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Meet Our Contributors
SUSAN QUILLIAM is a relationships expert specialising in love and sex. On page 54, she provided expert commentary on the effects affairs can have on everyone involved. * My guilty pleasure? I love a well-crafted crime novel – but it has to end with
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Can you believe it’s been over three years since Prue Leith replaced Mary Berry as Paul Hollywood’s co-judge on The Great British Bake Off? But, Prue has very much made the role her own, and now we can’t imagine the show without her. The hit series
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Scrub, soften & GLOW
I recently looked at a colleague’s forearm – she’s 10 years older than me, yet her skin was easily 10 years younger. “Dry body brushing,” she said. “Heard it before,” you say, but do you do it? If you mainly concentrate on buffing below the waist...
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Stress Less, Sleep More, Stay Well
Rob Hobson, nutritionist and author of The Art of Sleeping, explains, “Longterm chronic stress has the biggest impact on your immune system and can lead to depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure, as well as increase your risk of heart attack an
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(Bloomsbury) by Isabel Allende Starting at the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939, we follow two characters – Roser and Victor – who flee Franco’s dictatorship and board a ship to Chile, commissioned by poet Pablo Neruda. Historical fact is entwine
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DAD, The Things I’d Like To Tell You...
Remember my wedding day when we stood together outside home affairs before the ceremony? It was a boiling summer day and we were both clammy from nerves and the heat. You asked me if I was OK, and I waited for the father/daughter Big Speech. It didn’
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Glow Easy On Yourself
Effortless to apply, add a glimmer and gleam to your skin, whatever colour you naturally are, with a buffing of Guerlain Terracotta Light The Healthy Glow Vitamin-Radiance Powder, RRSP R925; or highlight tops of shoulders, cleavage, and shins with a
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8 Ways To Manage Stress For A Healthier Immune System
✣ WORK IT OUT Try an indoor workout – run up and down the stairs, or do brisk housework to burn up cortisol and work off that adrenaline. ✣ STAY CALM As you breathe out, you signal to the parasympathetic nervous system to instruct your body to calm
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Liz Moore’s new book, Long Bright River (Cornerstone), is a nail-biting crime novel about a string of murders. She lives in Philadelphia. I’m very good at writing regularly when my life has structure. And I’m very bad at it when my routine is out o
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I’m So Much BOLDER Now!
Emily, 37, is enjoying a wave of career success, appearing in one box office hit after another. She first made a name for herself as Emily Charlton in The Devil Wears Prada, and the last few years have seen the actress take on more demanding roles in
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‘I’VE LED A LIFE Full Of Adventure’
Maye Musk has travelled the world giving lectures on wellness and anti-ageing practices. She started modelling at 15, and was recently featured on the covers of iconic glossies like Harper’s Bazaar Brasil and Vogue Korea . Her eldest son, Elon, found
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Shower Yourself With Love
* Apply a gritty scrub to damp skin before your bath or shower. Try Kalahari Phyto Body Buff, R252 for 200ml, with exfoliating pumpkin enzyme; cult classic Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow scrub, R1 030 for 490g, with Tahitian monoi oil and frangipa
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Why can’t I LOSE WEIGHT?
Think it’s trickier now to stay slim than it was in your twenties? Sadly, you’re right. But the good news is that you can still turn things around if you discover what’s derailing your diet. “Yes, it’s harder to lose weight after 50,” says nutritioni
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Laura barely had time to pick up her phone before her best friend Bea started talking at her. ‘Have you got it yet?’ ‘What?’ ‘The school reunion invite? Classes 5A, 5B and 5C from our year!’ ‘Oh that. Yes,’ said Laura flatly. ‘I’m not going.’ It was
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New for YOU
Known for beautifully feminine pieces, Poetry’s winter range is all about cosy luxe. Think fabulous knits, reversible puffers, animal-print shirts, and soft-touch teddy coats. Coat, R2 399; jumper, R699; shirt, R699, all 6 to 18 Pandora’s My True C
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An AFFAIR Tore My Life Apart
Harriet*, 50, was married to Mark* for more than 20 years, and they have two teenage children. “I’d been married for 22 years when I discovered my husband had had an affair. He’d been a charming, attentive man when I first met him, aged 22. We were
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The Best Salon Appointments...
* FIRM UP FAT CoolSculpting, from R7 000 for a 60-minute zone-specific fat treatment. A non-surgical fat-reduction technique using controlled cooling to help eliminate stubborn fat. It’s surprisingly comfy, and the cooling of the skin is preferable t
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Your Health
THIS MONTH... Avoiding weight gain during menopause • Generalised anxiety disorder • Mixing alcohol with medication Q For the past six months or so, I’ve been tense, anxious, and on a short fuse, especially with my family. It’s getting worse, and af
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Longing to GETAWAY?
There’s a reason why cell phone signal is limited here – a stay at this lovingly restored farmstead should be enjoyed by exploring the wide-open countryside around you. OLD-WORLD CHARM The delightful Farmhouse sleeps up to six adults and four child
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Who said tailoring had to be boring? Loose, high-waisted trousers are the most versatile and comfortable item you’ll own. Swap classic black for camel, beige, and chocolate brown – staying loyal to just a few colours will make your winter wardrobe wo
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The Counsellor’s View
Relationship expert Susan Quilliam comments on Harriet’s story: Understandably, Harriet felt devastated. Her husband’s confession meant she faced the loss not only of her marriage, but of the fidelity she’d trusted in, too. Was she right to try a
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Radiance Enhancers
The formula A bi-phase serum to pat into the skin when it needs a boost. It's filled with prebiotic-rich, fermented actives to nourish, and natural alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) to help promote skin's radiance. The result Three drops was all my skin nee
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Meet The BAKING Bosses
LAMEEZ ABRAHAMS, 40, lives with her husband Adnaan, 47, and their three kids in Rondebosch. She runs a bakery from her kitchen called Justt Baked, and specialises in cakes and desserts. ✢ THE IDEA I was a stay-at-home mom for many years while Adnaan
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What’s Trending Now...
Slip into comfortable clothes and settle onto your couch, because now is the time get your cultural fix for free. The Globe Theatre is offering free YouTube premieres of its prestigious Shakespeare productions (shakespeares globe.com/watch), allowing
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The Great COVER UP
This classic style is a smart investment and guaranteed to be a favourite in your wardrobe for years to come. Heritage fabrics work well on almost all designs – just invest in a fit that works for your shape. Double-breasted coats balance broad shoul
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The Counsellor’s View
Susan Quilliam comments on Anna’s story: Understandably, Anna feels blamed by society. Yet, like her partners, she only wanted love – and unlike them, she wasn’t breaking any vows. Was she naive to expect her first lover to choose her? Yes. Had h
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Could You Repeat That Please?
They may be two of the smallest parts of our bodies – in fact, they each contain the smallest bone in the human skeleton, the stapes, but they’re two of the most important organs. Our ears provide us with one of the crucial five senses – our hearing
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Make yourself HEARD
Helene Vermaak is a director and managing partner of The Human Edge, a company she founded in  1996 with the dream of creating a top development and training consultancy that could implement organisation-wide culture change. Today she works with key
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Stream It...
Our pick of the best shows to watch whenever you want... This acclaimed adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s bestselling novel, The Story of a New Name, follows two Italian women’s turbulent friendship through the years. Stream on Showmax from 27 May St
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