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A Year Of Extremes
It’s been a full year since Covid-19 made its unwelcome appearance on our shores. The doom and gloom merchants who predicted the pandemic would see a plunge in property values have been proved wrong, as data around property continues to paint a pictu
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Chen’s 7 Tips For Property Investment
1 Have a plan and 2 work backwards. Have a strategy to 3 support the plan. Add value that 4 adds equity. Focus on one area and 5 become an expert. Assemble a 6 professional team. Learn and educate 7 yourself. Be patient but act fast when you find an
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Cracked Foundations?
Given that the majority of the country has been through a fairly dry summer, I thought it would be a good time to revisit a topic I discussed previously (in early 2020), that being house/foundation damage due to expansive soils. New Zealand has an in
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Look Before You Leap
By the time you read this article, the 2022 income year will have commenced, meaning that the Government’s new highest personal marginal tax rate of 39% is in effect. This rate of income tax applies to individuals on income that they earn in excess o
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What Really Matters When Buying?
As one of the owners of iFindProperty I have many conversations with people where we try to predict the future. • Where can I buy that will really grow in value? • Will this property attract good tenants? • Is this renovation going to be worth it? •
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House Price Stability
In this article I’m focusing on the idea of debt-to-income ratios. It is likely that they will be a key tool used by the Reserve Bank to meet its new house price stability objective. The Government recently asked the Reserve Bank to include house pri
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What’s Happening In Your Region
NEXT MEETING: Wednesday April 28, 7pm at the Distinction Hotel, Riverside Drive, Whangarei. TOPIC: This month’s speaker is Scotney Williams LLB, Tenancy Practice Service Ltd. Scotney is one of the few people in the country with an in depth understan
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Privacy Probe Launched After ‘Blacklist’ Concerns
Privacy commissioner John Edwards wants to hear from tenants if they think their landlord or property manager has asked for more personal information than warranted under the Privacy Act, and if they have ever been put on a blacklist. Property Invest
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Passion For Property
It was a desire to find an income and financial freedom outside her nine to five accounting job that led Monica Chen to sign on for a privately-run property course. It was one of the earliest seminars encouraging and teaching the technical side of bu
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Nz Property Investor events Calendar
Your monthly round up of property investment related events around the country. PROPERTY INVESTMENT SEMINAR ONLINE EVENTS: Tuesday, April 6, 6:30-8:30pm; Monday April 19, 6.30pm-8.30pm; Tuesday, April 27, 6:30-8:30pm. Book at: https://www.propertyap
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It’s Your Time To Shine
The New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) is again honoured to have partnered with Resene and Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment to offer two prestigious awards which will be presented at the upcoming NZPIF Conference in Well
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NZ Property Investor
Philip Macalister E Joanna Mathers E Sally Fullam E Dawn Adams Samantha Garnier Philip Macalister E Jill Lewis T 0800 345
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Fixed-term Troubles
Fixed-term tenancies can work well for both parties, if things run smoothly. But a property investor who unsuccessfully tried to terminate a fixed-term tenancy, had a subsequent attempt at a rent rise overturned. The tenant, whose name has been suppr
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The Year Ahead
As we head into a new financial year, we’ve already seen some dramatic changes in the property market in 2021. What lies in the year ahead is yet to be seen, but we anticipate a few things in regard to mortgage interest rates. We’ve seen them level o
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Investors’ Guide To The North Shore
1 DEVONPORT This historic seaside village features high quality housing and a real community feel. Devonport is popular with ferry commuters who work in downtown Auckland. With villa style homes, this area is in high demand. 2 MILFORD / TAKAPUNA Is
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February 2021 This map represents change in the average rental price between the months of February 2020 and February 2021, based on figures from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. Median house rents of the dominant dwelling type for
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Down To Business
One of the key changes to emerge from the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2020 (RTAA) was a significant increase in penalties for noncompliance. Maximum penalties for exemplary damages have almost doubled. Understandably, any talk of increased fi
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Tip Of The Month
Building your team: when building your team of tradies, real estate agents, advisers etcetera, be sure that they have a proven track record in properties. For example, owning more properties than yourself. That way you can leverage off and use their
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Profit In Child’s Play
Early childhood education centres are a growth industry and a proven category for property investment. “It would be a struggle to think of an alternate sector providing the returns and associated low risks for investors,” says Linda Harley, business
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What’s Driving House Prices?
February sales nationwide were the highest for a February in five years. Auckland saw an increase in sales of 34.6% year-on-year, and sales nationwide were up 14.6%. HSBC’s special rate is down to 1.99%, while the major banks (ANZ, BNZ, Westpac) con
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Sea, Sand And Sales
Auckland’s North Shore has a reputation as a cruisy place, with its pōhutukawa beaches and sparkling seas. It’s been an area with big houses and bigger backyards, with elite seaside suburbs such as Takapuna housing some of the country’s rich and famo
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Builderscrack Carpet 101
Carpet is a brilliant floor covering with many qualities that make a house more comfortable. While not ideal for kitchens and bathrooms (though there is debate around whether a carpeted toilet is appropriate or not), when it comes to living spaces an
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How To Optimise Your Investment Risk Through Diversification
Typical definitions of investment diversification focus on lowering risk by allocating money across a mix of asset classes, industries and geographies. The premise being that each would react differently to the same market events, thereby reducing yo
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Top Tips For Off The Plan
Matthew Horncastle from Williams Corporation gives his advice for buying off the plan. 1 Reputation. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable developer with a track record. Development is extremely difficult and you want your investment property to
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Corelogic North Shore Kelvin Davidson, Senior Property Economist, Corelogic
Rental data is sourced from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment based on rental bonds lodged. This data is supplied to us grouped into geographic areas based on statistical area units used by Statistics NZ for the census and as a resu
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Invest In The Future
Buy cheap, tidy up, add value. It’s a tried-and-true investment strategy, which for years has spelled success for New Zealand property investors. But with the perfect storm of vertiginous house price rises, changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (R
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Build-to-rent: A New Opportunity
In 2019 I wrote an article for NZ Property Investor on this very topic. My focus then was on the rapid rise of build to rent in the UK and how, while it may not be a silver bullet for our housing crisis, it can still play a significant role in making
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Face The Facts
New information from MBIE shows there are 120,330 residential landlords in NZ1 . Based on our current population size of approximately five million2 that means only about 2.4% of New Zealanders are property investors. Which I suspect is a lot less th
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The Long Game
Investor Darryl Reid has no illusions about the five-bedroom 1950’s bungalow that he purchased for $509,000 in Rotorua last November. He calls it a “meth house”: “It tested negative, but it was as rough as one,” he shares. The Ōwhata house and sleepo
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New Repairs V Maintenance Case
Much of the case law that dictates the tax outcomes on the distinction between non-deductible capital expenditure on buildings and tax-deductible repairs and maintenance expenditure are very old cases. However, there is a recent decision from the cou
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