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Ritual Return After 13 Years
Long lost Swedish prog band Ritual have finally returned and unveiled their first new music in 13 years. The band have just released an EP, Glimpses From The Story Of Mr Bogd, a four-song preview of an extravagant double concept record, The Story Of
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Potter’s Daughter
RICK WAKEMAN AND Jon Anderson both play supporting roles in the musical journey of classically trained pianist Dyanne Potter Voegtlin. Invited to perform in a classical masterclass at the University Of London, Voegtlin bucked conventional tradition a
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Your Shout!
“One of the best bands of the 70s. Saw them three or four times and was amazed how good they were. Would never have classed them as prog though.” Steve Cox “Like a lot of prog bands they started off non-prog but soon found their progressive chops wit
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Sigur Rós
Icelanders revived by curious collaboration from their archives. It’s been a challenging few years for those idiosyncratic Icelanders Sigur Rós. Drummer Orri Páll Dýrason left after allegations of sexual assault and then the band were charged with ta
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Adventurous Aussie guitar virtuoso shows off his chops. Plini Roessler-Holgate is a master guitarist, as showcased on 2016’s impressive debut album Handmade Cities, but I’ll Tell You Someday, the first track on his second album, brings a frown to the
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Gandalf’s Fist
Early Fist, retooled and remade. A lack of ambition or imagination is definitely not something that Gandalf’s Fist could be accused of, as attested to by the vast convoluted sweep of their collected five-disc The Clockwork Fable/The Clockwork Prologu
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Nik Turner And Youth Tie Up For Interstellar Energy
Former Hawkwind saxophonist Nik Turner and Killing Joke bassist Youth have created jam album Interstellar Energy together. It’s released on February 12 via Youth Sounds, and the pair say it contains six tracks where “space rock meets motorik kosmisch
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ARILD BRØTER IS a modest chap. In Prog’s natter with the drummer and founder of Norwegian instrumental jazz-proggers Pymlico, he downplays his drum tutor status (“I have a day job,” he mentions, vaguely), his time studying at the Los Angeles College
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The Power of Six
There may be some interesting stories about alternative ways of spending 2020, but Andy Glass can probably claim overall bragging rights. He’s had surgery for a brand new thumb joint to replace the one he’s worn out playing guitar in Solstice over th
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Richard Durrant
Classical recitalist gets back to nature on album of intricate instrumentals. Richard Durrant is a renowned classical guitarist with years of concert recitals under his belt, but recently he’s concentrated on composing and recording his own material.
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Outstanding live document honours the band’s late guitarist. Previously available as a fan club-only treat, this 2015 two-hour live set from Polish melodic proggers Riverside now comes as a CD/DVD pack that confirms their class. Since forming in 2003
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Pain Of Salvation
Swedish prog-metallers’ millennial landmark revisited. Everyone likes to think they’re immune from the influence of musical trends, and musicians are particularly prone to claiming they exist in a cultural vacuum. But the zeitgeist seeps into their c
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Van Giersbergen Glows In The Dark
Anneke van Giersbergen will release her most personal album to date on February 26, via InsideOut. The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest is the Dutch singer’s first full-length studio release since her band Vuur’s 2017 debut In This Moment We Are Free
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Caroline Catz
Actor-director – and experimental prog fan – Catz’s new documentary is an imaginative approach to musician, mathematician and Radiophonic Workshop visionary Delia Derbyshire, the creator of the greatest piece of avant-garde music ever heard by famili
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Felix Nativitatis
Growing up in Russia, Marjana Semkina didn’t celebrate Christmas. It wasn’t until she first came to the UK in 2014 that she experienced the festive season in all its overblown glory. “Christmas was a very new thing for me when I started coming here,”
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Kevin Godley
Belated solo debut from the former leader of 10cc’s art wing. Kevin Godley’s very first solo album grew out of a single track, Expecting A Message. French EDM producer Luke Mornay approached the ex-10cc man to add the words and melody to music he’d w
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Anna B Savage
Brutally beautiful debut introduces extraordinary new talent. Modern music rarely comes so fearlessly intimate or emotionally evocative as this gripping debut set from London-based singer-songwriter Anna B Savage. The daughter of two classical singer
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Stellar entry point to the unique world of Christian Vander and co. Magma are a group that one has to graduate to. With their own language from the planet Kobaïa (where they have escaped from Earth) and their own genre of Zeuhl (alien space rock oper
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Vola’s Red Thread In Third Album
Danish-Swedish quartet VOLA will release their third album Witness in early 2021 via Mascot, following the recent launch of lead track Head Mounted Sideways. Vocalist and guitarist Asger Mygind says the theme of the single is “gradual destruction,” b
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The Prog Readers’ Poll 2020
In some ways 2020 will forever be tagged with the epithet of ‘the year we’d rather forget’, what with Covid-19 running rampant and impacting our lives in ways many of us had never previously imagined. And yet it’s also been a year in which we’ve seen
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American Head Charge
“I don’t know if this album is prog rock, but it’s certainly in a classic rock style that could easily be considered prog, you know?” Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne is on the phone from a car outside his Oklahoma City home, discussing with Prog where his
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Steve Hackett
Mostly acoustic introspection from the former Genesis man. Steve Hackett has not, unlike the rest of the planet, spent the last year in quiet contemplation. As the world slowed and travel stopped, Hackett found himself with tours cancelled, some rare
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Psychedelic Prog
Best known as a founder member of US post-rockers Trans Am, guitarist Phil Manley now unveils his latest venture. Terry Gross is a vehicle for Manley, bassist Donny Newenhouse and drummer Phil Becker to test the limits of their joint-owned recording
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Aussie proggers stick to the middle of the road on expanded second LP. With their first new album in almost a decade on the way, Unitopia’s 2008 release The Garden has been expanded from a double LP into a triple. Their second album, and their first
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John Holden And Guests Take Virtual Journey
John Holden’s new album Circles In Time arrives on March 26, with an extensive guestlist recruited as a result of their downtime. Vocalists Marc Atkinson, Peter Jones, Sally Minnear, Jean Pageau and That Joe Payne; drummers Nick D’Virgilio and Henry
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This Creeping Malaise
In the long, hot summer of 1976, Pink Floyd were holed up in their brand new studio in Islington making what would become their 10th studio album, Animals. Ten years earlier, they had been the sound of the underground and soon began making their name
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Crisis? what Crisis?
The last time Prog spoke with Crippled Black Phoenix founder Justin Greaves, everything seemed to be going extremely well. It was the summer of 2018 and his band were poised to release their seventh full-length recording, Great Escape. The album was
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The best bass, drum, string quartet and orchestra album of the year. For those unfamiliar with the work of Canadian virtuoso bassist Antoine Fafard, this collaboration with Gavin Harrison is a fabulous place to start. Six tracks are with a core quart
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Steven Wilson
SW serves up an OK Computer for the Amazon age. Steven Wilson is allergic to expectation. The multitude of musical twists Hemel Hempstead’s favourite son’s career has taken have been matched in lockstep by eruptions of disgruntlement from fans taking
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Chris Squire
There’s a sturdy case to be made for Olias Of Sunhillow, but of all the mid-70s solo albums made by Yes members in the productive period after the Relayer tour, Squire’s has perhaps endured as the best loved. Reissued in 2018 in a seven-disc special,
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