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Architect Of Record
Architect Cathy Saldaña is of note in her field not just for the path she paved in a male-dominated profession for girls much like her childhood self More than just being a role model to look up to, she has become a mentor who asks fellow women to wa
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Hot Headed
Summer is here with a vengeance. We can already feel the hot rays of the sun and somewhat humid weather the moment you leave your doorstep. As its rays hit our heads, it is no surprise that they will do some damage. We should not allow the summer sea
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Lifestyle Asia
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Tropical Luxe
When Camille Lhuillier closes shop at Palacio de Memoria as general manager, she retires at her San Miguel Village home in Makati. Although she returns to the same address daily, any accompanying visitor could easily mistake her house for the Amazon
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Pride Of Place
At Salcedo Auction’s recent Important Philippine Art & Furniture show, there were quite a few highlight pieces. National Artist Jose Joya’s “Festival” from 1985 is one. The rare, large oil on canvas (in an even rarer red palette, measuring 35 x 59 in
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All In One
It's all about sustainable solutions, says Ignite Impact Fund founder Maoi Arroyo. “It’s very easy, when you go to a coastal community to tell people to stop dynamite fishing because you’re ruining the corals which is the heritage of humanity and yo
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Where To Buy
Dior’s new line ABCDior uses its Mitzah scarf collection prints to design functional homeware pieces. The pattern, designed by creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, is turned into plates, stationery, and candle holders. The French house also reinven
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A Welcomed Pause
Designers follow the creative path for different reasons. Some want to create tangible versions of what they picture in their minds, while others fall in love with the technical process. For Kenneth Cobonpue, it was both. As the son of Betty, the fu
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Living, Breathing Spaces
Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez has just come out with her first book, which is published by Rizzoli New York. Titled Embracing Natural Design: Inspired Living, the book is described as a showcase of stylish homes that blend artisanal craftsmanship with a
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The Zen Of Zentistry
No one likes going to the dentist: it’s a chore most of the time. At best all you need is a cleaning (or in dental terms, oral prophylaxis), and even that means lying with your mouth gaped open for an uncomfortable amount of time. Enter Zentistry. Th
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Design journey
My design journey has been long and far from straightforward. It has meandered like a serpentine river or a winding path. It has led me to things both planned and fortuitous, and brought me to far away places for a good part of my life. I could trac
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De Guzman-limcaoco
Carl DeGuzman and Patricia Limcaoco met when they were studying at Stanford University. “We were both members of the Pilipino American Student Union,” says Limcaoco. Together for 10 years, DeGuzman proposed while they were both on vacation in El Nid
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Sensory Overload
It’s one thing after another for Gucci these past few weeks. After making a comeback to Milan Fashion Week with its Exquisite collection, the Italian fashion house has launched a collaboration with Adidas as well as its star-studded Love Parade campa
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Travel has been quite a challenge the last two years as the pandemic hit global tourism. Dubai was a little more fortunate in the sense it was one of the first few cities that have reopened its borders. It did so in the second half of 2020 when the r
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Letter From The Editor
Home is where the heart is—an idea bolstered by the pandemic. Before COVID, a home was just a place to sleep for many people. But millions around the world were forced by lockdown restrictions to adapt and exist within their spaces. Some were lucky t
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TJ Young and Dianne Sadian first met in their shared office in 2014. Both in marketing at the time, they were stationed at different buildings and would see each other once in a while during meetings. “Back then, we were just colleagues and friends,
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Open hair care
Like all professions, the beauty salon industry was one of the hardest hit during COVID 19. According to Piandré Salon general manager Andrea Zulueta Lorenzana, they had never closed for more than two days. The business has been around since 1987, wh
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Talking piece
Untarnished, unassuming, and undulating. Jewelry designer Ann Ong has an understated presence that draws the eye without yelling for attention. The same can be said of her portfolio of handmade pieces that continue to collect intrigue in distant poin
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Filipinas Take fashion Week
The multi-hyphenate star attended many couture shows, including Fendi, Elie Saab, Viktor and Rolf, and Balmain at Paris Fashion Week. During her January trip, Evangelista also shared that it was her first time taking on fashion week without her trust
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Electric Euphoria
In middle school, among many friends whose homes made an impression, the house of a classmate, Betina, was one that is always remembered. From memory, the house was a minimalist, high-concept dwelling, with art pieces that stood out in sharp relief.
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Tower Power
"We are entering a digital world, and 5G is in play right now,” Sherwin Hing begins, barely containing his enthusiasm. He is barely skimming over the enormity of that statement, as he is putting in his share of building blocks and scaffoldings to get
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Fast Forward
After Carlo Calma and his design firm received back-to-back recognition for their projects in the World Architecture Festival and Concrete Construction Awards, they didn't spend the better part of a year celebrating. Rather, they immediately went ba
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A Sense Of History
It used to be that if you wanted a taste of Filipino living during the 18th century, you had to take a trip to Bagac, Bataan to see Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. There, you could walk the cobblestone streets and take in the collection of heritage ho
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Better With Age
Macallan recently released the world's oldest whiskey to date, an 81-year-old single malt. Named "The Reach," the whiskey was distilled beginning in 1940, during World War II. There are only 288 bottles for sale and retails for $125,000 or almost P6.
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The Skin You Want
Korean dramas are rife with actresses with soft, bouncy skin, with faces that give you the urge to prick their cheeks with a needle-like you would a pincushion. The bounce gives the perky illusion of youth, as in the skin you had as a child, except t
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What Is The Best Pieces You Have Bought For Your Home
The interior stylist points out a gift from her husband, Tom, as her favorite thing in her home. "[It's] an original Slim Aarons photograph entitled 'Poolside Gossip,'" Epperson shares. "The iconic 1970 photograph of California society women enjoying
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Message In A Bottle
This melting pot could use a bit more Sampaguita. The Philippines' national flower literally translates to "I promise you." Handpicked by Central Luzon's women farmers, the Sampaguita vows nutty, salty, and earthy notes of summer fields in every bott
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Private Haven
Located at The Farm at San Benito, a medical wellness resort in Batangas, Pinky Tobiano built her vacation home to be one with nature. As a busy chemist and CEO of Progressive Laboratories, philanthropist, wife, mother, and tablescape enthusiast, it'
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Constant Evolution
When Florence Ko started the Philippines' first luxury Italian furniture distributor Furnitalia, Poltrona Frau was the first brand they took on about twenty years ago. Last year, Ko was awarded the prestigious distinction of Cavaliere dell'Ordine del
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By Appointment Only
Atfter returning to Manila from the Dubai World Expo 2020, Ito Kish tells us how exhausting the 10 days in the exhibition were. Despite the long days roaming around the over 1,000 acres site, it was a fulfilling excursion. After all, the event , whic
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