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Double The Fun
I’ve always enjoyed handheld systems and after reading about Nick’s love for the Neo Geo Pocket Color in last month’s issue, I thought I would talk about my own personal favourite – Nintendo’s DS. I can still remember the buzz around Nintendo’s conso
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Updating A Classic
1 Following Ultimate Ghosts ’N Goblins’ multiple difficulty options, Resurrection introduces an even more forgiving Page mode. Allowing for on-the-spot respawn upon death, it’s perfect for casual newcomers. Hirabayashi warns however, “Page mode does
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The Retrobates
I think it has to be Super Mario 64 as it revolutionised platformers and 3D gaming in general. Expertise: Juggling a gorgeous wife, two beautiful girls, a SNES-loving cousin and an award-winning mag, all under one roof! Currently playing: Lonely Moun
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Double Dragon II: The Revenge
» NES » 1989 » Technos I’ve won a few games in competitions over the years, and the first one I can remember was Double Dragon II: The Revenge. Having won a new kettle just when we needed one at the first time of asking, my mum would always enter the
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The Revolution Is Televised!
“Hiya, welcome to Bad Influence!, the only place you’ll be able to see moving screenshots of the very latest games.” This was Andy Crane’s opening line on the first episode of ITV’s Bad Influence!, and it summed up the novelty of seeing videogames on
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Before Fighters Megamix launched, how much interest did you have in seeing the Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers characters face each other? Did the final game change your opinion? I had never truly considered a crossover before Fighters Megamix. Th
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The Unconverted
DEVELOPER: NAMCO YEAR: 1998 GENRE: DRIVING ■ As far as we can tell, driving tests are something that people do purely because they have to – we’ve never heard anyone talk about how their days as a learner were the best times they’ve ever had in a car
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Who’s Who
He looks like a ‘standard karate guy’ but the face of Virtua Fighter is quite difficult to get to grips with. He’s very powerful when you do, though. Hong Kong action-movie star Pai is fast and possesses devastating strikes, as well as the ability to
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Best Left In The Arcade
DEVELOPER: BALLY SENTE YEAR: 1986 GENRE: QUIZ ■ Most of you will surely be familiar with Name That Tune, a game show staple that challenges its players to quickly recognise famous songs. In the mid-Eighties, Bally Sente had the idea to adapt this for
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TV Highlights
Years: 1992–1998 Presenters: Dominik Diamond, Dexter Fletcher, Patrick Moore GamesMaster had competitive events at its heart – partly because it was commissioned by the head of Channel 4’s sports programming. Astronomer Patrick Moore dispensed wisdom
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Cyber Shadow
Shadow’s ninja clan is on the brink of destruction, his master’s gone missing and Meka City is being devastated by synthetic creatures. If that all sounds very Eighties, it’s pretty deliberate as Cyber Shadow is very clearly influenced by the likes o
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The Clock Tower Cast
■ Referred to as ‘Miss Mary’ by the darling girls trapped in the mansion, she appears as an innocent and loving teacher. She disappears shortly after entering the house to fetch its owner, Mr Barrows, triggering the tragic events that culminate in Cl
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Magic Mike
SYSTEM: ZX SPECTRUM, AMSTRAD CPC, COMMODORE 64 YEAR: 1985 ■ Mike Singleton had his trilogy of Midnight games planned from day one, and work began on Doomdark’s Revenge the moment the original Lords Of Midnight was finished. Doomdark featured more map
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Conuersion Capers
■ With a first-person navigation display (akin to many of its peers such as The Bard’s Tale), the Commodore 64 version looks and plays different to the Mega Drive game. There’s a host of additional characters and options to explore, and while the ove
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More Games To Consider
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■ Fighters Megamix wasn’t a widely ported game, but that’s to be expected. With the game positioned as a Saturn exclusive, it’s no surprise that it didn’t receive ports to any contemporary consoles. Slightly more surprising is the fact that it didn’t
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■ Fast, fluid (yet just as frustrating as other versions), Tim Miller’s Amstrad port made good use of the CPC’s 16-colour mode to create a beautifully detailed set of seven courses. Whizzing around the tracks felt easier thanks to improved handling a
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Phantasy Star IV does a lot of things right, but perhaps the one that tends to go unnoticed most often is how seamlessly it blends hard sci-fi concepts with traditional RPG fantasy. Evil towers rising from the sand, hidden crystalline planets hosting
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Retro Futurism
How did you become interested in retro handheld consoles? In 2009 I got an issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine, and at the back was this double page spread which had retro handheld consoles. My mum used to buy me this every month, and this one ma
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Ultimate Guide Miner 2049er
AND MUCH MORE, INCLUDING… Treasure, Target; Renegade, Sunset Riders, Civilization II, Ridge Racer Revolution, Minority Report: Mega Drive, Atlantis, TurboDuo, Soldier Of Fortune, Laurent Weill, Horace, Speed Freaks, WaveBird, Monolith Productions ■
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Conversion Capers
■ The PC version of Starlord was principally coded by Pete Barnett, but Maelstrom’s workload became ridiculously congested as other games were commissioned, including Ashes Of Empire (Mirage), Grimblood (Virgin Games) and The Ring Cycle (Psygnosis).
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How To Avoid Doomsday
■ Zero-G helps characters move around in zero gravity situations, and given space encounters are common, loading this skill is super-useful. Leadership is another good skill early on, as it allows your warriors to command more NPCs and gives a better
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A Looming Legacy
■ The first sequel, released in 1996 and which unlike its predecessor, got a Western release – it was after all, operating in a post Resident Evil world. One of the first games among the Human Entertainment cadre to use a 3D graphics engine, it went
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Keeping Collections
While it’s perfectly possible to enjoy retro games without taking up whole rooms of your house, many of us still choose to follow the path of relentless acquisition in the pursuit of building collections. We recently took the time to examine our own
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Darran’s Desert Island Disks
The only game that’s ever made me cry. Brilliant mechanics, wonderful pacing and exceptionally strong writing. It’s quite possibly the greatest game I’ve ever played. I’ve only just completed the sequel as I was worried it wouldn’t live up to my high
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Charts May 2004
1 – James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing (EA) 2 – Final Fantasy X-2 (Square) 3 – Sonic Heroes (Sega) 4 – SOCOM II: US Navy Seals (Sony) 5 – The Simpsons: Hit & Run (Vivendi) 1 – Deus Ex: Invisible War (Eidos) 2 – LMA Manager 2004 (Codemasters) 3 – J
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Spectacular Superstars!
Sometimes, one major hit can transform the entire gaming world. It happened with Space Invaders in the Seventies, it happened with Super Mario Bros in the Eighties, and in the early Nineties, Sonic The Hedgehog near single-handedly propelled Sega to
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Mainstream Movements
The launch of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 receives widespread international television news coverage. Time Magazine features Sonic, Mario and more on its ‘Attack Of The Videogames’ cover feature. Sony secures the installation of the PlayStation Room at the
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Mascot Maniac
Which is the first videogame mascot you can remember becoming a fan of? Did you first encounter them through their games, or something else? It’s gotta be Donkey Kong, the one in Donkey Kong Country, the grandson or son (depends which side of the deb
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Bargain Hunt
Voted the number-one Nineties game of all time by the readers of Retro Gamer, the popularity of this legendary game ensures its value remains stable. As ever with Nintendo games, prices vary wildly. Loose carts are very common and generally sell for
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