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Provisioning For An Offshore Passage
My recent west to east Atlantic crossing gave me the opportunity to learn about how to provision for a lengthy passage. Given that our boat does not have a freezer, we found what works, and what doesn’t. With three hungry young children and three equ
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Keeping it Real at Anguilla’s Round the Island Race
Each winter, the Caribbean islands host a slew of exciting regattas that attract sailors from around the globe. The obvious draw being warm tropical breezes, turquoise blue waters, and endless white sand beaches. What many do not know, however, is th
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Outbound Voyager 52 Designed for Blue Water Sailing
For the last 20 years, Phil Lambert has been building high quality blue water boats for discerning cruisers. The Outbound 46 remains one of the best boats ever conceived for a cruising couple who want a boat that combines great sailing performance an
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The Amel 60 is a Complete Cruiser
The all new Amel 60 was launched to the public at the Cannes boat show in September and was immediately nominated by the sailing press to the 2020 European Boat of the Year competition. The 60 is the big sister of the Amel 50 and is very much a membe
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Crossing the Digital Divide
It is fun to look back and think about how much our sailing and cruising technology has changed in our lifetimes. Sextants gave way to Loran and SatNav and then everything gave way to GPS. With the development of PCs, Macs and laptops, digital chart
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Boat Watch: The Cruisers Search and Safety Network
On January 11, the marine rescue services in France (MRCC) got a “boat overdue” message from a family in Brest. Their relative, Franc Baudet, who is a singlehanded cruiser, had departed Cariacou in the Grenadines aboard his blue sloop Brendan. The re
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Registration Open for Salty Dawg Spring Cruising Rally from the Virgin Islands to the U.S
The Spring Rally will depart the Virgin Islands on May 12, weather permitting, from Nanny Cay in the British Virgin Islands, heading to Blue Water Yachting Center in Hampton, VA (or other ports on the U.S. east coast or to Bermuda.) Pre-departure act
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South Pacific Passages Compared
Cruisers who have just transited the Panama Canal from the Caribbean side, those who have sailed down from the North-American west coast and others who have been exploring Central America—at some point most are tempted to explore the vast South Pacif
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Cruisers Are No Longer Welcome In Tahiti
A CRUISING AREA AS WIDESPREAD AS Europe, beautiful nature, friendly locals and Tahiti as a hub with expensive, but expansive infrastructure to get repairs done and stock up on provisioning and boat parts. French Polynesia used to be a cruiser’s parad
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Island Yacht Charters’ Long Road to Recovery After the Hurricanes
The Virgin Islands suffered two direct Category 5 hurricanes within 13 days in September 2017. The islands were devastated. The vast majority of buildings, homes, hospitals and businesses were badly damaged if not destroyed. Airports were closed and
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Mahina Tiare Antigua to Panama
In 2015, upon reading two rave reviews of the new IGY Marina Santa Marta, Colombia, in Yachting World magazine, I checked out their website and contacted them hoping to stop there on our Panama-to-BVI passage. Everything sounded perfect, except the f
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Resources Used On The Passage From Antigua To Panama:
Wind & Weather: Cruising Guides: The Panama Cruising Guide by Eric Bauhaus is brilliant and some of the Italians we met said all of the charts from this book are now available on line. Electronic Charts: C-Map running on Rose Point Coas
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Our Caribbean Crew
Rich, 40 years old, and a physician from Utah. Twenty years ago, I sailed with my father up Sweden’s beautiful west coast on his old, but sturdy HR Monsun 31. I look back at this time as one of my most cherished and formative experiences of my life a
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What Worked, What Didn’t After Year 12
Fortunately, this year while sailing the world and the south east coast of Africa, on our Valiant 40, Brick House, we had only one product failure, some good successes and some promising equipment to install. Our Moen, plastic, galley faucet had been
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2010 Annual Fall Boat Show Preview
With boat show season just ahead, it is time for BWS to take a look at what is new out there in cruising boats and gear and equipment. The mono-hull market in the U.S. has been fairly quiet the last two years with not many new designs appearing at th
