NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 4 minsPsychology
Keep Calm And Lead On
Uncertainty affects us all, particularly business leaders. You’re having to deal with the personal ramifications of ongoing uncertainty for yourself and your family, as well as the workplace responsibilities of keeping the business afloat and support
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 3 minsCrime & Violence
Recruitment, Reference Checks Made Easier
When recruiting for a role, you want the right person for the job. In doing so, you are likely to go through several interviews, various investigations including a Google search, a reference check, testing for competence and psychological testing. Th
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Leveraging (and Loving) That Village Vibe
It has a butcher, a baker, it even has a candlestick maker – all deemed essential services and therefore able to operate during the Covid lockdowns – and it’s one of a number of reasons why Auckland’s Birkenhead Village, aka the Highbury Shopping Cen
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 1 mins
Bricks And Mortar Still Rules: Research
Despite the spike in online shopping caused by Covid-19, Kiwis still prefer to shop in bricks and mortar stores, according to research by consumer intelligence platform Toluna. However, the rise of virtual shopping experiences – such as augmented rea
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 2 minsTechnology & Engineering
Sweet 17 Reminiscing
Where does time go? As I sit down to write this note it dawns on me that I’ve had the pleasure of editing this magazine for 17 years. It sounds, and feels, like a lifetime and gives me reason to pause and contemplate the many business success stories
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 2 minsSecurity
Global Cybersecurity Guide For Directors
Cybersecurity failure is a “clear and present danger” and critical global threat, yet responses from board directors have been fragmented, risks not fully understood and collaboration between industries limited, according to the World Economic Forum.
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 3 minsLeadership
What To Do If You Manage A Bad Boss
The root cause of challenging workplace dynamics is usually not down to one person or one incident; everyone plays a part. None more so than the senior leader, who sets the standard by what they accept and address. The Great Places to Work Institute
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 3 minsPsychology
‘What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There’ Moments
I’ve been thinking about change and how as human beings some of us thrill to it and others don’t. Some find it energising. Others find it exhausting. Some like to write new scripts for, and in, our work lives. Others are dubious about the desirabilit
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Customer Retention And Growing Your Customer Base
Growing your customer base is vital to the success of your business, and with everything the country has gone through over the past 12 months with the global pandemic, it’s also important to maintain the relationships you already have with your exist
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 3 mins
4 Day Week Becoming A Reality Around The Globe
Just a few months ago, the 4 Day Week was at a global tipping point, exciting but still largely theoretical; now, it’s a reality, with announcements from Spain that the government is supporting a nationwide trial of a 4 Day Week. Under the terms of t
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 5 minsPsychology
Burned Out? You Are Not Alone
In her new book Beyond Burnout: A New Zealand Guide. How to spot it, stop it and stamp it out (Random House New Zealand) Nelson-based author and leadership coach, Suzi McAlpine cites a 2018 Gallup study of nearly 7,500 full-time employees internation
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How To Avoid Burnout
Aasha Foley sees the law as a way to help people achieve their goals. Known for her ability to identify opportunities and anticipate outcomes, Aasha is an insightful, precise and pragmatic advisor. It’s this passion and drive that has seen her become
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 5 mins
Why Internal Theming Works In Sport (and In Business)
Internal theming has always been an important part of the Crusaders’ approach, writes author Matt McIlraith. The creation of a unifying theme at the start of each campaign, which reinforces the collective sense of purpose, and acts as a reference p
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Boh’s 8 Business Lessons
1. Understand what you want from your business. You don’t always clock off at 5.30 and it will consume a massive portion of your life. Ask yourself – are you in business for love or money? Hopefully you’ll make money from something you love doing. 2
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 4 minsTelecommunications
Which Mobile Phone Is Right For You?
