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Romantic Journeys
Georgianna Lane may have been destined for photography. Her parents, after all, were avid amateurs who passed on their passion for the craft. At an early age, she became fascinated with the idea of creating an eternal treasure from a fleeting moment,
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A Feast of Beauty
Makes 12 1 (8-ounce) package miniature rainbow carrots, peeled and cut matchstick-thin3 stalks celery, cut matchstick-thin½ daikon, cut matchstick-thin½ cup alfalfa sprouts½ cup Lemon-Herb Vinaigrette(recipe follows)1 head butter lettuce, washed, tri
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Among the Daffodils
Makes 1 (9-inch) pie 1 (16-ounce) package bacon, chopped1 (14-ounce) box frozen puff pastry*, thawed4 plum tomatoes, cut into ¼-inch-thick slices19 large eggs, divided½ cup ketchup¼ cup Worcestershire sauce1 tablespoon Dijon mustard¼ cup chopped fres
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Credits, Where to Shop & Buy
CONTRIBUTING WRITER TOVAH MARTIN: pages 19–22 CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS KINDRA CLINEFF: pages 5, 9, and 19–22 GEORGIANNA LANE: cover and pages 3–4 and 63–70 KATE SEARS: pages 2, 11–18, and 97 MARCY BLACK SIMPSON: pages 5, 29, 31–34, 41–42, 47–48, 71
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Conversing in Color
Nestled in Burlington, Vermont, is the headquarters of April Cornell’s apparel and home-goods company, a dazzling, fabric-strewn space filled with unfiltered light and unfettered joy—a perfect reflection of the founder’s artistic background and sunny
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Bedecked in Blossoms
Priscilla Hillman chose her home for its apple trees. Located around the corner from the family’s Litchfield, Connecticut, home, she had admired the property’s arboreal beauty for years. “Some people care about a floor plan,” she explains. “I am draw
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Where Love Grows
As Carolyn Aiken takes an early morning stroll through her garden in the idyllic Canadian community of Warren Grove, the cheerful lilt of birdsong and the staccato whirr of darting dragonflies blend in a stirring symphony that accompanies her steps.
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Floral Seasonings
Note: For this feature, our test kitchen used edible flowers and flower crystals from Gourmet Sweet Botanicals, which can be purchased at Makes 2 pounds 1 (16-ounce) package pink vanilla-flavored candy coating*1 (16-ounce)
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The Allure of the Cottage Garden
A financial adviser who retired to a second career in landscape design, June Mays recognized a worthy investment for her family in a historic Alabama home. “We had attended parties in this house,” she says, “and loved the location, its grace, its per
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Editor’s Letter
From my earliest days, I remember being captivated by the bounty in my mother’s garden. One of my first recollections is helping her plant bulbs when I was three years old. The autumn weather had already turned crisp when we began our task, and coppe
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Painting with Petals
To most people, a tiger lily may be just a pretty blossom, but to Bridget Collins, the spots remind her of a cheetah, much like a fuzzy magnolia bud makes her think of a moth, and black elder leaves resemble crow’s feathers. Where others might see a
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Victoria Special Issues
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Petals Flourishing Among the Grapes
Jan Tolmasoff—proprietress of Russian River Rose Company in Healdsburg, California—rises before dawn to admire prized blossoms. At daybreak, the horticulturist begins tending the more than 650 varieties of heirloom roses that grow throughout Sauvigno
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Editor’s Letter
Dear Friends As the calendar turns to May, the gentlest breeze wafts through an open window, whisking my thoughts to distant lands. Although I am still physically present in my study, in daydreams I stroll through the City of Light, revisiting sites
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Wedded Bliss
Despite health concerns of 2020, I traveled from New Jersey to Florida for the wedding of my niece Anna. Frankly, if she had not been family, I would have sent a gift and stayed home. But having no children of my own, my sister’s four are “my” kids,
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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Phyllis Hoffman DePiano EDITOR Jordan Marxer Millner MANAGING EDITOR Melissa Lester ASSOCIATE EDITOR Karen Callaway ASSISTANT EDITOR Leslie Bennett Smith SENIOR COPY EDITOR Rhonda Lee Lother EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Kassidy Abernathy CONTR
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Comes the Revolution
To look at the cover of any Victoria issue is to gaze upon peace, beauty, and quiet romance. All of which occurs to me as charmingly ironic. For all Victoria’s gentle appeal, our 2021 artist-in-residence, Annie Sloan, just happens to be an out-and-ou
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Postcards from Paris
Through the lens of photographer Georgianna Lane, survey the romance of Paris at ■
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Where to Shop & Buy
Pages 17–18: Jan Karon is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of twenty-five books. Set to open this year in Hudson, North Carolina, The Mitford Museum pays tribute to the novelist and her beloved Mitford series. To learn more about Jan, visit
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Creating Joy In The City Of LIght
After rising from graphic designer to art director to senior designer before starting her own strategic branding firm, Vancouver, British Columbia, native Jackie Kai Ellis suddenly found herself at loose ends. She’d ticked off most of the boxes on he
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“Everyone should get to come here,” Sabrina swoons, as we amble down another positively charming Parisian street. I agree. I don’t say it, but I think to myself, every mother should get to come here with her daughter. The only thing more beautiful th
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Inspired by French Royalty
Though Louis XVI’s name may be attached to the style favored during his eighteen-year reign, there is little doubt his wife, Marie Antoinette, had more influence over fashion and design in the late eighteenth century, often called the French Neoclass
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Provencal Living
“The first time I visited Provence, I knew it was going to be a lifelong love affair,” writes Shauna Varvel in her book Provence Style. For nearly a decade, the author and her family spent their summers in this romantic region known for its radiant s
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Bayou Sensibility
Asign of truly skilled interior designers is their ability to capture the spirit of their client in the environs they shape. This end—a home that reflects the owner’s personality—is one of the two chief goals that Carter Kay and her talented design t
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Charmed by Blue & White
As an expert in the field of decorative art, Annie is well-versed in combining colors for a pleasing effect, and she especially appreciates the properties that make the pairing of blue and white so appealing. “White can be relied upon to maximize the
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The French Breadbasket
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Recipe Index
Begins on page 37 Makes 8 1⅔ cups superfine blanched almond flour9 tablespoons granulated sugar, divided¾ teaspoon kosher salt⅓ cup unsalted butter, cubed and softened1 large egg, room temperature¾ teaspoon almond extract½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste
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Heirlooms From The Heart
The redolent perfume of roses mingles with the aromatic scent of lavender in Fatema Hijazi’s brimful garden. Though situated near Dearborn’s downtown district, it mirrors those tucked amid the gently rolling terrain of Provence. Hydrangeas and lilacs
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Font of Splendor
Described by Napoleon Bonaparte as “the true residence of kings,” Château de Fontainebleau was occupied and shaped by esteemed magnates for nearly eight centuries. In its earliest form, the property was a hunting estate, a haven where rulers would re
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Heavenly Macarons
SEE RECIPE INDEX, PAGE 103, FOR RECIPE INFORMATION. Find delectable macaron recipes at ■
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