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Make It Short
Ultra-short-throw projectors are going great guns. Even mainstream companies not previously or no longer involved in projection (LG, Samsung, Hisense) have realised that a projector sitting on a bench can deliver a large-screen ‘TV-like’ experience w
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Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3
Sennheiser’s third-gen Momentum Wireless builds on the success of the originals, only minimally restyled, though with an entirely rethought button layout, and a whole lot of smart stuff. The first innovation is simple but very handy— a plastic overla
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Folding Stuff
One of our Editor’s earliest moments of hi-fi revelation came courtesy of MartinLogan. Back at the advent of the 1990s, a tour was organised for him, then a UK junior reviewer, to gain what was, in retro-spect, a rare and privileged insight into the
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Sennheiser HD 450BT
On paper, the full combination of wireless Bluetooth and active noise-cancellation makes the HD 450BT look quite the bargain next to Sennheiser’s $599 flagship Momentum Wireless model (see p50). This design builds on the previous HD 4.50BTNC, the new
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Sennheiser HD 560S
As we’ve just awarded this design our Home Headphone of the Year under $1000 in our 2021 Sound+Image Awards, it’s clear that we rate them highly. They also provide a complete contrast to the wireless HD 450BTs on the previous page. The price is simil
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What Denon & HEOS did next
The latest release in Denon’s new ‘Home’ range is the $999 Denon Home Sound Bar 550, due for a May release in Australia, and confirming Denon’s shift away from separate HEOS-branded products. HEOS will remain as the platform enabling streaming and mu
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Audio-technica ATH-ANC900BT
When we first reviewed the ANC900BT wireless noise-cancelling headphones, they were priced at $499, with a $150 gap between these and the company’s ANC700BT headphones, with which they share a great deal but gain app operation which allows three leve
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Richter Plays Its Joker
Richter can lay claim to being one of Australia’s oldest loudspeaker manufacturers, and the Harlequin one of its longest-running designs. The Harlequin name derives from the mischievous ‘devil’ or ‘demon’ character in French passion plays of the 16th
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Music Haven
Here’s a fine-looking stereo installation in Western Australia which has been comprehensively upgraded by Frank Prowse Hi-Fi in Perth from an original CD-based system to add vinyl replay — but which also evolved in the process to add Roon-controlled
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JBL Live 650NCBT
This model from JBL has been around for a couple of years now and will likely be pushed from the ranges by incoming Tour One and 660 models (see News p10). We’ll be sorry to see it go: it’s been an easy recommendation as an affordable noise-cancellin
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Springsteen under B?
In high school, my Friday nights were spent with a group of friends up at a house which hosted an impressively-curated vinyl collection. We would choose an album side each (in rotation, as it were), enjoying the music at some volume. It’s a curious c
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DALI’s first-ever headphones have just won our Sound+Image award for Wireless Noise-Cancellers of the Year, so clearly they’ve impressed us. This is all the more remarkable given they are the Danish speaker company’s first-ever headphones — DALI says
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What To Look For In A Pair Of Over-ear Headphones
It’s your first choice, and the easiest — because the answer is probably ‘closed’. Open headphones spill sound into the environment, and let sound in as well, so there’s only really one circumstance for which they’re suitable — private listening at h
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Apple AirPods Max
So to the Apple AirPods Max, the arrival of which prompted this whole group test of over-ear headphones. We had plenty of time to prepare — this particular Apple release was one of the worst-kept tech secrets prior to launch. But we hadn’t expected t
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Spielberg On Jaws
The first challenge involved getting up in the morning, and the second one was working on the ocean with mechanical effects that really should’ve been done on dry land,” admits the 30-year-old Steven Spielberg, already one of Hollywood’s hottest youn
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Joan Jett Top 5 Albums
Those with more rock’n’roll in their soul than Joan Jett are few and far between. As the key founding member and creative driving force behind The Runaways and latterly as the instantly recognisable leather-clad leader of the gang in Joan Jett & The
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Sennheiser HE 1
Just a teeny price hike to our final entry, Sennheiser’s $85,000 (or thereabouts) HE 1, likely out of reach for all those readers not involved in crime of some kind, but one which can be experienced on audition in several Australian locations, should
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Streaming On A Stick
Some sensitive souls simply eschew Amazon entirely, citing the ever-expanding riches of Jeff Bezos, the impact of its online operation on traditional retailers, its record on wages, and tax minimisation strategies which saw its three local entities a
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The Speed Of Light
Much of the fun goings-on in big picture projection these days is in 4K. So why look at full-HD projectors? Well, all the most affordable 4K projectors are based on 2K panels anyway (they jitter around and use multiple hits to produce extra pixels).
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Music & Movies
Billy Corgan’s trademark sharp melodies fly on upbeat synth-pop. With Billy Corgan having overseen numerous works of myth-laden grunge rock and spent much of the past decade releasing chunks and snippets of an unfinished 44-song concept album called
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Shure Aonic 50
Shure was once the biggest name in hi-fi, by virtue of selling more phono cartridges than everyone else put together, and the biggest name in microphones too. Perhaps it was the closure of its phono division in 2018 that prompted its surprise entry i
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Akg K371-bt
Austrian headphone company of renown AKG has undergone significant changes in recent years, not least of which involves far closer ties with Samsung, which gained the brand when it purchased Harman, and soon took to bundling AKG buds with its Galaxy
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HOW TO CHOOSE A Wireless speaker
Today’s wireless speakers are clever products, sometimes with personal voice assistants and all of the latest streaming technologies inside. Constantly taking note of new design trends and how people listen to music, they now incorporate features suc
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Apps, Apps, And More Apps
Available from the Stick’s ‘appstore’ are all the following – and there are plenty more as you continue to dig down. ▶ Catch-up services: ABC iView, SBS On Demand, 7Plus, 9Now and 10Play. ▶ Netflix, Prime Video, Stan, Disney+, Apple TV including Appl
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More Than A Number
“Our challenge with the 5000 Series was to develop a product line which — although at a lower cost than the 500 Series which came before — still delivered the full Mark Levinson experience for our customers. We had to innovate.” So said Todd Eichenba
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Fully-loaded AV
The second of our AV receivers this issue is rather different — firstly in that it’s not strictly a receiver, because it has no tuner section. But it has, er, quite a lot to compensate, this being a high-level multichannel amplifier absolutely loaded
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In 2010, the score of Disney’s Tron: Legacy raised a question: if yesterday’s futurism is often today’s false retro prophecy, would Daft Punk’s music date the movie faster than US soft-rockers Journey dated the 1982 original? A decade on, the answer
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Sound + Image
Editor: Jez Ford Art Director: Kristian Hagen Advertising Sales Manager: Lewis Preece Advertising Traffic: Di Preece Divisional Manager & National Advertising Sales Manager: Jim Preece jim.preece@futu
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audio-technica ATH-AWKT Kokutan
These are luxurious headphones indeed, and even their packaging proclaims their greatness. They arrive in a huge slip-cased box 39cm high, stylishly emblazoned with Japanese calligraphy and an anticipatory circle of woodgrain, this outer casing seemi
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What To Look For In A Wireless Speaker
There’s always Bluetooth, but it’s often a lower-quality of streaming than you can achieve from other streaming connections like Chromecast or AirPlay. Some systems can also stream direct from the internet, as do Spotify Connect and the new Tidal Con
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