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A New Way Of Eating
The latest Japanese food concept to open at in the Metro, Sen-Ryo's authentic sushi offering is one that is unforgettable to the palate. Fresh ingredients, combined with age-old techniques and modern technology ensures a culinary mastery and sushi ar
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On Enriching The Currency Of Life
As the novel effects behind, the the world races against time to find effective ways of mitigating a contagion that has afflicted hundreds of thousands. Governments enforced nationwide quarantines and travel bans to stall the spread of the disease in
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Letter From The Editor
The world is currently in a state of emergency. In the onslaught of the novel coronavirus pandemic, 208 countries and territories have been affected, placing 20% of the world’s population—or an estimated 1.7 billion people—on lockdown. Never has this
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A Filipina's Love Affair With Sourdough
Almost everyone loves lists—and I am no exception! In addition to an easy way to digest information where articles may be accessed at breakneck speed, it is an accepted and intuitive media format that satisfies one’s curiosity about who made it and s
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Hope Leads The Way
What started as a citywide epidemic has expeditiously spread through almost 200 countries and affected more than a million people worldwide in just three months. These events have pushed both governments and the private sector to aid their communitie
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Lessons From The Zeitgeist
This time of enforced isolation with our families has made us realize a lot of things. We really miss spending time with the family. Keli said it best when she told us during our bedtime prayer and sharing session that her prayer since she was four y
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Excerpts From Our Animated Chat
It opened my eyes to the reality of working in a kitchen. It ignited my passion for cooking. I finished my internship, went back home to graduate and came back the next year to work for a few months in La Fermata. Brasserie Cicou taught me the basics
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A Genuine Love For Local
To be a citizen during a time of national crisis is a difficult situation to be in. But to run a business during a time of national crisis has its own unique host of issues and pressure. For retail magnate Ben Chan, supporting Filipinos during the CO
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One Stitch At A Time
Patty Ang’s leadership style has always been about working closely with her people. Since she started her atelier in a small one-bedroom apartment several years ago, she always considered her sewers and staff as family. When the business quickly grew
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Aran Kilkenny’s Bestsellers
Our signature loaf—a twist on brown sourdough bread with a distinct colour and flavour of purple wheat. An ode to Bart’s traditions and heritage. It’s a more dense and fibrous version of a sourdough containing mostly white flour. Our take on a high h
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Rise As One
March 15, 2020. It seemed like business as usual in Bonifacio Global City as the urban center eased into the night. Streetlights illuminated cars and pedestrians rushing home amidst traffic. Neon signs competed for people’s attention. Another busy da
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Closer To Home
For most in the metro, there was a sense of detachment about the issue of COVID-19. “We were, I suspect, a little bit in denial about the gravity of the situation, and I paid very little attention to it because I thought it was so far away from us,”
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Buena Onda
Opening its doors November of last year, Hola Bombon (which translates to “Hey, Beautiful!”) is one of Poblacion’s recent night haunts that has gained an increasing following for its festive ambiance, vibrant tones, and feel-good music. Not to mentio
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When the COVID-19 crisis hit, businesses of all scales had no guidelines or templates to inform how they would adapt, let alone survive. When community quarantine was announced throughout the National Capital Region in March, everyone scrambled to fi
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A Thread Of Hope
Easy, fuss-free basics that are made to last and can be worn from day-to-night define the Jill Lao aesthetic. Trained at the Parsons School of Design and having worked with Naeem Kahn and Oscar de la Renta, Jill also lived in Paris where she saw the
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Feels Like Home
So much has been said about Anita Celdran’s corner bistro on the less rowdy side of Poblacion. Whether it’s her Cochinillo Black Pig or her famous Fabada Asturiana, the place has gained a sophisticated following thanks to word of mouth from its more-
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All Hands On Deck
At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, the President declared on national television, “To those who have more in life, I implore you to share in the cost of taking care of the less fortunate and keeping our society intact.” Dennis Uy responded. And w
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Still Serving
The coronavirus outbreak has impacted the economy on many fronts, specifically the food and beverage industry. Its ripples were already felt weeks before the lockdown was implemented on Metro Manila: lower booking numbers in hotels and resorts, less
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An Invitation To Elegance
As one of the country’s premier purveyors of luxury Swiss watches, Lucerne, together with Rolex, opens a sophisticated space at The Podium Mall. The premier shopping center is situated at Ortigas, a major business and commercial district in Mandaluyo
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Genuine Service For All
Much has been said about how humanity deals with crisis and how it reveals character — bringing out the best and worst of people. And while there is no question that we are living through a crisis of global proportions—what exactly it has revealed ab
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A Turn For The Better
Things are starting to turn around for the food and beverage industry. Even if the community quarantine has yet to be lifted, many restaurants are returning to continue their operations. Though at a limited capacity, we’ve listed some of our favourit
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A New Iconic Duo
Since the launch of BMW X1 in late 2015, it has been the highest-selling BMW X model worldwide with almost 290,000 units delivered to customers, showing it has what it takes to be a winner. Now with the launch of the X1 sDrive18d xLine, it adds anoth
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The Most Intimate Gem
At the core of any work of art are basic shapes that serve as building blocks–circles, triangles, s›uares, you name them. But in a three-dimensional space, the most fundamental are the sphere, pyramid, and cube. Spheres evoke totality and fluidity th
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Jay Laurel and Kyla Olives met 12 years ago while playing baseball and softball. “Because of our shared passion for competition and a never-ending thirst for improving ourselves, sports have always played a big part in our relationship,” shares Kyla.
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A Prose ON Productivity
Productivity is a buzzword that has been thrown around like a jargon the past few years, but has finally made its way to our everyday vocabulary at work and in our personal life. With a limited amount of hours during the day and so many things to acc
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A Dwelling Of Their Desires
Happenstance brought this business-driven couple to acquire this pristine expanse that they converted to an extension of their main residence. When the property came out in the market, the power couple decided to strike while the iron was hot. No str
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Iñigo Taojo and Mika Magat have known each other since they were children. “Our grandparents are the best of friends. Eventually during our high school and college days, we lost contact but reconnected last 2017 after seeing each other again during a
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Emblems Of Re Finement
All eyes were on Hoseki Jewelry Art founder Faico when he joined the ranks of British jewelry designer Stephen Webster and mixed metals master David Yurman among the 17 Best Designers in the World by Paspaley Group. As one of the stalwarts of Philipp
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It's A Woman's World After All
The telco industry is known for being predominantly run by men. Women who are part of this field are seen as outlanders, treading unknown waters. But Eastern Communications’ co-coordinators, Atty. Aileen Regio and Ms. Hermi Hizon, prove that women ha
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