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Electric Cars
from £70,690 / It was about time someone took the fight to Tesla, and boy has Porsche delivered with the Taycan. This electric four-door saloon is the EV that petrolheads have been waiting for. In full-fat Turbo S flavour, the Taycan
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Beta Yourself Game Emulation
Getting into emulation, it feels like you have to master an alien tongue before you can find what you need. Broadly, though, emulators are just apps that mimic old hardware. Some of them need BIOS files (firmware used for hardware initialisation) and
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Tech Toys
£330 / It’s clear Lego has prioritised immediacy and fun with its latest build-your-own-bots kit, which lets you and/or your little ones create five different coding-controlled mecha-beings. Yes, the set lacks a proper screen and
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£2999 / This is Samsung’s single most expensive 4K TV for 2021 (unless you buy a bigger version), but the pictures justify the outlay. The Korean giant’s implementation of the new Mini LED tech is, on this evidence, something to be rec
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Apple Arcade (£5/m) The Apple Arcade subscription service has slowly but surely built itself an impressively eclectic library of games… bolstered by a huge update that Apple recently dropped out of nowhere, which featured a number of games from some
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£250 / They’re bulkier than the average in-ears and come with a ridiculously large case, but otherwise the QC Earbuds are difficult to knock. The noise-cancelling doesn’t do a disservice to the esteemed QC name, it’s hugely customisable,
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£450 / The PS5 is not a modest upgrade. Its hulking design means it’ll make a bad first impression on some, but spend time playing it and it’ll soon win you over – and then some. This is essentially a high-spec gaming PC for the living r
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Pro Tips
Lawncare essentials with Chris Coote, robotics product manager at Bosch ( Whether you’re using a robot mower or a traditional one, remove any stones or other hard objects before you start. This reduces the chances of damaging yourself o
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What I Go To Scull For
£2295 + £38/m / ■ Hydrow has bolted a 22in HD touchscreen display onto a sleek rowing machine and encouraged users to row alongside pro athletes on some of the world’s most stunning bodies of water. This lung-bursting low-impact activ
Stuff UKLeitura de 2 minsTelecommunications
from £799 / The demise of Samsung’s glorious Galaxy S20 5G left a space on the Stuff smartphone throne (and its replacement didn’t even make the Top Ten)… but don’t go thinking the iPhone 12 is only our No1 phone by default. We love
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£tba (due early summer) / Sony supplies many of its rivals with camera sensors, but one thing it’s kept back for itself is the Xperia 1 III’s variable telephoto lens. It’s paired with a 12MP sensor and instantly switches between f/2.3 70mm
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Pro Tips
BBQ wisdom from Dan Cooper, pro chef and Weber’s head grill master (@daniel cooperbbq) People leave it to collect rainwater and dead leaves, but restricting oxygen reduces the risk of flare-ups, stops all the flavour from blowing away and helps you t
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Hisense To Kill
£399 / ■ The A7200G hasn’t been so much ‘designed’ as ‘put together’… and it’s all the better for it, because it’s basically all screen with simple screw-on feet. It’s businesslike and built to last. Yes, it’s a bit of a bloater, but
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FIRST ADD THESE ONE Yes, of course you’ll need a blinking charger – the 12 Pro doesn’t come with one in the box, and if you’ve got an old iPhone charger you’ll be looking at a snail-paced 5W power-up. Opt for an Anker Nano and you can get 20W chargin
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£299 / With their balance of wearability, active noise-cancelling prowess and audio performance, there hasn’t been a better package than the Sony XM3s… until now. The XM4s look and sound almost identical, but a range of new features – in
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Thoroughly Moddin’ Killy
As in Destiny, killing enemies or opening chests brings the possibility of colourful loot popping up. At first you might just be mindlessly swapping out gear with whatever’s got a higher number, but the depth comes from modifying rare gear you’ve dis
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Boom, Shake The Roam
The Sonos Roam is this esteemed audio company’s first proper portable speaker. Forget the Move, because while it would love to claim that title (and is a fantastic bit of kit in its own right), the truth is its sheer heft puts it pretty low down our
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How To Decide
You don’t necessarily need a desk-dominator. If you’re not a number-cruncher or gaming macro enthusiast, save yourself some cash and ditch the numberpad for a ‘tenkeyless’ model. Backlit keys are great for low-light work and play. Gaming keyboards te
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£1549 / The Fuji X-T4 might be the high-end mirrorless camera of your dreams. Relatively affordable for a flagship, it excels at stills and video thanks to in-body image stabilisation, high-speed shooting and 4K recording at up to 60fps.
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E-bikes Etc
£1798 / VanMoof’s second-gen S3 (or X3 if you’re under 5ft 8in) looks like a normal bike, rides like a normal bike and, crucially, doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of cash. The chunky 50mm tyres, slightly swooped bars and upright r
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VR Headsets
from £299 / The original Quest felt almost too good to be true. Its successor lacks the same wow factor, but you can’t argue with a better display and processor – not to mention a lighter, more comfortable build – for less money. Are
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Pro Tips
Backyard cinema hints from George Wood, founder of the Luna Cinema ( If you haven’t got a white wall you can string a bedsheet between two fence-posts, pull it taut and project onto that. The picture won’t be brilliant but it’ll
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Beastie Toys
Blink’s nicely affordable Outdoor cameras are really designed to keep an eye out for human intruders, but their mix of AA battery power, HD video with night vision and handy boxy design means they’re ideal for snooping on wildlife. The app will ping
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Total Clips Of The Heart
£140 / It’s an argument that rages like ketchup or mayo, Sonic or Mario, and which Fun House twin you fancy more: is a chest strap or a wrist-worn heart-rate monitor better? Myzone always used to swear by the former, but its interch
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Going App The Country
Assuming the British weather doesn’t troll us by snowing right through summer, and assuming you have a patch of land to plant stuff in, this app helps you get green-fingered. It provides inspiration and ways to plan: there’s a journal for noting succ
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Win 1 Of 3 Audio Pro Wireless Speakers Worth £360 Each!
Gareth Southgate’s attacking options for the Euros, chopsticks or cutlery at Wagamama, and the Phil Collins back catalogue: all fine examples of being spoilt for choice… and when it comes to multiroom speakers, Audio Pro offers a similar selection di
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After The Fold Rush
£2095 (est) / ■ This slender sliver is just 4.4mm thin in tablet state and feels lovingly made, with smooth glass curving into a polished metal frame that sits comfortably in the hand… and Huawei has even added a beautiful ‘Flipstande
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The sci-fi premise of Outriders is humanity looking for a fresh start as your character lands on a lush alien planet. Don’t get comfortable, though, because then you’re catapulted 30 years in the future to find your new home has gone to hell. Tsk, ty
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Pro Tips
Animal-spying pointers from Billy Heaney, zoologist and nature presenter (billyheaney. Don’t focus on getting all of the garden in shot; experiment with different locations. Find out what’s sneaking in and out of that hole in your fence, or wh
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