-Gi Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, although with a field missing many elite grapplers because of the pandemic. The women’s black-belt competition could muster only
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How Bruce Lee Conquered The Rat
According to Chinese astrology, 2020 was the Year of the Rat — which kind of explains the bad luck we all had! Turns out rats are not compatible with and can be countered by goats. Consider: When Bruce Lee enchanted the world with Fist of Fury in 197
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Business Leader Of The Year
BASE: KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE ARTS: KARATE, KRAV MAGA, KICKBOXING, JIU-JITSU As the founder and CEO of Premier Martial Arts, Barry Van Over is one of the most successful — and influential — martial artists in America. His path to the top started when he
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Takakeisho Wins Emperor’s Cup Sumo Title
Takakeisho claimed the November Grand Sumo Tournament with a playoff victory over Terunofuji. The pair had already met in the final scheduled match of the 15-day event, with Terunofuji throwing Takakeisho to the ground to win the bout and force the p
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Essential Gear
1 Medical authorities tell us that masks are necessary to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look cool. That’s why Century designed a line of masks that are perfect for use in the dojo as well as for trips to the gr
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Mystery Of History
Although the Filipino martial arts rank among the world’s most popular fighting systems, their origins are murky, to say the least. Yes, a good deal of material has been written on the topic, but most of what you read about the roots of kali, arnis,
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Ma Baoguo Removed From Social Media
Chinese tai chi master Ma Baoguo, 69, who recently announced he was leaving the martial arts after suffering ridicule because of a quick knockout at the hands of 50-year-old amateur boxer Wang Qingmin and who released statements claiming he’d been tr
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Icons Of Cobra Kai
The third season of the martial arts megahit Cobra Kai is scheduled to debut in January 2021 just days after this issue of Black Belt goes on sale. If the past two seasons, which are currently streaming on Netflix, are any indication, the new season
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You’ve Mastered Zoom Classes — Are You Ready To Host A Zoom Workshop?
I’m fairly familiar with technology — I’ve used it since the late 1980s to enhance and expand my instructional programs — and it’s served me well. However, like most other martial artists, I’ve been challenged by COVID-19. And like most other instruc
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Longest-reigning Boxing Champ Finally Loses
Thailand’s Wanheng Menayothin, who was boxing’s longest-reigning champion, recently lost a 12-round decision and his WBC strawweight title to Petchmanee CP Freshmart in Thailand. Menayothin, 35, came into the bout having made 12 straight defenses of
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From Student To Master
Black Belt: Outside of preparation for the Karate Kid movies and the Cobra Kai series, have you trained in the martial arts? Ralph Macchio: I did take some jujitsu lessons when I was around 10 years old. However, my true intro to martial arts came wh
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That Won’t Work On The Street!
And so the debate continues in regard to what will work. Many techniques are taught, and for each technique learned, you’re sure to find practitioners, instructors, masters and grandmasters who say‚ “That won’t work on the street.” This begs the ques
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Leduc Wins As Burmese Boxing Debuts In U.s.
At the first significant lethwei, or Burmese bare-knuckle boxing, match contested in the United States, world champion Dave Leduc of Canada defeated rival Cyrus Washington by verbal surrender in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The two had previously fought to a d
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Legacy Of Johnny
Black Belt: Do you still practice tang soo do? William Zabka: After The Karate Kid, I continued to train in tang soo do for a number of years on and off. I’ve tested to my second green belt so far. It’s great to be back at it. Black Belt: I’ve read c
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From the Archives
• “It doesn’t bother me to have seven, eight classes a day,” says Fumio Demura, always the consummate teacher. “That’s the way I want it. That’s the way I grew up. People say, ‘C’mon, Fumio, why don’t you take a vacation?’ I say, ‘I don’t need a vaca
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