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PC Powerplay
EDITOR David Hollingworth david.hollingworth@futurenet.com CREATIVE DIRECTOR Troy Coleman troy.coleman@futurenet.com FREELANCE DESIGNER Glen Downey All copyrights and trademarks are recognised and respected Group Advertising Manager: Cameron Ferris c
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Final Fantasy Xiv: Shadowbringers
Steven: I’m just going to go ahead and say it: Final Fantasy XIV is the best Final Fantasy game ever made. Though it’s an MMO, Square Enix has stuffed it full of the endearing characters and exciting fantasy worlds you’d find in any of the single-pla
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Ready to Build
Our preparation time is going to be a little more detailed this time around. All the usual rules apply: Make sure you’ve got a nice open surface to build on, a small bowl or other container to keep loose screws in, and all the tools you’re going to r
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Dram Breakthrough Puts Us One Step Closer To Instant-on Pcs
After all these years, we are still not at the point where our PCs turn on instantaneously, or restore an active session in Windows. Waking from sleep or hibernation can take anywhere from a short while to what feels like an eternity, depending on th
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What The Golf?
Chris: Laughter is often the result of surprise, and there are few games quite as surprising as What the Golf? Each of its holes has three stages, and each stage gives developer Triband another chance to catch you out. That structure itself is a surp
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Windows Made Fresh
So, you use Windows. You’re in a slowly shrinking but still three-quarters majority, so it’s not a surprise: Windows users are ubiquitous. Almost as ubiquitous as people complaining about Windows, because that group extends to macOS and Linux users,
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Amd S 5600 Xt May Launch With Faster Clocks To Counter Rtx 2060 Price Cut
In case you missed it, Nvidia officially slashed the price of its GeForce RTX 2060 Founders Edition to US$299 last month in an obvious attempt to steal some thunder from AMD’s upcoming Radeon RX 5600 XT launch. Now, rumor has it AMD is pushing out a
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Total War: Three Kingdoms
Wes: I’m 30 hours into a Three Kingdoms co-op campaign where I’m conquering all of southern China as Sun Jian. Meanwhile, my friend and neighbour Yuan Shu has had to become a vassal, then join an alliance, just to stop Cao Cao from trampling him. I k
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Multibooting Windows 10
One of the factors that contributes to our pessimism surrounding reinstalling Windows is that we desperately don’t want you to lose anything. We’re kind like that. But there is another, slightly frivolous way to do a reinstallation if you’ve got work
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Cherry Is Building A Cheaper Mechanical Key Switch For The Value Market
Cherry is a major player in the key switch market, with its MX variants (Blue, Red, Brown, Black, Speed, and so forth) found on many of the best gaming keyboards, like the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum and HyperX Alloy Elite RGB. Technically, keyboards bu
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Slay The Spire
Evan: Walking in the footsteps of other PCPP GOTYs of yore (Into the Breach, FTL, Spelunky) Slay the Spire is a series of difficult, pleasant epiphanies that you acquire through failure. Oh, relics might be more important than cards. And huh, maybe r
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Building Better Backups
Reinstalling is, or should be, a last resort – and if you ever come to the point where you absolutely have to reinstall Windows and don’t have copies of your files, it might be too late. A hardware failure, a cryptographic malware attack, whatever th
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Gear Of The Year
Over the next six pages, you’ll find the best gear to have been released this year. The hardware, systems, and components that stand out as the best options around. If you’re looking to treat yourself, this makes for a great wishlist of where to drop
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Red Dead Redemption 2
Chris: It’s not just the breadth and beauty of the world Rockstar built but the amount of things to do in that world and the lack of real pressure to do any of them until you’re ready. RDR2 doesn’t have the desperate insecurity of a Ubisoft world whe
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Go Virtual Instead
We’re at the point in the PC’s evolution where the overheads of virtualisation are proportionately so small, and the technology enabling it so plentiful, that running an everyday OS in a virtual machine is entirely reasonable. You obviously won’t get
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Sea Of Thieves
Chris: No matter what kind of pirate you are, Rare added something to Sea of Thieves for you this year. Fishing is the perfect activity for solo players with a nice array of fish that can only be caught in certain parts of the world and sometimes onl
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Andy Kelly
After releasing thrilling horror anthology Stories Untold, indie studio No Code upped the ante with this atmospheric sci-fi thriller. Set aboard an intricately realised space station, Observation sees you playing as an AI that has somehow become sent
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LENGTH OF TIME: 2-3 HOURS LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: EASY Nvidia’s “Super” variants of the GeForce RTX range have proved divisive, with some loving the improved performance sans price increase, while others disparage the modest performance gains. For our
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Evan Lahti
This co-op shooter resurrected something that I thought the internet had killed: trading game secrets and tall tales with your friends. It rolls a semi-unique world for each player – it took me a dozen tries to kill the tree dragon, but my buddy foug
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Steven Messner
Metro Exodus is haunting and the atmosphere of its various open world zones is superb. The shooting is still a bit clunky, the stealth downright sucks and the story isn’t great, but few games so vividly imagine life after a nuclear apocalypse. Tradin
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Modern History
A few months before the start of this decade, a game called League of Legends entered open beta. Back then, it was impossible to know the extent of the phenomenon it would become – ten years on, Riot’s debut game is played by 8 million players every
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James Davenport
A 900 Christ Air to Darkslide in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is easier to pull off than a kickflip to noseslide on a low curb in Early Access skater Session. Its control scheme matches a foot to each stick for the most realistic board manipulation yet. Sm
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Apex Legends
Evan: A year in, it’s the athleticism of Apex Legends that elevates it above its FPS and battle royale peers. Apex contains a decathlon worth of verbs: crouch-slides, dropship nosedives, trampoline leaps, zipline ambushes. These moves aren’t gimmicks
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Hall Of Fame
RELEASED JULY 25, 2017 | DEVELOPER EPIC | PUBLISHER IN-HOUSE James: Who said it? Who at Epic Games – during whatever meeting about the questionable outlook of its cooperative base building game finally entering early access after nearly seven years
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Resident Evil 2
Wes: This is just primo grade-A videogame, right here. Capcom updated a classic, tightly designed game with smooth modern action and managed to retain the low-level anxiety and occasional bursts of terror that early Resident Evil excelled at. As the
PC PowerplayLeitura de 2 minsAstronomy & Space Sciences
Outer Wilds
Rachel: I’ve put my janky little wooden spaceship through hell in Outer Wilds. Crashing into planets, plummeting into black holes, botching up landings, and spinning wildly through the void is all part of the joyful experience of exploration. I’ve lo
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Access All Areas
The first game I ever bought from Steam Early Access was a survival sandbox called Under the Ocean. I played it, enjoyed it and tried out new alphas as they were released over the next few months. As time passed, the game’s scope grew, devblogs and r
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Untitled Goose Game
Chris: There’s a weird pleasure to playing a bad guy in games, but it’s often coupled with a bit of guilt over the terrible things you do, and punishment in the form of a ‘bad ending’. Not so in Untitled Goose Game, because you’re not really evil, yo
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Disco Elysium
Jody: The Drama skill would like to explain that what makes Disco Elysium great is how it coherently draws together influences from outside of videogames, that it combines 1970s cop dramas with David Fincher deconstructions of detective stories and C
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Couch Potatoes
Mark Essen has a simple justification for initially leaving out an online multiplayer mode in Nidhogg: the tech was difficult to build and expensive to deploy. He did not have an army of netcode experts ready to squash bugs, reduce latency and seamle
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