For many people, a mobile phone is the computer they spend the most time with. That makes sense, phones don’t do everything well but they are handy, and up to a point they are easy to use. Best of all, as the name suggests, they are mobile. You can t
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 3 minsPsychology
How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Salespeople
Have you ever experienced a bad hire? A person who doesn’t fit your culture or reach the performance standards you expected? This happens time and again, especially with salespeople and often it is not the new hire’s fault. More often than not, the b
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 3 mins
Try Local Bolsters Tourism And Hospo Industry
It was a business idea hatched during a family holiday. Try Local is an online marketing platform created by Rebekah Carter to encourage Kiwis to ‘support local’ and assist New Zealand’s hard-hit tourism and hospitality industries. “I launched the pl
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 2 mins
Student Job Search: New Zealand’s Award-winning, Free Employment Service
A household name for many, Student Job Search traces its history back to 1982 – starting out with paper job ads pinned to humble cork boards, adorning the walls of university halls, student unions and lecture theatres across the country. Fast forward
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 4 mins
Time To Thrive
When Rachel Adams dropped out of high school in 2004 at the tender age of 14, the ‘café culture’ had yet to fully emerge in the cities, let alone reach smaller rural communities such as her home town of Waipawa in central Hawke’s Bay. So Rachel and o
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 2 minsPsychology
Help Your Teams Bounce Forward Fast
It has been a long and uncertain year for all of us. As a leader you may be asking two questions. First, how best to support your people? Second, how to encourage them to bounce forward fast and reengage effectively in uncertainty? With a plethora of
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 2 minsSmall Business & Entrepreneurs
One Business That’s Set To Fly
Electric Air founder Gary Freedman managed to weather the storm of a global pandemic in 2020. “We’ve gone from a social enterprise start-up to a well-known, trading entity. It was a big year,” he reflects. Freedman is tapping into the environmental a
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 1 mins
A Tale Of Three Districts
Known for stunning landscapes and enterprising businesses, the South Island’s West Coast districts have been impacted differently by the Covid-19 pandemic. The resilience of business owners in Westland District’s ‘Glacier Country’ in particular has b
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 2 minsPolitics
Leading From The Front
Over the last few months, I have seen some great examples of senior managers leading from the front in terms of their company’s diversity initiatives, rather than just ensuring that relevant boxes are ticked or leaving things to HR or a diversity rep
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 4 mins
Supplementary Orders
He’s young, gifted, has that entrepreneurial gene, and he’s on a mission to change New Zealand’s health-supplement industry. Kōrure CEO and founder Ron Park moved to Christchurch with his parents from South Korea when he was just nine years old, and
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 4 minsPsychology
Rethinking Employee Wellbeing In 2021
Amid the uncertainty of 2020, more and more businesses were asking our Umbrella team how they could help their people. And, even now that the most immediate consequences of the pandemic have mostly abated, the changing landscape of our working (and p
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 1 mins
A New Approach
There’s no denying that the pandemic has affected how people interact, says Cheryl Adamson, GM of the Parnell Business Association. “This will have an impact on the way we approach space, work and the workplace. “Covid-19 has accelerated what may hav
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Leaders Confident Of Firms’ Resilience
Despite the challenges of 2020, business leaders’ confidence in the resilience of their organisations has risen, according to BSI’s (Britain’s national standards body) fourth annual Organisational Resilience Index report, which surveyed 500 senior le
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 1 minsComputers
The Social App Helping Small Businesses Thrive
With New Zealand better placed than anywhere else in the world for face-to-face interaction – the founders of Go, a new social app, recently opted for Auckland to begin its global roll-out. The app set its sights on empowering small businesses, parti
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 1 mins
In A Spirit Of Generosity
The leaders who contribute to our magazine are unfailingly generous with sharing their often hard-won knowledge, whether it be through interviews, contributed articles or replying to a myriad of questions we put to them. And this issue we are lucky e
NZBusiness and ManagementLeitura de 2 minsPolitics
Construction Workforce
The Construction Sector Accord is partnering with Diversity Works New Zealand, the national body for workplace diversity and inclusion, to build a sustainable workforce for the construction sector. Accord Director Dean Kimpton says, in a statement, t
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