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Common Set-up Options
1 As a standalone hardware controller with the Maschine software, or the Maschine+ as standalone unit 2 Multiple plug-in instances of the Maschine software in a DAW being controlled one at a time by a Maschine controller, using the Instance button on
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For a long time, this writer had an overly ambitious idea to take a small compact computer running Windows and get it to fit within the spacious Maschine Studio controller case. When the Maschine MK3 arrived on the scene, we soon forgot this plan in
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ORCHESTRAL TOOLS Creative Soundpacks FROM £40
The scope and sophistication of high-quality sample libraries that offer entire symphony orchestras, chamber sections, solo players and specialist instrumental performances continue to develop. Multiple leading product designers now provide such a co
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Tutorial Building A Beat With Maschine+
01 With a new project, press the Browser button, and use the first two display buttons to switch the browser’s focus to Groups, which are a collection of up to 16 sounds across the pad section. Use the display encoder on the right to audition presets
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When is a condenser microphone not a condenser microphone? When it’s the latest inconceivably designed creation to spring forth from within Aston’s Hertfordshire-based headquarters. Element is a fixed-cardioid moving-coil design but, unlike standard
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Portability is a key factor in modern music production. No longer tied to huge consoles and multi-track recorders in studio spaces, we can carry our projects wherever we please. But not all convenient recording locations have suitable acoustics. GIK
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Softly, Softly
The software side of Maschine has evolved over the years too, thanks in part to user requests in tandem with surprise new features and additions. Highlights include advanced sequencing and automation options for more technical programming, new instru
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That’s Elementary
MT: What inspired you to create a brand-new moving-coil design? JY: The new Ridyon capsule technology allowed us to dramatically improve bass and high-frequency extension, and general tonal performance at a low cost. We’ve been able to create a true
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SONIBLE Smart:Reverb £120
The grip of AI on modern plug-in design shows no signs of abating, with Austrian company Sonible now turning its attention towards reverb. Following on from its successful Smart:EQ 2 and Smart:Comp plug-ins, Sonible’s Smart:Reverb is a source-adaptiv
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Jam Hot
Released in 2015 and 2016, respectively, there are two other members of the Maschine family that offer a different take on the Maschine workflow. iMaschine is a scaled-down version of the full software and is engineered to best serve iPad and iPhone
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QU-BIT Surface £270
Modular synth designers continue to uncover new methods of creating sounds. One company that has always looked at the Eurorack world as an open book is Qu-Bit. Its unique brand of modules, which often rely on digital technology, do things that would
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LIQUIDSONICS Lustrous Plates £150
Having looked at LiquidSonics’ Cinematic Rooms plug-in last month, we’re returning to the same developer’s rich stable expecting something equally impressive. Lustrous Plates is the UK company’s take on a classic hardware reverb type that remains a f
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Tutorial Sound Automation And Resampling With Maschine+
01 If you’re adding this technique to your drum beat made in the first step-by-step guide, select a new Group from the Group buttons on the left of the Maschine (titled A, B, C, D, etc). Load drums as a Group but use the display encoders to select In
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This hard-hitting hybrid drum instrument for Kontakt was created via a two-stage recording process undertaken at United Recording Studio A and processed at drummer and producer Butch Vig’s GrungeIsDead studio. Many of the sounds started life as acous
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LOOPMASTERS King of Blues Guitar
Price £9 Contact This bite-sized pack from Loopmasters features 50 acoustic and electric riffs performed and recorded by session musician Chris Barnes. The audio is presented across three folders that cover acoustic loops at 72bpm, cl
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Sounds Of The Universe
“Successful artists sometimes get treated in “quite a childlike way but to me they’re all grown-ups. They know what they’re doing,” says producer Ben Hillier, with a laugh, as he dissects the psychology of pop and rock music production. Ben is well p
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Izotope Rx 8 £230 Standard, £80 Elements, £770 Advanced
From its first iteration RX has brought together the many components of audio repair and restoration within an innovative and attractive platform loaded with options for everyone, from musicians and engineers to podcasters and post-production houses.
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MODEAUDIO Loose Breaks
Price £18 Contact Sometimes it pays to ditch the quantise and go with the flow. This pack from ModeAudio embraces the looser vibe of live drum performance, with more than 100 beats in hip-hop and broken house and techno styles. Each bea
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The Musictech Experts
Jono is a composer, producer, lecturer and journalist. His interest in everything to do with electronic music started at a tender age and has carried him through a career spanning song-writing, remixing, sound design and music for picture. Dave is an
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The Great Software Sweep-up
Is your plug-ins folder at capacity? Can you find what you need in a hurry? Or do you get RSI from your mouse’s scroll wheel every time you need to travel from A to Z in your DAW’s browser? It’s time to do something about it – and the first step towa
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ALM BUSY CIRCUITS System Coupe £1,900
ALM Busy Circuits is a British success story. The boutique Eurorack company has won over fans around the world thanks to modules that combine inspired engineering with utilitarian functionality. You’ll find all that in this new complete modular syste
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Price £20 Contact This pack covers grooving basslines, laidback live drums and percussion, deep keys, synths and arps, electric and acoustic guitars and plenty more besides, all infused with a distinct Latin flavour. Led by classic fu
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Full Circle
At the turn of the century, the most revolutionary innovation in music production came in sync with the increasing prevalence of home computers. With them, came the processing power to run more complex (and resource-hungry) digital audio workstations
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Children 0f The Revoluti0n
“There are plenty of dames out there excited about and interested in music production,” says Wendy Melvoin, on the phone from Los Angeles. “But are they getting the good gigs? Are there any more opportunities for them?” “It’s still really male-domina
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INITIAL AUDIO Dynamic Delay £20
Based in Wülfrath, Germany, Initial Audio is known for producing expansion packs, VST/AU instruments and insert-effects plug-ins for both Windows and macOS systems. Its latest release is a high-quality dynamic delay that enables the construction of c
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FADERPRO Drum Grooves and Vocal Production
Price £30 Contact This broad course from FaderPro is split into two parts and sees veteran producer Eddie Thoneick creating a heavy house beat and a melodic vocal track across 18 chapters. The first part includes drum production and cove
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Capturing Your Hardware Synths in Logic Pro X
The renaissance of hardware synths over the past decade has offered producers a welcome break from working entirely within the virtual realm, making sound design an activity you can enjoy without the need for a mouse and keyboard. Once you’ve created
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TOONTRACK EZKeys Hybrid Harp £130
It’s been difficult to ignore the incredibly industrious folk at Toontrack recently. Not content with the superb Superior Drummer 3, the Swedish company has of late unveiled a bountiful supply of drum expansions, recorded from legendary facilities su
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SIX OF THE BEST Budget interfaces PART ONE
Contact Packaged with PreSonus’s Studio One Artist DAW, alongside a collection of plug-ins from such brands as Maag Audio, Lexicon, Arturia and Brainworx, the AudioBox USB 96 provides practically everything you need to get your feet wet
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