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Kiawah River’s Lowcountry Allure
Imagine a place where the pace of life is slow, a place where nature is abundant and neighbors feel like family. On the coast of the South Carolina Lowcountry, such a place exists, beckoning with the promise of a life lived simply. A new sea island c
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A Room of Our Own
After more than five years in our current home, my wife, Jenny, and I realized we had ceded much of the space to our children and dogs. While we were trying to decide on the right table for the dining room, it morphed into a playroom—and stayed that
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Hemingway’s Reel World
“Big-game hunter. Deep-sea fisherman. Brawler. Drinker.” That’s how the filmmaker Ken Burns says he viewed Ernest Hemingway before shooting Hemingway, a three-part docuseries for PBS, which airs April 5–7. How does he see Papa now? “Ever questioning.
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Land Of The Giants
In the headwaters, cornfields in the valleys nudge against sycamores and mountain laurel as the river, here little more than a creek, twists through banks clad in vine and wildflowers. Farther downstream, it gathers flow from limestone springs, and i
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“Latria Graham’s Writing Makes You See, Smell, And Taste A New Adventure”
I was so excited to see the stories in the February/March 2021 issue. My husband lived in Bermuda during his childhood and when we took a cruise there, he was able to find an old friend from fifty years ago (“Sea Change”). We now live in Texas and ar
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When he walks the woods during spring turkey season (March 20–May 2 in most of the state), chef Chris Hastings of Hot and HotFish ClubinBirmingham focuses onthe hunt, but if he sees a patch of tasty mushrooms, he’ll make a mental note and go back lat
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Memory Bank
When I was ten, my family and I spent a week camping on the White River, just below Bull Shoals hydroelectric dam in northern Arkansas. We weren’t there for leisure. My father, just out of the military and trying to make a start in construction, had
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For Shannon Bishop Arvin, racing is a family affair—her grandfather served as the first general manager of Keeneland in Lexington, and her father became its lawyer and then a trustee. “I grew up around the track and always had a reverence for Keenela
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Farm and Table
AGE: 53 HOME BASE: Brunswick, Georgia KNOWN FOR: A James Beard Award semifinalist at his former restaurant, the Farmer & the Larder, Raiford now oversees the kitchen at the new Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint on Jekyll Island, and in May he’ll release his
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Vista Vision
WHEN ALLYSON AND PAUL RISER FIRST set foot on the narrow lot along Highway 30A in the heart of Seaside, Florida, they were skeptical. In fact, they mistook the neglected strip of land as overflow parking for neighboring homes. “It looked like a patch
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Winning Kick
Tory Pratt grew up in a family of cooks—her parents were caterers and owned a smoked seafood business in Philadelphia. When she went to college in Washington, D.C., the quality of campus food surprised her, and not in an especially good way. She esse
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With a brass section mimicking the lilt of a train whistle over the thrum of wheels on a track, the song “Chattanooga Choo Choo” rocked America’s musical landscape when the Glenn Miller Band released it eight decades ago. Coinciding with the height o
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West African Flavor
The foods of Mauritania, Mali, and Senegal inspire Bala Tounkara. At Bala’s Bistro, his storefront restaurant next door to the Love Graceland apartments in Whitehaven, he fries beef pies and serves them with onion relish, and he stews down peanut but
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The Last Of The South Girls
The candor was on point but still surprising for a woman with a reputation cemented as a “hostess” in the nation’s capital. That was Barbara Howar’s response to our first efforts to meet her, in 2003. We sought out Howar because she, like each of us,
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Year Of The Goat
Why would Henry Lawrence Faulkner, an artist, interrupt a University of Kentucky football halftime show by walking across the field with an unleashed goat at his side, holding (Henry holding) a rabbit on a heart-shaped pillow? Well, you can’t hold a
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Hit Refresh
Changing the color of the walls around you, or even a mantel or a bookshelf, can have an uplifting effect. These hues in particular inspire a cheerful mood: the soft blush of Conch Shell by Benjamin Moore (; the warmer pink of Rangw
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There’s the Rub
The barbecue world has a “Boogie Chillen” problem. Almost three decades ago, John Lee Hooker’s publisher sued ZZ Top for cribbing, in the band’s hit single “La Grange,” the “Boogie Chillen” guitar groove—a-how how how—from Hooker’s 1948 blues song. B
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“When I visit somewhere, I want to feel like I got the vibe and energy of the city,” says the Fort Worth native and entrepreneur Jonathan Morris, who hosts Self Employed, a show on the new Magnolia Network that highlights small-business owners nation
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Stalk Of The Town
Pinning down the flavor of asparagus isn’t easy, even for a culinary pro like Charles Hunter III. “Some say it tastes like a concentrated broccoli, some say earthy, and others say sweeter than broccoli with a hint of lemon,” says the Nashville person
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West Virginia
Cody Watson, West Virginia Motor Speedway’s promoter, remembers his first visit to the dirt track. “I was maybe ten,” he says. “I brought my lawn chair up on the hillside, and then I heard the announcer say, ‘Here’s Scott Bloomquist out of Mooresburg
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Keowee Dream
gravel courtyard outside the lake house flashes yellow in the sunlight, while just inside, a pale jute rug echoes the same patterns in beige. A breeze blows through the room, and as it passes from one side to the other, the boundaries between what’s
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Finding Bliss in the Blue Ridge Mountains
When Melanie and Peter Birch were considering a second home, they dreamed up what the perfect Blue Ridge retreat might look like. Huge windows that showcased the surroundings, ample space for strolling with their three dogs, access to world-class gol
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Chocolate gravy warm and slathered on a biscuit is dessert for breakfast. No one knows the precise origin of the Ozark and Appalachian sauce made with butter, sugar, cocoa, flour, and milk—Spanish Louisiana trade routes might have brought Mexican cho
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A South Carolina Sporting Gem
A leisurely horseback ride beneath a canopy of Spanish moss; a sunrise quail hunt with friends; a sunset cruise and a fresh-caught supper under the stars. For homeowners at Brays Island, these are just a handful of highlights from a typical day spent
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Chrissy Metz’s New Tune
The actor and singer Chrissy Metz chuckles a little when she calls herself “a positive Polly.” Metz, who grew up in Gainesville, Florida, spent nine years as a talent agent, a natural fit for a woman accustomed to putting other folks first. “So much
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After unearthing a list of topics that she’s written about for her What’s in Season columns, the Charleston, South Carolina, journalist Jenny Everett realized she’s covered more than seventy-five Southern foods since 2008, including kohlrabi, clams,
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South Carolina
Alice Ravenel Huger Smith (1876–1958), a leading figure of the Charleston Renaissance, was known for her dreamy watercolors of marsh vistas. But the creative also painted portraits, sketched architectural drawings, and started a local movement of art
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Creative Loafing
“Bread is just flour, water, salt, and some alchemy,” says Susannah Gebhart, founder of Old World Levain Bakery in Asheville. She’s being modest, of course. Transforming a handful of pantry staples into something magical also takes a skilled baker, a
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Hat Tip to Willie Nelson
“The entire album ...And Then I Wrote is one of the finest ever recorded. And not just in country music. Willie changed popular music with his songwriting, and it all started here.” —Charley Crockett “His soothing voice is a natural fit for this lull
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A breathtaking home with sweeping mountain views, renovated by Cashiers’ top designers in 2020. $3,500,000 Liz Harris 828.342.3194, A 157-acre estate with long-range views, rolling pastures, a waterfall, a swimming pond, and a renov
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