Dumbo FeatherLeitura de 4 minsPsychology
The Restorative Function of Dreams
A dream is first an encounter, a new experience, a range of imagery. Our dreams bring us beauty, surprise, strange happenings and sometimes terror. The dark forests of the night hold wise babies and strange old ladies, birds without beaks and winding
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In the Mind’s Ear
Virginia Woolf was on the money when she said a woman needs 500 pounds a year and “a room of one’s own” in order to write. I absolutely cannot write music with rabid wolves at the door, nor with jackhammers, committees or children in the interior. Th
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Sarah Wilson Goes To The Edge
SUBJECT Sarah Wilson OCCUPATION Journalist, TV presenter and author INTERVIEWER Berry Liberman PHOTOGRAPHER Rob Palmer LOCATION Sydney, Australia DATE October, 2020 A few months ago, in the middle of particularly dark times on the Internet, a friend
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Rhonda V. Magee Transforms Injustice
SUBJECT Rhonda V. Magee OCCUPATION Law professor and mindfulness teacher INTERVIEWER Lydia Fairhall PHOTOGRAPHER Supplied LOCATION San Francisco, US DATE October, 2020 Lately I have felt a deep calling in my waters; like the moon and its relationshi
Dumbo FeatherLeitura de 8 minsPsychology
The Nectar of Rest
When I think about rest, my breath slows and my nervous system settles. I feel my belly relax and the edges of my eyes soften. Something deep inside of me becomes heavier and more grounded. Internally, there is a realignment from wherever I have been
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Looking In
Sometimes called the “wandering nerve” because of the way it meanders through the body, the vagus nerve is a cranial nerve that begins in the brainstem and winds its way through the face, ears, back of throat, muscles around the heart and digestive t
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Zenith Virago Is A Deathwalker
SUBJECT Zenith Virago OCCUPATION Marriage celebrant, deathwalker and facilitator INTERVIEWER Nathan Scolaro PHOTOGRAPHER Paul Bamford LOCATION Byron Bay, Australia DATE October, 2020 There’s a quote by the writer Anaïs Nin that seems to make time st
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Temuera Hall Invests In Connection
SUBJECT Temuera Hall OCCUPATION Funds manager INTERVIEWER Erin Castellas PHOTOGRAPHER Lottie Hedley LOCATION Takapuna, New Zealand DATE October, 2020 I met Temeura Hall about a year and a half ago on a trip to New Zealand. He opened a meeting as a M
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Lucy Peach Is A Period Queen
SUBJECT Lucy Peach OCCUPATION Folk singer and writer INTERVIEWER Berry Liberman PHOTOGRAPHER Liz Looker LOCATION Fremantle, Australia DATE July, 2020 I’m embarrassed. I’ll say it up front. I didn’t know that I needed to have a conversation about my
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The Cycles that Sustain Us
The notion that time happens in a linear way, from past to present to future, is relatively new in human thought, and is most common in western cultures, where time is also seen as measurable, usually in dollars. In industrialised societies, time is
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Daring To Be Still
In 1975, I was invited to accompany a film crew on an expedition to Ladakh – a remote and ancient kingdom on the Western edge of the Tibetan Plateau that had only just been opened up to the outside world. Crossing over the mighty Himalayas, we arrive
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Dumbo Feather
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Nothing Left Unsaid
In the closing monologue of the 1970 film I Never Sang for My Father, the lead character said, “Death ends a life, but it does not end a relationship.” Those who have lost an important person in their lives know well the simple truth of that statemen
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Dear reader, I’m often gobsmacked by how much my thinking has been shaped by the culture our dominant systems impose. While working on this issue, I’ve been unpacking my own (largely unconscious) relationship with rest, and realising how dismissive I
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Minding My Mothers
The living world moves in pulses. Gusts of wind are punctuated by relative stillness. Musical notes resonate within the padding of silence. Rest and motion require one another for balance, beauty and life. Yet somehow we’ve built a culture that deman
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We Need a Break
I often imagined him wearied from the act, beads of sweat embroidering his forehead, average-Joe sleeves rolled into blue collar folds just above his forearms, his knees weak and awkward, a gentle sigh filtering through his white flowing beard. I can
