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The Podcast
The taboo around sex and porn addiction means a person can battle its effects in secret for a long time. UKCP’s Sarah Niblock and Paula Hall discuss how sex dependence can affect those around us and how therapy can address and allow us to understand
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What Stops You Making The Most Of Time?
♥ You could be more focused ◆ There were more hours in the day • You knew you would get it right the first time ■ Things were more straightforward ■ Can’t switch off ♥ Have only just got started ◆ Have been busy but not done enough • Have run out o
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Home, Boy!
“A house is not a home until it has a dog” said naturalist and writer Gerald Durrell, and research has proven that owning a dog can be beneficial for our mental and physical health. But, with all the paraphernalia that comes with a pooch, how can yo
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Asquith makes beautiful, comfortable clothing that is kind to people and the planet. Psychologies has teamed up with Asquith to give away an ensemble of your choice from its new collection. To enter, see left. There are many vegan and ethical yarns,
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What The Heart Yearns For Now
THE LAST TIME I was on a retreat was in September last year between lockdowns, and how I long for the peace. For no shopping, cooking or putting on a wash between work calls; for no homeschooling, running a house or saving a business. To rest… for I
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10 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Team Meetings
1 Before you even call the meeting, ask yourself if there really needs to be a meeting. 2 Allocate five minutes per person for individuals to speak about anything that is on their mind, and invite the rest of the team to listen. 3 Mix team members in
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Love Across Ages
RESEARCH SHOWS that being kind to others has a positive effect on happiness, mental health and overall wellbeing, but the focus has been on adults. Recently, however, psychologists at the University of California in Los Angeles conducted a study* of
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Feast For The Ears
During lockdown, food critic Jay Rayner had the brilliant idea of sending a well-chosen posh takeaway from a local restaurant to his celebrity interviewee. This is useful for narrowing down the overwhelming choice when we’re housebound, and when we’r
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“Is Knitting With Wool Ethical And Sustainable?”
KNITTING CAN BE A wonderfully mindful activity, but we often don’t consider where our wool originated. I’m vegan, so I avoid new woollen products but, as with many eco living questions, be guided by your own values and priorities. You might think she
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Balance Your Timekeeping
If time is the currency of your life, how are you spending yours? When the clocks spring forward and you lose an hour, you realise the value of 60 minutes! But how can you use your time more meaningfully? Our four-week programme, ‘Make time count’, w
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Fermented Front Runners
Miso Tasty produces my favourite miso pastes that are brilliant for making dressings for veggies and salads and even stirring into overnight oats. Avoid heating if you want to keep the beneficial microbes alive, but miso also works wonders in a marin
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Carb-conscious Cooking
The mantra ‘everything in moderation’ is particularly pertinent when it comes to what we eat and drink. But, with so many conflicting messages around what we should and shouldn’t put onto our plates, it’s difficult to find the right balance and know
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Get Your Weekly Fix!
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Move On From Disappointment
Picture this: you awaken to gentle sunshine streaming through the curtains. From the garden of the lovely house that you own, you can hear birds singing. Your children are playing happily. You feel rested, calm and at peace. This is where I thought
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Emerge From The Hideaway
AS I CHILD, I REMEMBER being scared of the old lady who lived down the street. She hid behind her grey, lace curtains and rarely left her house. But, in the weird and often isolated reality in which we find ourselves, I identify with her. Apart from
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Eat To Nourish Not Punish
Protein is not only an important part of a nutritionally balanced diet, it also helps us feel fuller for longer and can stop cravings for processed food.* This thick, creamy mint choc m*lkshake is 100 per cent natural and contains 20 grams of pure pl
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Join Ollie S Army
Despite the very best efforts of our education system, it is struggling to cope with fully supporting the emotional wellbeing of our children within the curriculum. Have you ever felt that you would love to help, but were powerless to act? Well, here
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I’m So Happy For Us!
With the ubiquitous presence of social media, I’ve realised how easy it is to become, first, a voyeur and, second, a jealous cow. The truth is that however much I remind myself of the many wonderful things I have in my life, there are still moments w
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How To Own Your Valuable Time
Earlier today, faced with a looming deadline, I realised that I was cutting it too fine for comfort. ‘I just don’t have enough time for everything!’ I wailed in exasperation, as I typed a message to a stranger on Instagram asking her where she got he
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Reader Offer
‘Psychologies’ readers can buy a copy of ‘The Right Carb: How To Enjoy Carbs With Over 50 Simple, Nutritious Recipes For Good Health’ by Nicola Graimes for the special price of £8 (RRP £9.99), including free UK P&P. To order, call 0141 306 3100 and
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How I Became A Therapist
I BEGAN TRAINING as a psychotherapist almost 30 years ago. I trained with Relate as a couples counsellor, then as a psychosexual therapist, which is how I became a psychotherapist through the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists. With a prev
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Let’s Bounce Back Together
‘Do what makes you feel alive and connected to the world,’ advises introvert Lucy Griffiths on page 39, as she ponders re-emerging from the comfort zone of home. This month, we look at how to make the most of every minute. Whether rich or poor, we ar
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Thinking Women’s Reads
In Georgina Lawton’s childhood home, her blackness was never acknowledged; she had white parents and a white brother, but the family practised a kind of colour blindness that left her bewildered about her heritage. After the death of her father, she
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About The UKCP And How To Find A Therapist
• TheUK Council for Psychotherapy(UKCP) is the leading research, innovation, educational and  regulatory body working to advance psychotherapy for the benefit of all. We have a register of more than 8,000 individual members, who offer a range of ther
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Boundless Vision
Psychologist Gail Matthews, a professor at the Dominican University in California, led a study on setting goals and the results showed that you are 42 per cent more likely to achieve your ambitions if you write them down. With that in mind, I invite
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Feel Into Your Inner Wisdom
IN MOMENTS OF ANXIETY, focusing on something in the here and now, such as three deep, slow breaths, can provide us with the space we need to pause, gather our thoughts and step out of autopilot. This affords us the chance to respond to our situation,
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Assess Your Sexual Behaviour
1 Are you spending more time watching porn than you would like? There is no right amount of time, but you may find that you are doing less of the things you would usually do because you would rather watch porn. 2 Do you feel that your sexual needs
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“ Mum Would Say ‘Do As You Would Be Done By… We’re All The Same’. That’s Carried Me Through Everything I Do ”
Watching Lorraine Kelly ricochet between heavyweight topics and light entertainment, a twinkle in her eye and in full command of the studio and a million viewers is exhilarating. In our new home-centric reality, her appeal on daytime TV is greater
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My Second Mother
Ten years ago, I was chatting in the kitchen to Brenda, my mother-in-law, while making coffee. We were talking about a trip I’d planned with my seven-year-old daughter, Alice, to go clothes shopping. ‘She has a definite idea of what she likes, so it
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Beat The Thief Of Time: Procrastination
• Know your why. ‘Ask yourself what is at the root of your procrastination. There might be a very good reason, such as you don’t have all the information, input or energy you need to complete the task,’ says Sharath Jeevan. Procrastination is not alw
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