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Prep Your Protein Like a Pro
Runners can’t thrive on carbs alone. Protein helps build and preserve lean body mass (a key factor in injury prevention and nailing PRs), reduces runinduced muscle damage, and supports your immune system. The supermarket is full of protein choices—an
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Meet the Coaches
Director of track & field and cross-country University of Washington Cross-country head coach Grand Canyon University Cross-country head coach Amherst College Cross-country head coach & track & field assistant distance coach University of Illinois Tr
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Step Up Your Game
What does it take to reach the highest levels of collegiate competition? Genetic gifts and lots of training miles may help—but much more goes into leading talented athletes to optimal performances. Gett ing it right involves a focus on everything fro
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Why Runners Need Pull-Ups
As a smart runner who wants to ward off injuries, you (hopefully) already have a regular core and lower-body strength routine. But it turns out that sculpting your lats as well as your shoulders and arms is equally important. “When those muscles are
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The Power of Now
THE SATURDAY OF MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND I woke up promptly at 5 a.m. My daypack was loaded and my gas tank was filled. I was desperately looking forward to a long, solo day hike near my home in Boulder—a much-needed reset after a few chaotic, cooped-up
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Beyond the Stopwatch: How to Set New Running Goals
Injuries. Illness. Career responsibilities. Family matters. A pandemic. A lot can unexpectedly take us away from our hopes and dreams. Sometimes setting sights on new personal records or winning our age divisions in the local 5K or big city marathon
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Women’s Running
Editor-in-Chief Jen Ator Managing Editor Jessica Campbell-Salley Senior Writer Erin Strout Associate Editor Malissa Rodenburg Art Director Heidi Carcella Senior Designer Thomas Erny Photography Director Brad Kaminski Photography Editor Hannah DeWitt
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Stop Doing It All
Bake sourdough bread, then banana bread. Do the push-up challenge. Start gardening or podcasting. Learn a new language. All while doing your job (or looking for a job), raising your children, and staying (virtually) in touch over endless Zoom calls.
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SCIENCE SAYS: Hill Reps Make You Faster
Hill repeats have been a workout staple for runners for decades, but only now has academic research proven that they’re really worth the burn. Ethiopian researchers investigated the effect of hill training on the performance and physiological fitness
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Summer Slides
Not just chic, Birks’ comfortable footbed is the real reason they are a summer classic. The firm cork is stable, absorbs shock, and conforms to your foot, making them more comfortable the more you wear them. $220, birkenstock.com The footbed uses foa
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Dog Days of Summer Are Here
Originally bred to aid hunters, this group includes spaniels, pointers, retrievers, and sett ers. Exercise: 70-135 minutes per day A branch off of the working group, herders were bred to manage livestock. Collies, catt le dogs, and shepherds are the
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The Confidence Effect
ELVINA SCOTT Four years ago, Elvina Scott finally pressed pause. For 10 years, she and her husband cared for their daughter Colby while both working full-time. Colby was born with multiple disabilities. At six months old, Colby started having severe
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Run-Worthy Sun Protection
If it’s not your mother’s voice in the back of your head telling you to put on sunscreen when you step out into the sun, let it be ours—or the American record holder in the marathon, Deena Kastor’s. “I think it’s important to take these measures: Hav
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You Don’t Know Shelby Houlihan
IT’S MID-APRIL. THE YEAR IS 2020. And like most people around the world, Shelby Houlihan is trying to make sense of life during a pandemic. And like thousands of other Americans, she’s sitt ing on her bed during the afternoon, talking about it on Zoo
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Season 5 of TRAINED
Nobody trains for a pandemic. When the novel coronavirus shut down most of the country, even the most elite and renowned experts were forced to stop and figure out a new way of living. During the most recent season of the TRAINED podcast, Ryan Flaher
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One Step At A Time
Running is one of the most accessible fitness options available. All you need are a good pair of shoes, some fortitude, and a road, trail, track, or treadmill. But if beginners want to stick to it (and ultimately enjoy it), running also requires pati
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A New Kind Of Race
We’re thankful for the running brands that stepped up during COVID-19. Here’s a glance at the major impact they made, from donating to important causes and supporting frontline workers to shifting their production to make face masks and other persona
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New Runner Questions, Answered
WHAT EQUIPMENT DO I NEED? If you want to make an up-front investment in any piece of gear, we recommend going to your local running shop and gett ing fitt ed for a pair of shoes that match your biomechanics, the terrain you’re most likely to run on,
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Food Fight?
According to the most recent national guidelines, we should get most of our nutrients from the food we eat. Yet a dietary assessment by the Department of Health and Human Services and the USDA shows that most Americans fall short of the recommended i
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Workout Key
CROSS-TRAINING: Pick another activity that you enjoy, whether a brisk walk, cycling, swimming, hiking, yoga, tennis, a strength-training class—just something you enjoy and gets your heart rate up a bit. REST DAY: These are as important as training da
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Power Up Your Partner
“Some dogs are just not going to be good runners unless you really start out slow, like hiking and long walks,” says Dr. Marks. Just like you wouldn’t expect your friend who doesn’t run to join you for 6 miles right out the gate, your dog won’t be re
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Six Weeks To Steady Running
SO YOU WANT TO RUN? Congratulations on making a commitment to trying an activity that is as challenging as it is fulfilling. It takes courage to begin and a lot of patience to see it through, but if you are consistent in the gradual buildup of minute
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Brittany Charboneau
It’s something she works toward daily: not letting even the COVID-19 pandemic slow down her rigid routine. She starts every morning with a cup of coffee and a thought-provoking book, followed by a run. Her afternoons are spent checking in with the ru
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Parting Shot
Allyson Felix passes the baton to English Gardner during the Women’s 4 x 100-meter Relay at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Dreams may be on hold for now, but they won’t be forever—and the women of Team USA will be ready when that time comes. ■
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In The Spirit Of Recovery
After a hard run, there’s nothing more satisfying than kicking back with a cold beverage. And in the summer, post-run drinks are not just enjoyable, they’re crucial. “Our joints are made up of about 70 to 80 percent water, so lack of hydration can ca
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Get More From Your Meals
• Get more folate by chopping or mincing your dark, leafy greens. (It breaks down the rigid tissue structure that holds folate.) • Iron from vegetables is not as easily absorbed as iron from meat. Adult women need approximately 18 milligrams of iron
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Slice it Right
How much do we love the prickly fruit? Oh, let us count the ways. Here are 11 of our favorite sweet and savory ways to eat pineapple. 1 Throw it in a smoothie, blend it with ice, banana, and plain greek yogurt or coconut milk 2 Add it to a salsa reci
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The Shadows Tainting Our Self-portraits
Early experiences form the bedrock of your body image. However, your self-perception continues to evolve over time, and even shifts in different contexts, says Riley Nickols, Ph.D., a sport psychologist and eating-disorders specialist who heads up th
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Get Fit Your Own Way
I may be an Olympic middle-distance runner, but I wasn’t born with a passion for running. What I did have right from the start was passion to move, to push myself, to feel the adrenaline. I always enjoyed being able to take on a challenge, and figure
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Identifying The Issue
□ Frequently body-check—evaluating yourself in every nearby reflective surface, or have a certain item of clothing you continually try on to see whether it fits □ Avoid certain situations, such as group runs or dates, because of the way you feel abou
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