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Borg Assimilation
Borg Audio has announced a pair of an analogue preamp/streaming DACs that it says ‘will seduce even the most demanding of audiophiles’. Priced between €16k-€16.5k, the Dune and Warp share common functionality, bar the latter’s custom spherical contro
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The Specials More Specials
Here they are, Britain’s most successful and influential breakthrough band, revered by the critics, adored by the fans, unashamedly copied by start-up bands… But Jerry Dammers, the geezer in charge, wants to mess with the magic and do something quite
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Sound Off!
The Dec ’20 issue of HFN carried a wealth of useful information on buying vintage reel-to-reel recorders. However, neither Ken Kessler’s excellent Investigation feature called ‘Top 10 open-reel decks’ nor the piece on reel-toreel recorders reprinted
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Crystal Connection
CrystalConnect, formerly Crystal Cable, has been offering silver-rich high-end cables for over 15 years [HFN Jun ’12; Oct ’13] and now the brand has witnessed a comprehensive revamp. Its new ‘Art’ series is divided into three tiers – Monet, van Gogh,
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Taj Mahal Giant Step
Exactly why Henry Saint Clair Fredericks, better known as Taj Mahal, has never been hoisted shoulder high as the quintessential bluesman to emerge from the 1960s remains a mystery that may be never be explained. But we’ll have a go. Early in the 20th
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Music To Our Ears
I just wanted to give you some praise for the magazine’s fantastic Album Reviews section. Like most readers, I imagine, I buy each issue for the equipment tests and for years skipped across the music review pages, wishing more space could be allocate
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New Edition Solitaires
The Solitaire P-SE is the latest addition to T+A’s fledgling headphone stable, achieved by a re-engineering of the company’s flagship Solitaire P to hit a lower £3000 price point. An open-back, over-ear, planar-magnetic headphone with balanced and un
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Alternate Format Discography
Given that this has always been an under-performing and under-appreciated album, it’s no surprise that there are only 41 known iterations listed, of which 19 appeared within two years of its appearance while the release dates of a further 14 are not
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Send in your views to: Sound Off, Hi-Fi News, AVTech Media Ltd, Suite 25, Eden House, Enterprise Way, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 6HF or email your views to: letters@hifinews.com – please use ‘Sound Off’ in your subject field ■
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Hi-fi News? Just Ask…
If you can’t always find a copy of this magazine, help is at hand! Complete this form, hand it in at your local store and they’ll arrange for a copy of each issue to be reserved for you. Some stores may even be able to arrange for it to be delivered
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Sawmills Studio
Leaving the main stream, they passed into what seemed at first sight like a little land-locked lake. Green turf sloped down to either edge, brown snaky tree-roots gleamed below the surface, while ahead of them the silvery shoulder and foamy tumble of
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Power Struggles
In the April issue Jim Lesurf says ‘old-fashioned RFI filters’ can cause excessive earth leakage currents that may cause problems with Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCBs) tripping. With the purchase of our first LED TV I bought a mains conditioner
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Top 20 Demo CDs
Like asking to choose your favourite food or movie, narrowing down 15,000 CDs and SACDs to a mere 20 is torture. The brief was to cite those I use regularly for reviewing purposes and which can reveal the qualities of a component or system. That said
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Audiophile: Vinyl
Ah Um Mobile Fidelity UD1S 2-010 (two One-Step 45rpm LPs) I know, I know – this is getting predictable, but I’m gonna be blunt: the audible supremacy of this release, like every other One-Step, is so immediately apparent that you’ll want it even if j
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Kick Out The Cables
I’d like to respond to Paul Miller’s reply in the Dec ’20 issue to Paul Radford’s question on USB cable measurements and the difference in sound quality between varying USB interconnects. USB cables can introduce analogue noise into a DAC and if the
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Recording the Classics
Before my local bank branch closed, someone in head office came up with a cunning plan. Shut half the counters and pipe in classical music to soothe the nerves of customers seething at the longer wait for service. Played just loud enough to be recogn
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Audiophile: Digital
Down In The Bottom RPM/Cherry Red QRPMT550 (three discs) Containing – with a generous 21 bonus tracks – three entire albums, this sublime set is subtitled ‘The Country Rock Sessions 1966-1968’ and is a must-hear if you’re one of those who worships at
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Cornered By Speaker Choice
I want to buy bookshelf speakers and was drawn to the KEF LS50 W as I have brought analogue feeds to wall alcoves to avoid visible, or trailing wires. But while you can bring left and right analogue signals to the righthand speaker with the LS50 W, t
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FinkTeam KIM
No, they’re not named after a Kardashian, a Rudyard Kipling novel or even Mel & pop partner. Instead, the new KIM standmount speakers from FinkTeam, selling for £8900 a pair complete with their dedicated openframe stands, take their lead from the com
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Hi-res Downloads
Piano Concertos by Prokofiev (No 2) and Scriabin; Prokofiev & Stravinsky solos (96kHz/24-bit, FLAC) www.highresaudio.com; DG 483 5331 The album title ‘Silver Age’ relates to the pre-Revolution Russian cultural movement. The solo pieces are Stravinsky
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A Double Helping Of Digital Dilemmas
About a year ago I bought a very expensive secondhand DAC without having heard it first. Yes, I know, it’s a mortal sin for us audiophiles but this is the first time I’ve committed it. Synergy is important! My reason for buying it was that I thought
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DS Audio Grand Master
In every field, not just ‘hypercars’ and luxury wristwatches, there’s an extreme, cost-no-object pinnacle. From chefs’ knives to sunglasses to fishing reels, there are items which push engineering and price limits, a phenomenon we are used to in high
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Better Way City Slang SLANG50317; LP: SLANG50317LP Clausen is lead singer in Efterklang, a Danish post-rock collective renowned for their imaginative instrumental arrangements and song structures, and that approach feeds into his debut solo album. Cl
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An Artist In Resonance
After reading your review of the B&W 603 S2 Anniversary Edition loudspeaker [HFN Jan ’21], I have to admit to wondering about the pros and cons of these new tweeter designs. Editor PM’s boxout accompanying the review explained that the ‘Decoupled Dou
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Audia Flight FLS 9
A‘synergy of sophisticated original circuit design and Italian style’. That’s the promise of Audia Flight, the company established in 1996 by Massimiliano Marzi and Andrea Nardini. Arguably a ‘boutique brand’ by virtue of a product line focused almos
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Lost Ships ECM 0739322 This collaboration started in 2017, when the virtuoso British guitarist met informally with the Albanian-born, Swiss-based singer in Lausanne while she worked on her Partir solo album. Luft’s versatility, electronics skills and
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Great Savings
SAVE 75% ON DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS* Offer ends 12th February 2021 IN EVERY ISSUE Exclusive high-end equipment reviews, vinyl, CD and hi-res downloads rated, show reports, your letters, in-depth investigations, vintage tests and so much more… SUBSCRIBE
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Auralic Aries G2.1
At first glance, Chinese company Auralic’s range looks baffling, such is the choice of similar-looking units – and it’s becoming more so with the arrival of new ‘second generation’ G2 models, confusingly distinguished by the addition of a ‘.1’ suffix
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Britten: Sinfonia da Requiem DG 483 9072 (download options MP3-96kHz/24-bit resolution) Issued in digital form only, at a special low price (but without a booklet), this live recording was made towards the end of 2019 at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie.
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Sony CDP-C5M CD player
The word ‘autochanger’ strikes fear into the hearts of LP listeners, bringing thoughts of clanking levers, heavyweight arms and stacks of records slamming on top of each other. The situation is more favourable when it comes to CD. Most players handle
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