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A Stroke At Eight Months Old
Babies get sick occasionally. That’s what new mom Amber Benjamin told herself to calm her fears as she left her bundle of joy, Blaine, with his Ouma and Oupa and set off for the Overstrand Municipality offices, where she works as a by-law enforcement
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Is Protection Possible?
How can I bump up my child’s immune system to fight off Covid? Initially, it didn’t seem that children were affected all that much, but now I’m hearing of more cases where the little ones also get sick. I really would like to avoid it as much as p
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Fix Tummy Troubles
HORMONAL ISSUES: Pregnancy hormones cause a general slowing down of your bowels. Specifically, progesterone relaxes smooth muscles throughout the body, which in turn leads to constipation. CHANGES IN DIET: Very often during pregnancy, you eat differ
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Breastfeeding Positions
Always sit comfortably when you’re going to feed – particularly when you’ve got perineal stitches or a healing caesar wound. When you feel more at ease, you can experiment with different feeding positions. Sit in a comfortable (preferably rocking) ch
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Smooth move From Cot To Bed
Making the milestone move from your toddler’s cot to his very first bed can be a proud moment for both of you, but also a bit daunting. After all, your 2-year-old has possibly only just started sleeping for a solid eight hours a night, you’ve just go
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Are You Raising A Legend?
1 WHAT KIND OF ROLE MODEL ARE YOU? a Always politically correct b Super fit and healthy c Always financially stable d Owner of many expensive luxuries 2 THE FIRST OUTING WITH YOUR BABY WILL BE TO… a The JSE building b Your favourite restaura
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Winter-proof Your Body
Washing hands is something that we constantly remind our children to do – and with good reason. Cold and flu germs are fairly tenacious and can survive on surfaces for up to eight hours. Any door handle, light switch, countertop, bathroom tap, handra
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Baby? NO THANKS ...
Few of a woman’s life stages are as mythologised as pregnancy. According to the fairy tale, you and he have rampant birth-control-free sex for three months, you pee on a stick and – cue the tears of joy – you’re pregnant! Now nine months of marital h
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Tiny Tastes
The basic recipe for making any simple fruit or vegetable puree is to use 1 cup fruit or vegetables and ¼ cup water, boiled or steamed for 10-15 minutes until soft. Puree in a blender, food processor, stick blender or use a fork to mash. Let cool to
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Q I just found out that I am expecting my second baby. During the first wave it seemed that pregnant women weren’t really affected, but now I’ve heard a number of stories about pregnant women getting really ill with it. Will it affect my baby? If I g
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Pandemic Stress Is Getting To My Boy
Q We’ve been through a terrible time, as we were hard hit by Covid financially. We’ve had to move back in with my parents, and we all got sick too, but fortunately not seriously. My 5-year-old has become a stressed, anxious little person who doesn’t
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What Could You Do Differently?
Motivate your child to do the right thing in this way, says Arina: ■ CONSISTENT DISCIPLINE, BOUNDARIES AND ROUTINES from birth bring a sense of security, predictability and open communication in times of problems or crises. Bribery as a temporary an
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Bonus Tips
■ Wind your baby, and change her nappy before you offer the other breast. ■ To wind your baby: support her trunk with one hand, and rub her back firmly with the other. Pat and rub, rub and pat. Gently lift your baby under her arms and slowly put her
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Mother Knows Best
In honour of Mother’s Day this month, we asked moms to tell us about their favourite piece of advice from their own mother. What we got back was tremendously varied but with this common thread: all wise, and all said with much love. My mother alway
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Try This At Home
“Ginger, which is particularly helpful with nausea, and garlic are well known for fighting cold and flu and will boost the immune system. Include these in your diet daily,” advises Melanie. “Make a tea with fresh ginger and sip during the course of t
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Encouraging Language
PLAY Through play, your child learns about the things, noises and people around her. Language stimulation is heightened when you play with your child, plus it’s great fun. IMITATE For example, when your child says “eee” when they want milk – you rep
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If You’re Good ...
“If you pick up your toys, I’ll give you a surprise!”, “If you’re good today, we can go to the park later!”, “Eat all your vegetables, and then you can have ice cream!” Sound familiar? This kind of bribery sounds so innocent, and we all do it. The re
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Good Buy
The Thule Spring stroller is available in two frame colours – aluminium or black – and the canopies also come in a variety of colours. We love the Misty Rose Melange, pictured here. R10 999, Add on accessories such as colourful seat
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WIN A GIFT HAMPER FROM CARRIWELL WORTH R2 200! The Carriwell Seamless Premium Maternity & Hospital Panty (R79.95) has been made with seamless technology, so it has the stretch and memory to be comfortable during both pregnancy and post birth. The s
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How Do I Calm My Baby Down?
In her book Baby Sense, occupational therapist Meg Faure gives the following tips to calm a fractious baby. She calls them the 7 S’s of calming: ■ SENSORY EYES Read your baby’s sensory world. Remove him from a stimulating environment or change the en
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Seven Substantial Salads
Thread cherry tomatoes, bocconcini balls (or any cheese you prefer) and basil leaves on a stick. Arrange on a plate and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar before you tuck in. Make guacamole by mashing a ripe avo and seasoning with salt, pep
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Sleep Facts
■ It’s myth that cot deaths only happen in cots, and sudden infant death (also called SIDS) can happen anywhere, at any time. In fact, the majority of “cot” deaths in America happen on couches. ■ Smoking both during pregnancy and after, has been link
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Good Buy
In the market for a safety seat for your baby? Get to Makro for the Safeway Marlin Isofix Car Seat (up to 36kg), R2 299, or Safeway Dolphin rotate car seat in black or grey (up to 18kg), R2 999. At selected Makro stores or online from ■
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Big Bed Tips
■ Buy the new bed, and put it in his room for a while before moving him. ■ Or, it could ease the transition to place the bed in the space the cot used to occupy, and rather move the cot. ■ Close the door, or put up a safety gate if your toddler likes
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Hold Me Close
The first moments after birth are not only a beautiful and special time for bonding with your new baby, but also critically important to your baby’s development – so much so that some researchers believe what happens in the first hour can impact your
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Sugar Problems
Have you ever wondered why you should start your pregnancy at a healthy weight if you’re just going to gain weight anyway? There are many good reasons, not the least of which is to reduce your risk of gestational diabetes. Vanessa Brown, diabetes spe
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Pull Up A Chair!
FLEXIBILITY of a joint is related to the ability of the surrounding muscles to stretch and then to relax. Muscles tend to shorten when they are not used or when they are compensating for postural imbalance, such as during pregnancy, when your centre
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Hold On Baby!
Doctor Trudy Smith, an obstetrician at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, stresses the importance of good antenatal care and recognising the signs of early labour so that you can get help. “Sometimes, spontaneous labour can be stopped o
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When Baby Is Unwell
To give my baby medicine, I simply put it in the teat of her bottle – no need to even attach the teat to the bottle. She sucks on the teat very happily as if it is milk. No spills, and the medicine goes down with ease. ESME LOUW Once the wound o
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Vomiting happens when your baby’s stomach contents are forced up her oesophagus and out of her mouth. It’s very different from spitting up. Vomiting is forceful and repeated, whereas spitting up usually occurs just after feeding and causes no discomf
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