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From pasta to a whole cauliflower (really!) meet the genius slow cooker meals you’ll love Ahhh, there’s nothing like being welcomed home by the delicious aroma from a slow cooker – whether it’s that stew you managed to throw in before your lunchtime
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3 Ways To Tread Lightly
A reusable coffee cup and water bottle. If you’re somewhere without potable H20, a LifeStraw bottle ($62.99, bcf.com.au) filters tap water. A shampoo bar, which doubles as shower gel, so you don’t need to use plastic toiletries. I like the brands Lus
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Making The Invisible Visible
What do Lady Gaga, Halsey and Halle Berry have in common? They – along with an estimated three million Aussies – are grappling with an invisible illness (fibromyalgia, endometriosis and type 1 diabetes respectively, FYI). These conditions can bring l
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What To Consider Before (and After) You Press
Follow In Australia, anyone can call themselves counsellors or psychotherapists, even if they have no training or qualifications. Check they’re registered with the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council. What qualifies that person to make that c
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Love soft beachy waves but can’t be dealing with the hassle of DIY-ing with a tong? Meet Goldwell’s new in-salon service NuWave. A semi-permanent treatment that lasts for up to three months, it uses a three-step process to add texture and movement to
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New Bevvie Trends
It’s not only mixers getting a healthier makeover. No-alcohol spirits like Seedlip, and low alcohol ones, like antioxidant-infused wine Oppil, are becoming a mindful drinking staple. Pimp your cocktail recipe with a range of health-boosting ingredien
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When was the last time you said yes to something, even though the idea filled you with dread? Was it last week, via WhatsApp? Last night over dinner maybe? Or perhaps it was most recent meeting with your boss. Regardless of who’s causing you to acqui
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Next-level Med Tech
Backed by NASA and other pros, these immersive meditation headbands track your brain activity and translate it into calming weather sounds to help you stay focused. They also monitor your results and progress. Choosemuse.com The light of this marvell
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Earth MA MA
Jessica Alba leads the 190 employees of the Honest Company – the nontoxic beauty and home goods brand she founded – from a desk in the middle of Honest’s light-filled, open-concept Los Angeles headquarters. That is, when she isn’t on the road, expand
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On Our Radar
What’s better than a homemade cocktail? One bursting with probiotics. Liven up your after-work drinks with Nexba’s sugar-free kombucha and kefir in flavours like elderflower and lemon. Cheers! Nexba.com This super-cute social trend sees the usual foo
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The Eco Girl’s Travel Guide
Ahh, the sweet memories of fresh coconut water in Thailand or channelling Reese Witherspoon in Wild cramming your backpack for a bush-bash staycation. The global pandemic has made us dream (OK, drool) about our next adventure and, as the world tentat
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Snack Track
Choose your post-workout eats in advance. Why? People who picked their recovery fuel before a sweat sesh were more likely to make a nutritious choice (like fruit) than those who decided after their workout wrapped (they went for a brownie… or nothing
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Pipe Dreams
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DOES IT REALLY WORK? Meditation Apps
To say I spend a lot of time on my phone is like saying I like nut butter. My screen time stats could rival an influencer’s (and I’m known to finish a tub with a spoon). If our relationship was complicated before, it’s even more so now my phone is bo
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Plant-based Power Dishes
SERVES 6 “Warming and simple to make, this is a pantry soup if ever there was one. The sriracha brings some vivaciousness to the whole affair. Look for organic, all-natural sriracha, or a sriracha that’s free of preservatives and unrecognisable ingre
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Morning Routines PRO-ATHLETES Swear By
The winner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles, tennis great Serena Williams takes time to relax before attacking her AM with gusto “My daughter [Olympia, three] wakes me up... That’s my alarm clock! I tend to her straight away, see how she’s doing, and
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The Good Oil Guide
A single-estate oil with good traceability, preferably organic (particularly important for essential oils and grape seed to avoid contamination with pesticides), usually means a higher-quality product. Oils and extracts from plants that survive in ex
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Turns out blocks aren’t just for beginner yogis. They’re a game changer for pros, too, and everyone in between. Yoga teacher Suki Clements places one on either side of her front foot during pyramid pose; tight hamstrings make the mat hard to reach wi
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Does Homemade Mean Healthier?
The time is 11.30pm on a Tuesday and I’m tending to my tofu. Lifting the cheesecloth with the tender loving care usually reserved for puppies and babies; I give it a prod, it wobbles like jelly. It’s been hours, and it should have set by now. Dishear
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Refresh Your Money Mindset
Ever wondered why some of your mates spend their evenings scrolling finance groups on Facebook while others claim they’re just “bad with money”? Newsflash: being “bad” or “good” with money is a misconception. “It’s the most important thing I want wom
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The Magic Of Rituals
Creating rituals around everyday activities may help to ease loneliness by adding more meaning to our day, according to a new study by the University of California – Riverside. So, what better reason to prioritise your morning run, favourite coffee m
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The Ultimate Body Weight Challenge
Do each week’s workout three times, ideally on nonconsecutive days. Choose one of two ways: Do three sets of each exercise (either the prescribed number of reps or for time), with 30 seconds of rest between moves. Then continue on to the next move. P
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Break Up With Your Timeline
…plus small steps that move you toward them, then review the list quarterly. Are you procrastinating? (Why?) Did a life event halt your progress? (Fair!) Forgive yourself if things aren’t perfect, then pivot away! Social media can make you feel less-
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Sex Education
Not too long ago, the words “sex therapy” were as much of a turn-off as the bedroom issues the sessions sought to resolve. Then Gwyneth Paltrow got a sex therapist and all of a sudden seeing one became less an admission of failure and more a proactiv
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Pick Your Oil
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Meet Your Energy Thieves
Turning up late for a morning Zoom because you’ve moved at the pace of a geriatric snail since waking; eating what’s at the back of the fridge in your PJs because you can’t be bothered to get dressed and go to buy lunch; yawning as your best friend a
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So Thrilled for You!
As I said the words “I’m so happy for you”, they tasted bad in my mouth. My throat was tightening as if I was about to cry, and I felt light-headed. What was happening to me? My friend had landed her dream job, and it should have been good news. It w
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Your Best Run Ever
You might think that to become a better runner, you just need to keep running – the more kilometres the better, right? But not according to epic NYC-based running coach and Peloton trainer Robin Arzón. “Mileage is only one part of the equation,” she
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Nothin’ wrong with sleeping in your partner’s old T-shirt. In fact, you may snooze better when you’re wrapped in the scent of a loved one, according to research from the University of British Columbia. For the 2020 study, more than 150 people made a
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