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A Note of Encouragement
It was time to start my afternoon run on the school bus. I drove up to the elementary school, parked and opened the doors. Usually I enjoyed greeting the kids as they climbed aboard. Today I kept my gaze fixed straight ahead. I’d just come from a dif
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LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA It was a sunny October day. My husband, Anthony, and I sat with our three kids—Ella, seven; Luca, five; and Zoe, two—as they drew with sidewalk chalk in the driveway. The whole family was enjoying the last bit of nice weather
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Secrets Of The Labyrinth
I WAS AT THE ENTRY OF Battery Park’s Labyrinth of Contemplation in New York City. A winding pathway of rocks and grass stretched out before me. After studying labyrinths for weeks, I wanted to try one. I’d learned that these fantastical, circuitous p
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Papi’s Sign
“I saw a butterfly,” my mother said with a shy smile. It was the first time I’d seen her smile since my father’s death the week before. After a seven-year period of steadily declining health, he’d passed away in his bed at home, surrounded by his wif
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Family Vacation
We were only 48 hours into our family’s three-week road trip when the car broke down. White smoke billowed from the engine. The dashboard warning lights went on. “Where did all this come from?” my husband, Gareth, said. He pulled off at the next exit
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Right Place, Right Time
Seat 23D. I walked down the airplane aisle, reading the signs above the rows. I was flying from my home in Charlotte to Los Angeles to spend Thanksgiving with my son. I found my seat, stowed my bag in the overhead bin and settled in for the five-hour
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Editor’s Note
The Christmas season is a mystical one. For me, listening to Christmas carols always adds to the magic, and “Good King Wenceslas” stands out. Its beautiful story of a Christmas miracle dates back centuries. It may not be the most popular carol. But i
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The Transfiguration
Whenever I think about the Transfiguration, my mind travels back to the fifth- and sixth-grade Sunday school class I once coached to act it out for the congregation. The task seemed nearly impossible. Why? Because this particular Bible story is fille
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His Humorous Ways
I was driving on a dark and winding mountain road, trying not to panic. I had recruited my parents to join me on a weekend business retreat, and we’d gotten off to a late start. Then I’d made the mistake of following my GPS into the mountains. Now he
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Star Turn: Meryl Streep
It’s hard to imagine that Meryl Streep at one point believed acting was not her calling. Widely considered the best actress of her generation, she has received 21 Academy Award nominations—more than any other actor—and won three times. But her life a
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The Big Question
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News From Around Our Wonderful World
Lihue, Hawaii The dress, a purple-and-pink floral muumuu, caught Shannon Hiramoto’s eye while she was browsing the Salvation Army thrift store. Her great-grandmother, who’d passed away five years ago, would’ve loved it. She’d always worn colorful muu
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Motor Miracles
STOW, OHIO It was Sunday, after church. My two young sons babbled excitedly in their car seats as we inched forward in a line of cars heading out of the church’s parking lot. My wife’s car was still parked; she’d volunteered to stay behind to help cl
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Breaking Free
I stepped out of the federal prison in South Dakota after a decade behind bars and breathed a sigh of relief. I’d served my time. But I wasn’t just free. I was a new man. Honestly, I doubted anyone who knew me before would recognize me. I hardly reco
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Wings And A Prayer
I heard the front door to our apartment open and walked over to see my mom returning home from the laundromat. She had tears in her eyes. “Mom,” I said, “what’s wrong?” “I’m so sorry, Sara, but I lost your butterfly necklace while doing the laundry.
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I was sitting in my living room, stunned, after returning home from a doctor’s appointment. I’d just learned that I was having a relapse of Lyme disease. I wished I could call my mom. She’d always known how to reassure me. Mom had died from cancer si
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Secret Spaces
Below the surface of Lake Michigan lies an 11-foot marble crucifix. The cross was crafted in Italy in the 1950s for a Michigan family but arrived damaged. A Lake Michigan diving club then bought it, submerging it to honor the many people who’ve peris
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Q&A William Peters
William Peters has dedicated his life to the study of end-of-life phenomena. He holds master’s degrees in education and counseling psychology, and is the founder of the Shared Crossing Project, an organization that educates people about mystical happ
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Mysterious Moments
I’d been struggling with depression, and my therapist recommended that I start a weekly activity to help me meet people. I’d always been a homebody. I usually came home from work and stayed in for the rest of the night. Then an idea came to me out of
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History’s Mysteries
Joe and Maeve O’Connell bought land in Kilkenny, Ireland, without realizing its medieval ruins held something unusual. A fact soon brought to their attention. “We weren’t long here when someone came to the door looking for Saint Nicholas’s tomb,” Joe
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End Note
Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, “the little flower of Jesus,” was a nun, writer and mystic. She felt the presence of God in mysterious happenings throughout her life, most notably during her sudden healing from a life-threatening childhood illness. She ent
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The Christmas Clock
It was December 2012, a week before Christmas. I was sitting alone at my kitchen table in Missouri, watching the hands of my Christmas clock tick toward the hour. I was waiting to hear it play “Silent Night,” which it did every night at 11 o’clock. T
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Mysterious Ways
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An Unexpected Visitor
RAINSVILLE, ALABAMA I couldn’t even sort through the first box of our dog Bama’s toys without bursting into tears. My husband, Alan, found me sitting on the floor in our utility room, clutching our late boxer’s favorite squeaky. He gently pulled me t
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Wonderful World
Franklin, Tennessee Jeff LeCates was awoken by loud barks from Roux, his three-year-old Belgian Malinois. He got up to investigate. When he opened the front door, the dog bolted outside. He followed. That’s when he smelled smoke, then saw flames. The
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What is the name of that B.B. King song? I’d been listening to a blues playlist when I suddenly remembered one of my favorite blues songs—one not on the playlist. I hadn’t heard the song in years. I couldn’t remember the title or the lyrics. Just the
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What Heaven Was Like
“What was it like when you died?” my friend Olivene asked me. Her voice was surprisingly strong, given how frail she looked propped against the stark white pillows of her hospital bed. Her question caught me off guard. I’d never mentioned my near-dea
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A Little Slice of Heaven
I sorted through some cook-books on the kitchen counter. My husband, Steve, worked next to me in silence. We were going through his parents’ farmhouse near Rock Port, Missouri, trying to decide what to do with everything in it. We were overwhelmed by
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A Bonded Pair
“You can get a kitten,” I prom-ised my seven-year-old daughter, Cali. “As soon as we get settled in our new apartment.” Her life had been uprooted when her father and I divorced, and I wanted to give her something to look forward to. So one Saturday
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