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Sharing Journeys and Insights
The road to entrepreneurship is often mystifying and treacherous. It is filled with roadblocks, hindrances, and dead-ends that sometimes make people wonder how successful entrepreneurs were able to overcome all these challenges. Well, the journey was
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Reducing Waste In The Environment
Never in history has cleaning been such a critical conversation at all levels. Cleaning is no longer a chore, but a vital necessity. David Shahan has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of cleaning, from managing large apartment complexes, to
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Search Engine Success
When operating a home-based business, one of your biggest hurdles is awareness; that is, getting your products or services in front of the right people. With over 4.2 billion people online and almost no barriers to entry, the internet is often the be
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SEO When You’re Rebranding
When you're rebranding, it's important to avoid losing ground. 1. You can check your website's SEO positioning with tools like Majestic. com or Semrush.com. This will tell you how many links you currently have to your site and your actual website ra
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Securing Your Company’s Financial Future
When a small business begins to experience growth, an accountant is not only recommended, but also a necessity. Every entrepreneur, small business, or start-up must ask themselves how they can benefit from the services of an accountant, and consider
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Additional Quick Tips to Consider
If you've never considered bringing an accountant on board for your small business, here are some key points to consider that will open your eyes to the extent of the benefits they can bring. An accountant can deal with the fundamentals of tax retur
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Letter From Publisher
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many business areas necessary for succeeding as a small business owner. These areas include sales, marketing, business operations, social media, and technology. One major area is financial management. Our cover stor
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Stay on Top of Your Health with NordicTrack’s Commercial S22i Studio Cycle
Let’s face it — the current COVID-19 pandemic has caused major, frustrating disruptions in our everyday lives. One huge issue has been the closings of gyms to halt the spread of the virus. Due to this, many entrepreneurs are now setting up their own
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Home Business Magazine
Publisher Richard Henderson United Marketing & Research Company, Inc. Editor-in-Chief Stacy Ann Henderson Managing Editor Sherilyn Colleen Publicity Editor Shannah Carol Graphic Services Slice, Inc. Production Manager Jon Crossley, Ultra Graphic
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Amplify Your Work-from-Home Life with Elephant in a Box’s Dynamic Working Sofa
As a business owner, don’t you love innovative products that make the work-at-home experience much more productive and enjoyable? If so, you will go gaga over Elephant in a Box’s portable Dynamic Working Sofa — it is an incredible, comfy couch that f
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Money for Your Business
It was bushels of apples after an afternoon in an orchard that prompted Diana Blaylock to launch her business, Mama’s Best Bakery, in 2017. She started by selling apple pies on Facebook and business took off from there. The pandemic didn’t slow thing
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Designing and Creating Pillows
Lauren Meichtry was a stay-at-home mom for five years, but always had a passion for design. She thought that she had to choose between the two — being a mom or pursuing her passion, but she soon realized that she could do both. Lauren was gifted a vi
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Boyz II Men
http://www.boyziimen.com/When you think of R&B, one of the first groups that comes to mind is Boyz II Men (http://www.boyziimen.com). Throughout their illustrious career that spans almost three decades, they have sold a whopping 64 million albums and
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Reevaluating The Future Of Work
Businesses and organizations of all sizes are in different phases of reopening offices and are constantly evaluating — and then reevaluating — what is safe, what is not and what the future will look like. While plexiglass dividers, floor decals and o
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6 Fantastic Business Ideas for Moms
Rather than work a 9-5 job every day, what if you could be your own boss and make your own schedule? That's where business ideas for moms play a major role. Starting a work-at-home endeavor is a rising trend that is only going to become more prevalen
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Launching a New Venture
In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic sparked upward trends both in remote workarrangements and the number of startups registering in the United States. As individuals increasingly turn to entrepreneurship as a source of income in uncertain economic times,
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Beauty of Starting Again
Norm McLaughlin spent the first eleven years of his career in industry as a well-paid engineer. But Norm wanted to do something different. He took a significant pay cut and moved to an entirely different role in a non-profit organization. Norm had tw
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Winning New Clients
Marketing a business is a critical component of raising brand awareness, providing information on products and services, and winning new business. However, between strategizing and executing tasks like sending emails, a successful approach to marketi
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Treating Everyone Like Rock Stars
As one of the founding partners of Innovative Dining Group (IDG), Lee Maen is a true visionary in the restaurant scene. Maen and IDG have launched some of the most successful and legendary restaurants in the Los Angeles, Scottsdale, and Las Vegas mar
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Dear Home Business
The holiday season is typically the busiest time of the year for traveling. People enjoy going to see family members or exploring new locations as they have time off from their jobs and schoolwork. This year, traveling may come with a bit more stress
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Embracing Individuality Through Style
“Everybody wants to feel like the deities in today’s global pandemic social world and embracing individuality is the key to gaining that level of confidence. Since true beauty arises from the moment people choose to be themselves,” says Morati brand
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5 Tools to Organize Your Business Finances in 2021
Here are 5 tools that will make managing money in your business a breeze: A leading expense management tool that lets you scan and upload receipts to easily create expense reports. Integrates with Quickbooks and Xero. Expensify.com This AI enabled mo
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Navigating a Recession
I have spent over 20 years in the trenches specializing in buying, selling, fixing and growing businesses. When writing my first book in 2013, Sell Your Business for More Than Its Worth, I learned that 85-95% of all startups from 1-5 years are at gre
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Remote Management Tips for the Home-based Business Owner
Here are three ways you can effectively manage your team as an entrepreneur working from home. 1. You’re officially in a long distance relationship. And like a long distance relationship, your commitment is outsized because of proximity. Since you c
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Reach Your Customers!
Whether your target audience for your home-based business are called customers, clients, patients, or prospects, you need to determine who they are and how you’ll connect with them to sell your products or services. To paraphrase a line from Field of
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A Beauty-Boosting Formula
Chrissy Hubbard and Jayla Harnwell were both models living in NYC. Their lives were busy, on-the-go, and hectic. Constantly traveling, along with plenty of late nights and early mornings, started to take a toll on their skin. They both suffered from
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Interview with Rachel Levin
Nowadays, managing a popular YouTube channel can be much more than just a hobby. For countless business-savvy YouTubers, it has become a lucrative, full-time profession. One such YouTube “vlogger”, Rachel Levin, has made a major name for herself in Y
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From Bay Area to LA
Franky Baca grew up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood with no fashion insider help. Spending hours at a time reading books and searching the web, he learned how the fashion industry worked and sought out a local seamstress. Before he knew he wanted
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10 Small Business Ideas That You Can Consider for Spring
Spring is a time for renewal. The long winter has come and gone, replacing blustering winds, leafless trees and frosty mornings with newborn lambs and the first rays of summer. Flowers aren’t the only things that start to sprout up in spring though;
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Time Management Tips
More professionals are ditching the traditional office in favor of flexibility, convenience, and lower overhead costs. Roughly 8 billion people work from home in the US, in fact. But this trend isn’t without its challenges. Sure, it’s convenient to b
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