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The Urge for Goin’
When the end of summer rolls around and we start getting the cooler nights and longer shadows of fall, I always feel that familiar urge to get the boat ready, untie the lines and head south toward the sun and new adventures. It’s that old urge for go
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Brave New World of Publishing
It’s 23 years since we started Blue Water Sailing in the attic of our home in Jamestown, RI and, it’s 24 years since Rosie, Si, Tim and I sailed our Mason 43, Clover, back into Narragansett Bay after a five-year circumnavigation. On the long last leg
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Discovering Saba
A quick glance at my cell phone reminded me of the lack of coverage, causing the anchorage to feel even more remote than it first appeared. As I sat in ROAM’s cockpit, our Moody 47, I marveled at the birds in full flight in the shadow of the towering
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From Marion to Bermuda… or Bust
It’s another Bermuda Race year, but this year the start is up Buzzard’s Bay and out of Marion, Massachusetts. Racing, however, is just one of the many reasons that sailors fetch up on those wreck-strewn, reef-surrounded, sandy, and yet still hospitab
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Landfall Antigua: a Cruiser’s Home Away from Home
If you have never sailed the southeastern Caribbean, you’ve missed some of the best sailing anywhere. With a variety of well protected harbors, short line-of-sight sailing distances between islands and consistent tradewind sailing on a reach, for cru
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Beveridge Reef
One of the romantic images of sailing is that of disappearing into the distance, to be alone amongst nature. As sailors we are beckoned by the horizon and what lies beyond, driven by the thrill of exploring unknown territories and remote places. Thes
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American Summer Sailing Vacation Guide
Most of us don’t have the time to sail our own boats far from our home water every year and instead enjoy summer after summer of exploring places we may have been many times before. But, if you hanker to discover new cruising grounds and have a week
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LAGOON 46: A Family Affair
When I was in France in April (2019) attending the International Multihull Show at La Grande Motte (near Montpelier), I had the opportunity to spend a morning aboard the brand new Lagoon 46 that was being displayed for the first time. Lagoon’s Americ
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Be Immoderate, Embrace Excess
The folks at Groupe Beneteau are on a roll. After the recession of 2008, the company has picked up huge market shares in North America and around the world. The company is the world's largest builder of sailboats and has been acquiring companies at q
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P For Performance In The LEOPARD 50P
The April day that I set off from the Harbour Towne Marina south of Ft. Lauderdale was a picture perfect Florida morning, with puffy white clouds, the sun bright and warm and the tradewinds blowing a very pleasant 12 knots from the east. Onboard the
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Port Antonio, Jamaica
I was very excited to be headed to Port Antonio, my favorite place in Jamaica. I’d sailed there the first time from Aruba three years ago and discovered that it was a beautiful, laid back coastal town with the spectacular Blue Mountains in the backgr
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boot Dusseldorf Celebrates 50 Years of Being the Greatest (boat) Show on Earth
Don’t capitalize it and don’t pronounce it like the footwear. It’s “boot” and it simply means “boat” in German. It’s a spectacle that every boater must see at least once in his or her lifetime because whether you like power or sailboats, kayaks or ca
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Part Of The Process
The first Gunboat catamaran that I brought to North America from South Africa was almost 20 years ago. As with all new boats, we encountered a few problems along the way. The second Gunboat, another 62-footer taken north about a year later, also prov
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Knowing What You Know
There is something about sailing that defies all but the freshest egos. This feeling people have that they ought to be able to step on a boat and know how to sail it must be primal, so that when it comes to explicit in struction, it naturally offends
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Making A Positive Impact
If you enjoy cruising off the beaten track, there are many ways you can make a positive impact on the places and people you visit. Whether you’re sailing to less developed islands in the Caribbean, Mexico or Pacific, by researching your destination y
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