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Buying A Used Tow Car
THE RIGHT TOW car isn’t going to make your caravan holiday, but the wrong one could quite easily break it. A vehicle that is stable, practical and reliable means every journey should start and finish without stress. But choose a car that’s sluggish,
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With family celebrations, weekend breaks and our planned trip to Denmark all cancelled because of the pandemic, we set our sights on a destination rather closer to home. Inspired by writer, campervan owner and green activist Martin Dorey to Take the
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Storage – Home Or Away?
BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR caravan, it is very important to think about where you are planning to store it. This might not be as simple as parking it on your driveway, because of its length and height. In addition, they don’t come cheap, so security is p
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Vanmaster Signature 520 (2013)
VANMASTER IS A brand many caravanners would aspire to. The alluring oak veneer and build quality spoke volumes, especially if you were pitched on the rally field. You really had made it if you owned one of these distinctive tourers! In mid-1995, I go
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Practical Caravan
Tel 020 7042 4000 Website Editor-in-chief Sarah Wakely Deputy Editor Paul Critcher Art Editors Jenny Owen, Simon Mortimer Production Editor Gillian Gould Features Editor Claudia Dowell Reviews Edito
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Wivenhoe, Essex
Who are you? We’re the Lyon family – we love touring, which is a brilliant way to enjoy the great outdoors. How do you know the area? We have lived here for 30 years, originally choosing the town for its proximity to our work in Colchester (5km), Lon
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Showroom News
Scottish dealership to import Italian brand Italian manufacturer of monocoque caravans and motorhomes, Wingamm, is back in the UK with the appointment of its new dealer. The brand disappeared from these shores when its original importer ceased tradin
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Buyer’s Guide
Featuring all the latest 2021 models! How do I match my car and caravan? The most commonly asked question in caravanning is whether a certain car is appropriate for pulling a certain caravan. To answer this, you must know the kerbweight of your tow c
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Wild In The Isles Spotter’s Guide
■ Star attraction The 230-strong population of bottlenose dolphins can usually be spotted from Newquay Headland, Llangrannog and Mwnt, on the west coast of Wales. Otherwise (Covid restrictions allowing), why not join researchers on a Dolphin Survey b
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Your Perfect Floorplan
Island beds are a surprisingly recent addition to caravans, an introduction from the world of motorhomes. Tourers are a bit wider than motorhomes, so it is far more common to see them with a transverse island bed, which takes up less overall length.
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Layout Finder Ah
It seems that the general trend with fixed single beds is to site the van’s washroom right at the back behind them. But there are still a couple of models out there with fixed single beds where the washroom remains central. The advantage of this set-
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Spring has been playing its tricks, with sunny days followed by snow and biting winds, but the fresh greens unfurling in the trees and the bright yellows and pinks of spring flowers promise a future full of possibilities. With the speedy vaccine roll
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Hot Shots! Inspiration
ENTERING A COMPETITION is a wonderful way to improve your photography. For serious wildlife photographers, the blue riband event is the Wildlife Photographer of the Year (WPY), held annually at London’s Natural History Museum. There are several categ
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Look Back Page
This seasonal special promised to get summer sorted, and was packed full of advice and tips on what to do and where to go. A smart Swift Expression made the perfect cover model Caravan interiors are often more functional than stylish, but interior de
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Used Vans
As soon as the dealerships reopened, I was off to check out the lay of the land. What I found was a full car park and a crowd of keen new caravanners! My local dealership was buzzing and I spoke to many folk while I was there. Most were new to tourin
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The Big Shot
Where are we? Near Gairloch, Wester Ross, North-West Highlands Coordinates 57.7282° N, 5.6939° W Why tour here? There are inlets galore to explore along the stunning coastline of Wester Ross. Bring your walking boots and fishing rods, and expect to f
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Natural Choice Book Reviews
Curious minds will find plenty to entertain in any of Tristan Gooley’s books. The author specialises in discovering the natural world and the clues that Mother Nature leaves to unlock her mysteries. So, whether you’re looking to understand The Secret
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How We Test Vans
In our most detailed test, we spend at least one day (usually more) in the van, to bring you our verdict. The score is based on the opinions of the PC team. Each month, we test new models of all sizes and report back to you in our regular review page
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Technical Terms Explained
As defined by EU Directive 95/48/EC, the car or other vehicle’s weight with a 90% full fuel tank, all necessary fluids, 68kg for the driver and 7kg of luggage. This is the figure that is used to calculate a tow car match (Gross train weight) The maxi
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How To Buy New
People’s needs differ, and your layout choice will depend on your companions and how you want to use your caravan. To understand which layouts are available, spend a day at one of the big shows, where manufacturers and dealers will be showing their l
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Taking Flight Birdwatching
Weighing in at just 35-45g, the kingfisher dives at speeds of up to 25mph THE UK IS brilliant for birdwatching, offering a huge range of different habitats. There are numerous bird reserves and plenty to see when you’re out walking, in town or countr
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Route Master
Until 2022/2023. Lane closure, 60mph limit Until 2021/2022. Smart motorway upgrade Until September 2021. Work on junction improvement Widening of junction Until 2021/2022. Smart motorway upgrade Until spring 2021. Survey work between junction 11 of M
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Or You Could Try…
Sorento (2015-2020) This generation of Sorento was a classy vehicle to live with and drive. It’s big, so offers plenty of space, and it has seven seats – although those in the back might not want to be there for long. Still, this is a capable tow car
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Pre-tour Checks
AS I WRITE, we are all looking forward to getting out and about again with our caravans, some of which won’t have turned a wheel for a while. The last trip our van took was to the dealership for some warranty work and its annual service, so at least
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Your Adventure
After so long in lockdown, I dare say I am not alone in feeling elated to be planning our first few local trips. For some, being on a campsite will be enough, but plenty of us are looking to extend our adventures beyond those boundaries. Walking and
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Swift Elite 835
Price £30,995 Berths 4 MiRO 1536kg MTPLM 1853kg DIG A LITTLE deeper into dealer specials – new caravans built exclusively for dealers by major manufacturers – and one thing becomes clear: not only are they based on existing models, but these are also
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Layout Finder AI
In-line island beds, which stretch from the back forwards, rather than to the side, have tended to be reserved for motorhomes, as these vehicles are usually narrower than caravans and so cannot house a transverse bed. In-line beds tend to make carava
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Nissan X-trail (2014-present)
BEING A NISSAN X-TRAIL when there’s a Qashqai around must feel a bit like being Frank Stallone. You’ve got a sibling who’s super-famous and whom everybody wants to meet, so you’d hope that visual similarity and a sprinkling of good luck will help you
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Useful Info
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What Can I Tow?
BEFORE MAKING ANY decisions about buying your caravan, you need to know what you will be able to tow – here’s a round-up of the essential details. In line with the views of the major caravanning clubs, Practical Caravan recommends using the ‘85% rule
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