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I read with interest Clark Flint's letter in Issue 608 regarding vehicle weights compared to the caravan and fully agree with Clark and Malcolm. I recently upgraded my pop-top caravan to a full sized 19ft Concept which has a fully loaded weight of 26
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“It’s not a budget van, but it's still affordable for a family that will get a lot of use out of it.” “Good for a range of mid-sized tow vehicles.” “A family van that’s not oversize, but still has all the essentials .” “Generally speaking, okay, b
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“A lot of great engineering for the price.” “Tracks well in all conditions and is a well-balanced van.” “Fits the adventuring role well.” “This build represents plenty of R&D.” “Plenty of room to move in a very comfortable van.” “Superb service,
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From Rocky To Cairns
Queensland: beautiful one day, perfect the next. The residents’ self-assured catchphrase could be a PR banana peel if it didn’t deliver, but it does — day in, day out. With 6967km of mainland coastline, and as much jaw-dropping hinterland behind the
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The entrance to Keep River NP is off the Victoria Highway 50km east of Kununurra in Western Australia, and 468km west of Katherine in the Northern Territory. Unsealed gravel roads within the park are suitable for 2WD vehicles, caravans, and camper tr
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Nifty Navigator
Great Aussie Caravans is, like so many, a caravan manufacturer based in the Campbellfield region of Victoria. Having been in business for most of the last decade and building a range of caravans for a Queensland-based dealer, Great Aussie Caravans ha
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Free Car Travel Off To A Positive Start
The start of March saw the first passengers arriving on the Spirit of Tasmania under the bring your car for free program, and according to Assistant Minister for Industry Development, Jonno Duniam, the scheme is expected to be a success. “So far more
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More Information
RACV (Vic): and (terms and conditions) RACQ (QLD): and NRMA (NSW and ACT):
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John Ford
Our feature here on roadside assistance packages proved timely for us this month. It seems remarkable, but it's been a year since the last time we set off for Lake Gairdner in South Australia from our home base in Merimbula, NSW, to attend Speedweek.
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Changing Wheel Bearings On A Caravan
Like everything mechanical, a caravan needs maintenance, and wheel bearings are one of the most important components we should keep an eye on. The bearings support the weight of the van and keep the wheels turning and connected to the van. A failed b
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Letter Of The Month
Q Hi, I’ve been using a weight distribution hitch for about a year now. Recently I noticed this becomes quite noisy when turning due to the metal rubbing at the connection points. It can be quite embarrassing when entering a quiet caravan park! I pu
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Outdoor Opulence
We recently placed the spotlight on the Opus OP13, one of the tough new hybrids on offer from the Opus caravan and camper trailer design and production team. This month we move onto the Opus OP15, the big brother of the OP13 that proves size and offr
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Curious Crew
It took a lot to put this trip together. It happened during the peak of Victoria’s lockdown which meant a 14-day stay in quarantine for our author Tim before he could take on the 12-day journey as well as some big wrangling to arrange the Marvel cara
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Next Level Brand Loyalty
Back in 2010, we were loyal to the Track Trailer brand, having progressed through the range — from a soft-floor Desert Eagle to a Tvan, and then finally to a Topaz hybrid. With comfortable, go-anywhere capability, dependability, and ease of setup, we
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Paradise Found
Seeing our own country is the new travel destination for thousands of Australians. Holidays offshore seem a long way off, and the local tourism industry is set for an inevitable boom as we hitch up the van and hit the road. The lure of the outback an
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The Great Australian Jump Starter
By iTechworld Lithium technology is improving all the time, and West Australian, family-owned and operated company iTechworld has been at the forefront of lithium storage batteries and lithium jump-starters for the last 14 years. Jumper cables were
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Compact, yet powerful the iTechworld JS80 lithium jump starter is rated at 3000 amps and can provide up to 40 jump starts from one single charge. Start any vehicle utilising the JS80's 3000 starting amps. Perfect for use on cars, boats, utes, 4WD's,
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Shock And Awe
Essentially, shock absorbers do two things. Not only do they absorb the shock — as the name implies — caused by jarring and strain that comes from travelling over rugged terrain, potholes, and unexpected dips that you inadvertently hit too fast — the
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Do35 V3-r All-terrain Drop-on Coupling
The DO35 Drop-On Coupling is designed, tested, and manufactured by Cruisemaster™, home to Australia’s leader in all-terrain towing technology. With full 360-degree articulation to reduce the risk of roll-over, smooth ADR compliant locking mechanism a
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Sweet Seventeen
Snowy River Caravans is a little different to the average Australian caravan manufacturer. That’s because the Snowy River caravans, or at least the body and chassis components, are fully built offshore in China. They are then shipped to Australia for
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Bellissimo Italiano!
TOTAL TIME: 1.5 hrs SERVES: 4 • 1 ⅓ cup lukewarm water• 2tsp brown sugar• 1 x 7g active dry yeast• 1 tbsp olive oil, extra for the skillet• 3 ¼ cups plain flour, plus more for kneading and rolling• ¾ tsp salt • ½ cup prepared tomato sauce• 1 ball o
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High Riding Tourer
Over the years I have reviewed more than half a dozen Highline Caravans for various publications. On top of that, the team there has been participants in the Caravan World Best Aussie Vans events, and it’s only a brave and confident builder that fron
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Maxed Out
Isuzu is a Japanese vehicle manufacturer that built its reputation for tough recreational vehicles on the back of having produced more than 26 million reliable engines for commercial use over the years. The D-MAX Ute might not have been the sexy post
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Snowy River Src Seventeen
Body length 5.18m (17ft) Overall length 7.36m (24ft 2in) Width 2.38m (7ft 10in) Height 3.07m (10ft 1in) Tare 1902kg ATM 2500kg Payload 598kg Ball weight 192kg Frame Aluminium frame Cladding Vacuum bonded, fibreglass composite Chassis DuraGal Suspens
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Up To Taste!
This variety never disappoints those that love navigating different aromas layers in wine. It starts floral and lifted, perhaps with a bit of fresh honey there too. But, it wouldn’t be a Chenin Blanc without beautifully balanced aromas of apple, pear
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The Australian Town Built By America
One of Western Australia's most beloved and far-flung coastal towns is sandwiched between opposing natural wonders. On one side, it's a stepping stone to Cape Range National Park, itself a beautiful mixture of rugged red limestone ranges and canyons
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Meandering The Yarra
We all like a little bit of convenience in life, and, being less than an hour's drive from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley ticks this box for many people. Needless to say, this is why day trips to the region are so popular amongst busy city dwellers. It
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Next Issue
In May, Caravan World will dive into the world of family touring. We'll show off cream of the crop destinations — including stunning Seal Rocks, magnificent Misty Mountains, and beautiful Bremmer Bay — that will keep the entire crew happy for days on
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Great Aussie Caravans Tribal Navig8or 18
Body length 5.49m (18ft) Overall length 8m (26ft 3in) Width 2.44m (8ft) Height(incl AC) 3.02m (9ft 11in) Tare 2290kg ATM 2700kg Payload 410kg Ball weight 240kg Frame Aluminium TIG welded box Cladding Aluminium composite walls, fibreglass roof Chassi
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