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To Do This Week
The deadline on the petition started by Shooting Timescontributor Ed Coles to increase the penalties for poaching and hare coursing is rapidly approaching. Sign it while you still have the chance at With the season now here,
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Taking A Punt On Perennials
The cost of planting and managing game and cover crops is ever increasing and we, along with many others, are slowly expanding the acreage we plant with permanent and semi-permanent crops. Not only does it reduce costs after the initial year of estab
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Shooting Times & Country
Editor Patrick Galbraith Deputy editor Ollie Harvey Group art director Dean Usher Art editor Rob Farmer Picture editor Max Tremlett Group production editor Di Cross Production editors Sarah Potts, Nicola Jane Swinney Digital editor Charlotte Peters c
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His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has died. Prince Philip, who was 99 years old, passed away on the morning of 9 April at Windsor Castle. Born on the island of Corfu in 1921 into both the Danish and the Greek royal families, Pr
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Keeper Of The Month
February and March tend to be slightly quieter months in the gamekeeping calendar, affording a chance to reflect on the season past or perhaps even enjoy a holiday. For Lincolnshire-based gamekeeper Will Hales, however, it’s time to get back in the s
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Why We Need To Control Mink
When we think about mink control, we tend to think about water vole conservation, but there are lots of other reasons. Most predators will ‘surplus kill’ given abundant prey, but mink are particularly strong on this, hence the mayhem if one gets amon
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Sporting Ephemera Of The Week
Edwardian ferrets must have been wild little things because everyone seemed to sell ferret muzzles in gun catalogues, which were full of ephemera relating to shooting sports and pest control. The muzzle had a bar that went through the mouth, like a h
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Putting On A Good Show
THERE’S ONE PIECE of advice for the would-be gundog owner in every book I have: if you want a puppy to bring on as a gundog, make sure you buy one from working stock. It’s really such an obvious piece of advice that it hardly bears repeating, while I
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The Riverside Retreats Chock Full Of Charm
The keepers were instructed to raise the flag on the hut’s roof when the mayfly hatch started. By this signal, the people up at the Big House would know, should they be looking, that the trout would soon be rising. If they tired of the fishing, they
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Beasts Beyond Our Shores
One of Africa’s legendary Big Five, the Cape buffalo is an impressive-looking beast. Both sexes have horns and those of the bull grow from a thick boss on the forehead, drooping downwards and then curving back up to the tip. Mature trophy bulls may w
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Stalkers’ Concern Over Deer Certificate Change
Long-expected changes to the Deer Stalking Certificate (DSC) qualifications have proved controversial in the deerstalking community. During 2019, Deer Management Qualifications (DMQ), the consortium that manages the qualifications, undertook a review
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To Catch A Fish
A mobile hackle can impart more life into a fly, making it more attractive to the fish, and the tungsten bead helps get the fly down to feeding fish quickly. The Czech Weapon is a fly that works well during the early season for trout, fished either o
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Keepers Help Tackle Blazes
Gamekeepers across the country have yet again been at the forefront of wildfire fighting and prevention as dry, sunny weather and visitor influx lead to moorland blazes from Aberdeenshire to the south-west of England. As in previous years, the Peak D
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Country Diary
It has been a time of huge change here. Our suckler herd is now fading into memory. And the patchwork of stubble, plough and grass we once had at this time of year, with our old mixed beef and arable operation, has given way to a sea of grass. I woul
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The Ultimate Shooting Quiz Team
BASC’s head of firearms and global authority on guns Airgunner and journalist from the West Country Vintage gun expert, firearms dealer, author and journalist Shooting Times rifle reviewer and stalker Highly regarded writer and ornithologist NGO
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At The Heart Of Curlew Recovery
In January 2016, I began planning a 500-mile walk across Ireland, Wales and England to try to find out more about the plight of the Eurasian curlew. I had read the British Birds paper from December 2015 (The Eurasian curlew — the most pressing bird c
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Forgotten Gems
Some years ago on the River Nith, Rab Kerr, the then river manager on the Buccleuch Estate, said to me that when he was a young man, poaching was a big problem, and much of his life was taken up with trying to keep local lads off the river. A year or
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Game Cookery
Back in the 1980s, when London had only a few good and authentic ethnic restaurants, we’d make a journey to south London to an Indonesian restaurant in Battersea that was run by the characterful Nancy Lam. The flavours of her food can only be describ
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When The Roe Don’t Show
I’ve never been on a blind date, but I imagine it’s a bit like stalking roe in early April: anticipation, surprises galore and a good chance of returning home, by choice, with nothing to show for it. During the short, raw days of winter, I often thin
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Taking Stock Of Gun Design
It’s quite easy to look at a Best hammerless sidelock ejector and admire the perfection of form and function. It’s far harder to admit that the French have greatly influenced the sport of shooting and, as a result, the fit of a shotgun as we know it
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Weekend Twitter poll
If you were marooned on a Scottish island with trout lochans and a healthy population of goats, which would you rather have? ■
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A Club Official’s Lot
Simon Trinder talks about the uncertain future for wildfowling (Letters, 27 January). I took over as honorary secretary of the Fenland Wildfowlers Association, a relatively large club on the Wash, last November. Writing my secretary’s report recently
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How To Tell If Your Gun Fits You:
Are you experiencing pain or bruising in your face, shoulder or second finger of your trigger hand? Practising your mount in a mirror — are you having to adjust to align your eye over the rib? Closed eye gun mount — mount your gun on a ceiling corn
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When The Mink Kick Up A Stink
DR MIKE SWAN IS HEAD OF EDUCATION AND THE SOUTHERN REGIONAL ADVISER FOR THE GAME & WILDLIFE CONSERVATION TRUST With all the news about new rules for trapping stoats, and changes to general licences for corvid control, it’s easy to forget that there
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Native Britain
Latin name: Glechoma hederacea Common name: Ground ivy Other names: Alehoof, blue runner, candlesticks, cat’s paws, creeping charlie, crow’s guts, devil’s candlestick, field balsam, gill-go-by-the-street, hayfoot, hedge maids, hen and chickens, rob
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There is a story about a business tycoon who held the lease on a famous grouse moor. One day, he rang the keeper and asked for a day’s shooting to be laid on for a certain date in the near future. Slightly flustered by this sudden addition to his car
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It is hard not to like the Contractor. Howa has been making rifles for a long time now and knows a thing or two about a good, reliable and affordable bolt action. Three red hinds were harvested during the field test, proving that you can rely on a Ho
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Howa Contractor SP rifle combo £879.99
Manufacturer Howa Model Contractor SP (combo) Action Bolt action Barrel 22in, ½ UNF thread Calibre .243 Win on test Overall length 40.25in, 47.25in with RCC sound moderator fitted Finish Matt blued and synthetic Stock Black synthetic Sporter
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Heather Burning Boosts Carbon-capturing Mosses
Burning heather helps to boost the growth of sphagnum moss, which locks up carbon in peat, according to the latest study of upland burning. Sphagnum mosses rapidly extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then lock it up in peat, making them on
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Harnessing the force of gunpowder to save lives is a relatively novel concept. After all, guns project missiles that are designed to kill or injure. How about a gun designed to carry a line to people trapped on a wrecked ship? The basic idea was that
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