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Forever England
IN her memoir of life with her poet husband, Edward, Under Storm’s Wing, Helen Thomas recalled the time when the American poet Robert Frost came to Dymock with his family and joined in the life of a creative hub. ‘We spent those happy weeks in the op
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Horticultural Aide-mémoire
At last, the great day dawns: we can cut the first spears of asparagus. March up the path with sharp knife and trug. Select finger-thick spears of pencil length. Slide the knife down a spear, under the soil and cut cleanly. March back to the kitchen
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Town Mouse
ONE thing unexpectedly transformed for the better by the pandemic is the parents’ evening. Time was when this termly ritual involved giving up much of an afternoon to sit around in school corridors waiting for audiences with teachers. Almost infallib
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Chip, Chip Hooray!
• The town s name comes from the Old English word ceapen, meaning ‘market’. Chipping Norton therefore broadly translates as ‘market north town’ and was once an important hub in the Cotswold wool trade • Chipping Norton Dental Practice was formerly a
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Pick Of The Week
Art, perhaps, style certainly. The appeal of a 1946 Wurlitzer One More Time (OMT) 1015 jukebox is easily understood-it was Art Deco for the Big Band era. Wurlitzer's history is complicated: founded by a German immigrant in 1853 to import band and oth
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The UPS And Downs
Residents love having the river, charming architecture and an endless choice of restaurants, cafes and shops on their doorstep Residents could do with having a closer Tube station (although there are four within reasonable walking distance) ■
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Is It Curtains For Curtains?
CURTAINS have long served a dual purpose in draughty houses: they not only dressed the windows, but also helped to shelter a room’s occupants from the cold. Now that houses are generally better insulated, curtains appear to be losing their grip, alth
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Window Dressing
From vibrant teal to warm tangerine, trimmings add a joyful touch of individuality to any curtain design. Choose from tapes, cords and fringes from the Crescendo Trimmings collection, prices from £16 per m, at Christian Lee Fabrics (020–7259 7284; ww
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Visit Tottering-By-Gently on our website: ■
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The Lives And Times Of The Dymock Poets
April 1911 The Abercrombies settle at The Gallows in Ryton 1911 Rupert Brooke's collection Poems is published 1912 The first volume of Georgian Poetry-featuring verse by Lascelles Abercrombie, Gordon Bottomley, Rupert Brooke, G. K. Chesterton, Walt
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Bless His Cotton Socks
THEY may attract only passing interest at Christmas or on birthdays, but the humble pair of socks deserves more. Innocuous when performing as they should, horribly apparent when they are not, socks are arguably the hardest-working garments we possess
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Town, Gown And Country
WINCHESTER is a city of history, mystery and intrigue, as well as extraordinary beauty, character and historic survivals: there is little post-war vandalism and, in every nook and cranny, an ancient building lives on. Living on, too, are legends, whe
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Love The Land
RURAL organisations across the UK are pleading with visitors to respect the countryside. Scottish Land & Estates is asking everyone to ‘take extra care’, noting that, although only a small minority flout the rules, their behaviour can have a devastat
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Shop Of The Month
MAUREEN DOHERTY’S store, in a former, whitewashed dairy, has been the place to go in west London for understated and timeless clothes and objects (ceramics; stationery; incense) for years. Thankfully, its ongoing success has largely avoided mainstrea
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London Life
Bonadea, a luxury tableware, glassware and objet d’art boutique, opens on the site of the late 1st Earl of Snowdon's photography studio, in June. It will be the e-commerce site’s first physical shop. The name comes from the Roman goddess Bona Dea -li
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Save The Dawn Chorus
ANEW conservation campaign is harnessing technology to help save songbirds, numbers of which have plummeted in the past 50 years. In a bid to reverse the trend, Songbird Survival launched ‘what3birds?’, an initiative that calls on the public to spot
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We Heard It On The Grapevine
THE Government is currently ensnared in a quagmire of claim and counterclaim, but, soon, it will be the turn of someone else to endure the glare of attention propelled by a heady mix of truths, half-truths and barefaced lies about who did or said wha
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Golden Wonder
• Herbal remedies made from dandelions have been discovered on clay tablets in ancient Egypt and Greece • On undisturbed sites, dandelion plants can survive 10–13 years • They are thought to be getting taller, toothier and stronger due to increased r
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I’M having my portrait painted. I can give you several excellent objective reasons for this. A painting of my wife executed some years ago seems lonely without a pair to it, we agree; her words, not mine. Other generations of our family hang around t
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Let’s Go Outside
The Old Rectory, Pulham, Dorset. May 9 and 13, 2pm–5pm. Admission £6, pre-booking essential ( These four acres display the best of an English country garden. A backdrop of fine trees, a pleached hornbeam circle, immaculate yew pyramid
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39 Steps To Good Modern Manners
WHEN my friend Kay Plunkett-Hogge and I first decided to write a book about manners for the modern world, we could hardly have imagined how much that world would change between our starting to write and it being published. Thankfully, we were able to
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Wines Of The Week
, Blanc, Western Cape, South Africa 2019. £6.75, Morrisons, alc 12.5% Golden-hued, with aromas of red chilli, asparagus, freshly cut grass and passion fruit. An exotic palate of preserved peach, papaya and pineapple, with white pepper. A distinctive,
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Vapourer Moth (Orgyia Antiqua)
As caterpillars go, that of the vapourer moth is one of the more spectacular, although you might not notice it until you discover a somewhat defoliated plant. more closely, 's a magnificent creature, the blackish body overlaid with red spots, bristly
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The Flower With The Heart Of A Lion
AS the daffodils fade, their golden crown is passed to another bloom that bursts through cracks in pavements and luxuriates on lawns. The dazzling yellow mop heads of dandelions might not always be welcome, but their cheery loveliness cannot be denie
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Good Week For
The Triumph of Silenus, one of the National Gallery's early acquisitions that was later deemed a copy, turns out to be an original work by Poussin Pembrokeshire Coast topped the list of the most popular European national parks; Snowdonia came a close
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Jessica Yolanda Kaye
Where were you living in Australia, before you made the move to the UK? I was living in Bondi. I grew up in Sydney and I’ve always lived near the water. My now fiancé and I moved to London about 2½ years ago. We made the decision when the Brexit ann
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Their Hearts Were In The Highlands
EXQUISITE watercolours and Scotland’s ‘wild and grand’ landscapes were two of Victoria and Albert’s enduring passions. A newly opened exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery, in Edinburgh’s Palace of Holyroodhouse, explores both interests through more than
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Country Life
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Buy British, Government told
THE future looks brighter for British food after a report by the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) select committee urged the Government to support domestic producers through public procurement. The cross-party group of MPs
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A Green Space
RICHMOND PARK is best known for its ancient oaks and its deer (more than 600 roam free), but, for floral eye-candy, it’s the Isabella Plantation you need. Camellias, magnolias, rhododendron, acers and witch hazels ensure year-round interest, but the
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