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One Good Deed…
Founded in 2001 to honour teenager Sandy Dickson, who died in an accident, Scottish charity The Sandpiper Trust saves lives by providing a bag containing more than 50 pieces of essential medical equipment to rapid-response professionals in rural area
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How To Master Rolling Your Own Rods
“IF you can tie a fly, you can make your own fly rod,” observes Mick Bell, owner of Bloke Fly Rods, a well-known supplier of both rods and rodbuilding components, based in Selkirk. A veteran of all the serious foreign destinations – Russia, Norway, I
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The Boot Room
Take the opportunity for forest bathing indoors. This new, 100% linen fabric from Colefax & Fowler depicts an evocative woodland scene, inspired by 18th-century tapestries. It is hard to know whether Puck or Artemis is more likely to step out from be
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Field Champions
Neil Heseltine, chairman, Yorkshire Dales National Park Vision for the future? “The two most important factors [to address] are climate change and nature decline, and everything we do within the National Park’s five-year management plan has to have r
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THE FIELD Delivered To Your Door For Just £20.99*
Each issue £5.75 £3.50* • Conveniently home delivered • Save up to 40%* and never miss an issue • Join more than 92,000** people who love and read The Field every month Complete the FREEPOST coupon (left) 0330 333 1113 Quote Code: 29BV Lines open Mon
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Write to: The Editor, The Field, Pinehurst II, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7BF. Email: LETTERS MAY BE EDITED FOR CLARITY OR SPACE I thought your readers would appreciate a snap
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Savouring The Spring
‘Oh, to be in England, now that April’s there.’ Robert Browning’s timeless words appeal directly to me as they were penned from abroad in longing for an English spring. This kaleidoscope of promise and awakening brings with it some of the most wonder
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The Field
Editor Alexandra Henton Editorial enquiries 0330 390 6609 Content assistant Sarah Pratley 0330 390 6609 Group chief sub-editor Diane Cross Group art director Dean Usher Picture editors Max Tremlett and Karen Whitehead Head of print licensing: Rachel
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To Do This Month
Give your dog a chance to shine. Whether your worker is the hero that goes above and beyond the retrieve or the steadfast veteran, the precocious puppy or the cheekiest, naughtiest of the bunch, now is the time to enter them for The Field’s Gundog Aw
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A portrait of racehorse Blakerigg – owned by David and Nicky Robinson – by equine photographer Emma Campbell, was overall winner in the Guild of Professional Photographers’ Image of the Year 2020. Lockdown has made British home cooks more adventurous
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Louise Harvey-Miller
ON 1 May 2015, I was at my desk in London watching my phone ping with updates of the whelping taking place at home in Scotland. Two of my husband’s pack of cockers were having babies – why both girls were producing at the same time is another story.
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First in Arms
IN the dark years that followed the French Revolution, Britain faced the possibility of an invasion by the French army. The government response, led by Prime Minister Pitt the Younger, was to raise troops of volunteer cavalry initially known as ‘Gent
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Fiat 500X Sport
NOT many years ago, the Fiat 500X range featured a diesel-powered, four-wheeldrive model, which quickly developed a cult following as a dark horse soft-roader. No surprise, really, bearing in mind it shared its platform with the Jeep Renegade (built
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Season In The Sun
The National Hunt season ends with Jump Finale Day at Sandown Park on a Saturday towards the end of April. Sometimes it’s with a ‘Kaboom!’, such as in 2016, when respective English and Irish champion trainers Paul Nicholls and Willie Mullins went dow
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Practical Solutions For Partridges
Alastair Salvesen’s approach to increasing biodiversity while farming profitably hinges on embracing new technologies and seeking practical solutions. Salvesen (pictured left) is working with GWCT scientists to develop cover-crop mixes and management
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Social Spotlight
When asked whether the best hunting horses are bred or made, the majority of Fielders felt that nature alone is not enough. The votes were almost evenly split between those who thought you need both natural qualities and the right training and those
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Art In The Field
SURELY there is nothing to beat the feeling of walking into Cheltenham Racecourse on a Festival morning. The car parks are filling up but the stands are still empty as streams of racegoers make their way determinedly to their favourite bars. The crai
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A Multi-shot Sporting Gun
THE late 17th century through to the early 18th century was an age of elegance and decorative excellence for English gun-making. As works of decorative or ornamental art, firearms made in this period are unrivalled in their refinement, with decoratio
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The Ways Of The Cuckoo
Many signs herald the arrival of spring: cowslips adorning the banks and meadows with their soft yellow, hawthorn hedges starting to show incipient green, but the greatest of all signals is cried from the treetops by the common cuckoo (Cuculus canoru
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The Field From The Archives
SO much has been written of late years for and against the spaniel as an aid to the gun, that the following remarks may be of interest to shooting men who are the sworn friends of one or other of the merry spaniel family. The modern spaniel may have
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Six Of The Best: Devon & Cornwall
DREWSTEIGNTON, EXETER, DEVON This is a Grade II*-listed Devon longhouse set in nearly four acres of land. It dates from the 15th century and has exposed beams, granite stonework and open fireplaces. Other features include high-vaulted ceilings and ex
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Country Queries
Q I have a silver-plated cocktail shaker by Asprey & Co, circa 1950. The top is bent and in need of a new cork seal. Would you know anyone who could restore this? SH, Hampshire A For this type of repair, contact Warwick Guck of Edward Fraser. He is a
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Their Winning Ways
FOR most of us, the last shooting season never really happened. It was just as bad for our dogs, too. Old dogs retired without the chance for a final retrieve, and many youngsters never managed to make their debut. However, some dogs did enjoy some a
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Country Estate
LIONEL EDWARDS ‘drew and painted what he loved doing and his remarkable eye for country was that of a man who sees the landscape from the saddle’. So wrote his obituarist in The Times on 14 April 1966. The British Sporting Art Trust has taken this id
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Private Ceremony To Public Pageant
This month the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be exchanging gifts of tin, the traditional token for a 10th wedding anniversary. Yes, it has been an entire decade since the world paused to watch Prince William marry Catherine Middleton. And pause
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Replacing the Hunting Act
WHILE having a knife fight in a telephone box with the animal rights lobby, we forgot the deeper argument about country life and country sports. We forgot that we live in a free country. We forgot that we are a minority, too. And we forgot that those
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Kit To Covert
What could be more ‘Eastery’ than spring lambs on a chocolate egg? Made by artisan chocolatiers in Wales and handpainted with a Hugo Guinness illustration of Cotswold lambs. ♦ Price £16 ♦ Tel 01608 731670 ♦ Includes engraved tag, colla
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The Field Gundog Awards 2021
IN ASSOCIATION WITH The Field Gundog Awards return with two new categories for the ever-popular Gundog Photograph of the Year: In The Field and Working From Home. For In The Field we are looking for an exceptional photograph of a gundog at work, whil
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Beretta 695 20-bore
THIS month’s test focuses on a smart little Beretta 695 20-bore, a development of the new 69 series guns. It is a single-trigger, multichoke over-and-under hitting the scales at just under An extra-finish gun, it is distinguished from other 690
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Time To Try The Catch Of The Day
Brexit has not only drawn much attention to the UK fishing industry’s complicated and fractious relationship with the EU but also highlighted its alarming disconnect with us, the British consumer. There is little most of us can do to change the situa
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