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The Human Skeleton
OUR bodies contain wondrous networks of various systems that work together so we can function. One of these systems is the skeleton, which protects important organs and enables us to move. Let’s find out more. All animals that have skeletons are call
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The Marksman
Action thriller. With Liam Neeson, Katheryn Winnick and Juan Pablo Raba. Director: Robert Lorenz. 13V. All retired US marine Jim Hanson (Neeson) wants is to be left alone on his isolated ranch near the border between Mexico and Arizona in the US. B
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The Department’s Plans For 2021
■ For 2021, the department of basic education is developing teaching plans that will address teaching overload. The annual teaching plans released to schools will cover fundamental and core topics, and unnecessary content will be removed. Learning lo
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Your Stars
With the Sun settling into your sign this week, you have a birthday coming up shortly even though you may not be in the mood for celebrations. An undercurrent between yourself and your spouse or partner seems to be a source of bother, but rest assure
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Women Of The White House
“A WOMAN’S public role is to sit beside her husband, be silent and be sure her hat is on straight,” former US first lady Bess Truman once said. But there was another side to Bess, wife of Harry S Truman. Behind the scenes she was nicknamed The Boss a
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KJ Apa
Director Michael Bay imagines 2020 on steroids with this thriller set in a world left in ruin by the Covid-23 virus. In an utterly deserted landscape, Americans live in chaos as the virus has completely changed society. Those who are infected are sep
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EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Charlene Rolls DEPUTY EDITOR Nicola Whitfield ASSISTANT EDITORS Wendy Stelzmann, Jane Vorster, Sandy Cook CREATIVE DIRECTOR Anton Sassenberg NEWS EDITOR Shanaaz Prince ( CONTENT EDITORS Dennis Cavernelis, Lavern
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HOW often have you tackled the challenge of learning something new as an adult? I was thinking about things I’ve tried in recent years as I read the feature on page 86 in which author Tom Vanderbilt speaks about being an adult learner. Learning how t
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‘I Do’ In The Promised Land
WHAT do you do when a pandemic comes along and ruins your wedding plans? You make a plan B – and if you’re Kirby Bum-pus, that means holding your nuptials at the home of one of most famous people on the planet. That name – Kirby Bumpus – probably won
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Good News
The first consignment of vaccines against the coronavirus arrived in SA early this month. It was the first batch of a total of 1,5 million doses the government has bought from India. This particular vaccine was developed by the pharmaceutical company
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This Week In History
This month marks three years since former president Jacob Zuma resigned from his position. His resignation came after police raided the compound of the notorious Gupta brothers. The Guptas, all wealthy businessmen, stand accused of having been involv
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TV Movies: Thurs 18 – Wed 24 February
■ DRAGON BLADE ★★★ 2015, 127 min, 16V,, 00:00. Action adventure. The Chinese commander of a fortress on the Silk Road agrees to help the younger brother and rival of the Roman emperor as well as the general protecting him from the emperor’s purs
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There Is Light For Us Again
FOR months following that tragic day they cried themselves to sleep every night, tortured by the loss of their two beautiful boys. But even in their darkest hours they’d try to comfort each other, telling themselves there would be light in their live
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What To Read?
Precious Ramotswe and Grace Makutsi are back for another round of cases to solve at The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. For starters, part-time detective Charlie borrows Mme Ramotswe’s little white van for a mysterious errand, returning it with an odd
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The Covid-19 Alcohol Ban
ON 1 February President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the sale of alcohol would be allowed again. Alcohol sales had been banned since 28 December, when the president announced stricter measures to control the spread of Covid-19. The purpose of the b
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It’s Going To Be Okay!
NEW pencil cases full of perfectly sharpened pencils, shiny new books and the prospect of seeing their schoolmates – it’s all quite exciting. But heading back to school in the middle of a deadly pandemic can also be a scary experience for our kids. T
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Scene And Heard
A match made in fashion heaven! Although these celebrities were caught wearing the same outfits, they certainly rocked their own vibes Despite a difficult 2020 and the Covid pandemic not nearly being a thing of the past, actress and comedian TUMI M
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Pic Of The Week
Americans in Denver, Colorado, queue in their cars to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The state of Colorado planned to vaccinate about 10 000 people over the age of 70 at this one event. ■
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Fast Facts
■ KJ Apa’s other passion is music – he started playing the guitar at 11 and spent his free time in high school performing with reggae and jazz bands. Some of his favourite bands include the Eagles, The Smashing Pumpkins and Eddie Van Halen. ■ The act
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Petal Power
A great alternative to putting all your flowers in one vase is spreading the bunch across several vases or glass jars. Here we used a mix of secondhand glass bottles and new vases to display pennygum, chelone, chrysanthemum green button and white lac
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Wax Lyrical
IT MIGHT be a daunting prospect, especially on tender spots such as the bikini area, but waxing gives amazing results. Yet, as a beginner, you might be anxious about doing it for the first time. There are various hair removal options such as shaving
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Who Knew?
CAROLE shuddered. Another atrocious blind date. She wasn’t asking for much. But a man who tried to impress her by burping out the alphabet after a few beers was not on her list of top 10 favourite evenings. Atrocious indeed. Carole let out a frustrat
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Missing London By Any Chance, Harry?
THE DUKE OF SUSSEX was spotted out in sunny LA, on a double decker bus with The Late Late Show host JAMES CORDEN and his camera crew. “They taped a Covid-appropriate segment of Carpool Karaoke on the double decker,” a source told People magazine. “Th
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HOW TO SAY IT: kow-uh-li-shn A coalition is a government made up of representatives from two or more political parties. A coalition usually forms when none of the parties are able to get a majority vote. Parties then decide to work together so their
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Did You Know?
There are true ribs, false ribs and floating ribs. The first seven pairs are true ribs (vertebrosternal) and are directly attached to the sternum with cartilage. Rib pairs 8-10 are called false ribs (vertebrochondral) and aren’t directly attached to
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LOOKING BACK The British singer – who’s been on a musical break since 2017 after a strenuous tour and vocal cord damage – sent fans wild when she posted a throwback snap of her 21 album on Instagram to celebrate its 10-year anniversary last month. “W
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Ask Dr Louise
Q My husband and I are about to get divorced. He doesn’t really want to get divorced as he says he really loves me but he also has a mistress. He says our sex-life was never very good and he’s trying to persuade me to allow him to keep his mistress w
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Marilyn Manson Named And Shamed
“Horrible distortions of reality” – that’s how shock rocker MARILYN MANSON dismissed the jaw-dropping sexual, emotional and physical abuse allegations that have been levelled against him recently. Following an Instagram post from his ex-fiancée, West
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So Why Wax?
■ Your hair takes longer to grow out, meaning you can enjoy the results for a while before you worry about regrowth. ■ When your hair does grow out again, it’s finer and sparser, meaning less pain next time you wax. ■ Waxing minimises irritations on
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Are You Making These Covid Mistakes?
WHAT a roller coaster our vaccine roll-out process is turning out to be. Then it’s on, then it’s off, then it’s – well, who knows what it will be as more studies are done in the next few weeks to determine how effective vaccines are against the mutat
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