Dumbo FeatherLeitura de 3 minsBiology
Cycles of Growth & Rest
The seed of a deciduous tree falls from the branch of its mother. Destined, like her mother, to become a female tree, she lands and rests upon the earth. Depending on seed and circumstance, she might rest there for years. If and when conditions are f
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Jess Scully Is A Leader With Vision
SUBJECT Jess Scully OCCUPATION Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney LOCATION Sydney, Australia DATE July, 2020 Jess Scully is the embodiment of hope. Every time we connect, the conversation expands immediately into a bold, audacious vision of what more we c
Dumbo FeatherLeitura de 20 minsBody, Mind, & Spirit
Bayo Akomolafe Seeks Bewilderment
SUBJECT Bayo Akomolafe OCCUPATION Poet, philosopher, psychologist LOCATION Chennai, India DATE July, 2020 In the space of a few weeks, four unrelated people sent me interviews and writings by Bayo Akomolafe, all with a subject line that went someth
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The Great Pivot
This is a time of enormous change. We can no longer deny the impact we are having on our shared home, and how lacking many of the systems we live in actually are when it comes to what matters most. We’ve been reminded of the incredible restorative po
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The Million Jobs Plan
At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in Australia, a powerful and committed group of people came together to create solutions for one of the biggest economic shocks in the country’s history. What they identified was 1.8 million jobs in clean
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Sally Lewry Dances With Grief
SUBJECT Sally Lewry OCCUPATION Celebrant and artist LOCATION Melbourne, Australia DATE July, 2020 I met Sally Lewry on the eve of the coronavirus outbreak in Australia in early March – back when we were freely sitting in cafés and bumping into each
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Ella Noah Bancroft Returns To Wholeness
SUBJECT Ella Noah Bancroft OCCUPATION Artist and director LOCATION Northern Rivers, Australia DATE July, 2020 Four times a year, in line with the seasons, Ella Noah Bancroft hosts a gathering of women in the hills of Bundjalung country, just inland
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Roman Krznaric Is A Good Ancestor
SUBJECT Roman Krznaric OCCUPATION Author, public philosopher LOCATION Oxford, UK DATE July, 2020 I have a tattoo on the inside on my left wrist that is so small the tattoo artist apologised for charging me at all. “There’s a minimum price, ay,” he
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Good Ancestor Conversations
What have been your most profound experiences of deep time, and how did they affect you? What, for you, are the most powerful reasons for caring about future generations? What legacy do you want to leave your family, your community and for the livi
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Dumbo Feather
PUBLISHER & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Berry Liberman EDITOR Nathan Scolaro ART DIRECTOR James Rewell MARKETING MANAGER Jasmin Daly COMMUNITY & OPERATIONS COORDINATOR Miranda Campbell CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Willow Berzin, Jess de Campo, Sarah Darmody, Lydia Fair
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A Moment to Dream
For those who have had the space and inner resources, this year has provided fertile soil to contemplate the world we have created and imagine one we want to live into in the future. In June, we ran two workshops through Small Giants Academy which to
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Dear friend, When we set out to make this issue on all that has risen to the surface in 2020, it wasn’t clear exactly what to say. As I write this, immersed in the incredible reflections and learnings from this year that fill these pages, I am even l
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Fortunate Errors
True story. David Foster, one of the world’s most successful music producers and winner of 16 Grammy awards, had been working late into the night with singer Michael Bolton in a Hollywood studio. It was 2am when they finally left, and Foster headed h
Dumbo FeatherLeitura de 3 minsDiscrimination & Race Relations
Our Commitment to Indigenous Australia
At Small Giants Academy, the organisation Dumbo Feather belongs to, our work is to lead our communities towards empathy and the Next Economy – one that supports human flourishing while living in harmony with the natural world. We understand that as w
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