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Q I’m 39 with two children, aged 19 and 13 and I’m on a disability support pension. My husband works one day a week and is my full-time carer – he receives carer’s payments from Centrelink. I’m saddened to say that my dad passed away in May and my mo
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From A Personal Passion To Helping Others
Queenie Tan is a Sydney-based YouTuber with a passion for making and saving money and investing. Her channel is Invest with Queenie. Queenie has worked in marketing since she was 19. She was living away from home and studying full time, with two part
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Checklist For ‘Grand’ Carers
How much help do you want to give your adult kids to look after their children? Set limits. Don’t overcommit so that you are continually exhausted. If you are still working, are you babysitting grandkids on the weekend? Or is it one full day of child
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Be A Polite And Patient Investor - It Will Pay Off
It has always irked me that books with titles like How to make a million dollars in the stockmarket and Ten things you must know about the stockmarket probably sell more copies than my book. It’s my own fault, Stock Market Secrets by Marcus Padley is
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When Every Dollar Counts
After house hunting on and off for the past four years, Sarah Lewis, 28, a brand manager at a large multinational, and her partner, Alain Ducquet, 29 (pictured) have finally bought a place they can call their own. “Initially we were outbid at all the
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Thankfully, It’s No Longer A Taboo Topic
Sara Ocean was frustrated by never having any money and decided to learn more about managing her finances through the online education course SkilledSmart. “I was quite in debt and had no money education. Basically I decided to make a change and edu
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Saving For The Future – Whatever That Might Hold
“I was pretty fortunate in that my parents encouraged me to save from a young age,” says John. “I would collect coins that we would find from doing chores around the house and Mum and Dad would encourage us to take them to the bank, and for me it sno
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Not Everyone Is A Winner
Many people believe you can’t lose money buying residential property, but that’s not the case. Just ask those who have suffered losses from buying and selling homes and units in boom-bust markets such as Perth, Darwin and the Gold Coast. And real est
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Success Springs From The ‘Madness’
A pandemic might seem like a weird time to start a business, but marketing whizz Emma Reeves, from Excelerate Marketing, believes it was as good a time as any to take the plunge. In June 2020, Reeves decided to launch her own business and by the end
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Beginner’s Luck
The combination of a sharemarket boom, ultra-low interest rates and Covid-19 has created periods of working and staying at home, combined with that I have not witnessed for decades. Take it from a late-stage boomer – millennials are the lucky ones wh
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In Control After A Big Clean-up
Eliot engaged an adviser to clean up his financial landscape. “I had lots of accounts everywhere and credit card debt I wasn’t on top of,” he says. “My primary purpose was to fix it all up and feel like I actually had some direction with finance.” Wo
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Should We Set Up A Self-managed Fund?
My husband and I are in our 50s and 60s and we are thinking of retiring from our 9-to-5 corporate jobs in a few years. We have decided to move our retirement savings from our respective superannuation funds onto a self-managed fund. We would like to
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3 Funds To Watch
The strategy aims to deliver rolling five-year returns of CPI plus 5%pa. As a guide, the fund aims to deliver an asymmetric outcome of two-thirds of the return of a typical balanced fund in strongly rising risk markets with one third of the drawdown
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Five Rules To Follow
Rule 1: Time matters and allowing compounding to work will grow your savings more than just spending the capital gains or dividends. Reinvest them to increase your wealth. Rule 2: Invest regularly over time. The amount will depend on how much you ha
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Nominating Your Super Beneficiary
As we were putting this issue together, the case of the young court clerk who died after being hit by a car was a topic of discussion. Her boyfriend at the time, a retired magistrate, was awarded her death benefit after being named as her superannuat
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Prices That Cause Pain
In a booming property market, homes are selling at auction for sums that blow the agent’s price guide out of the water. But the issue of underquoting is nothing new. Years ago, my partner and I set our hearts on a rundown (let’s be honest, derelict)
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‘Factors’ That Can Boost Returns
Most investors have traditionally thought about diversification of risk and returns in their portfolios by asset type – bonds, equities, alternatives or exposures by a range of sectors and geographies. But in recent years there has been a relative ne
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The Rise Of The Millennials
This year the first millennials turn 40. Now ranging in age from 25 to 40, this cohort is also known as gen Y and follows gen X (from mid-1960s to early 1980s). Parents of millennials are usually gen X or baby boomers (born 1945-1965). Each generatio
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Why Predicting The Future Isn’t Enough
Like many people, I’m itching to go on an overseas holiday again. I’m writing from a lonely room in locked-down Sydney. My phone keeps tormenting me with “remember this day” notifications. Midnight meals in Milan with my work colleagues. Aperitifs in
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Commonwealth Bank customers have bought property, on average, 4.78 years faster using the first home loan deposit scheme (FHLDS) or new home guarantee (NHG), new data from the bank shows. “We know that saving for a deposit is one of the biggest chall
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Financial advisers are increasingly including exchange traded funds (ETFs) in their client portfolios, according to joint research by BetaShares and Investment Trends. Their survey found that 75% of advisers are now using ETFs in client portfolios or
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Money Australia
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Smart Spending
1. Drink: Wine. Famous for its cool-climate wines and rich volcanic soil, Orange is a wine lover’s paradise, with over 60 vineyards and 30 cellar doors to choose from in the region. Highlights include a visit to Printhie’s cellar door and apple orcha
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Daredevil Who Plays It Safe
Luke Anear reckons that driving his rally car at breakneck speeds is the most fun he has ever had, even compared with other daredevil sports he has tried such as skydiving. “I forget about work completely and focus on what I’m doing with the car and
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Add A Tweet To Your Portfolio
NFTs are non-fungible digital assets, which means they are unique and therefore not interchangeable. They’re essentially a digital record that confers ownership of any digital item. That could be digital art, an MP3 or even a tweet. “It can’t be alte
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Grandparents Ride To The Rescue
I am a big fan of grandparents looking after grandchildren. They are parents themselves, provide high-quality care and, best of all, offer unconditional love. Around 75% of grandparents see their grandkids at least once a month. Around 47% of grandmo
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Key Roles In The Money Game
On family holidays we love to play games. Recently, while at the beach for a few nights, someone announced that we should play a card game. As soon as it was suggested there was instant agreement and everyone automatically went into action. I started
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My Money
Countries the world over are fast adopting cashless payments, according to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The move to a cashless world was already under way, it says, but Covid-19 sped it up. In 2020, only about 72% of respondents
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Need Paul’s Help?
Send your questions to: Ask Paul, Money magazine, Level 7, 55 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000 or Sorry, but Paul can’t personally answer your questions other than in the Q&A column. By submitting your question to Money, you co
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Foolish Takeaway
When settling on our Best in Breed, we’re not looking just for the biggest, fastest growing or most profitable, though those are all attractive traits. We want the company with impressive products, deeply embedded customers and a long runway. In othe
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