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Show Up with Kindness
A lifelong curiosity about how the mind works led Tara Healey to mindfulness. “I wasn’t coming to mindfulness from a place of dissatisfaction, but a realization that life throws us a lot of curveballs,” Healey says. “So, how do we manage the things w
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This Is What Fierce Self - Compassion Looks Like
For women, it’s easy to internalize the message from our culture that we are the weaker sex, helpless maidens who need a big, strong man to save us. For too long we’ve been taught to value dependence over independence, to be attractive and sexy—not a
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Bookmark This
My Yoga of Self-Acceptance Jessamyn Stanley • Workman Publishing Jessamyn Stanley lets it all hang out in this collection of essays, her follow-up to the wildly successful Every Body Yoga. Stanley came to prominence on Instagram (see profile on page
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Invite Nature Into Your Life
We often have the perception that nature is remote. It’s somewhere out there in the distance, and to fully access it and benefit from it we have to leave our workaday lives behind. Wherever we are, nature surrounds us and we’re a part of it. Symphoni
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Research News
Cognitive-behavioral group therapy (CBGT) and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) are frequently used to ease social anxiety. We know little about whether anger—expressing or holding it back—affects how well these therapies work. In this study,
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ACTS OF kindness
A 13-year-old from Maidenhead, England, is bringing joy to people and pooches alike during COVID quarantine by hand-making and delivering dog treats. His name is Josh and the business is called Mustard’s Miracle Services. He makes the dog treats in h
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Trust Your Heart
When you find yourself stuck in self-judgment, pause for a few moments to honestly face the suffering of believing you are “not OK.” Notice where you feel that suffering in your body. How is it arising in your mind? Then offer some gesture of kindnes
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How I Interrupt My Worst Habit Loop
You know the maxim, “Don’t just do something, sit there!”? This is a simple and powerful paradox that has had big effects on me both personally and professionally. If a patient of mine is getting anxious or worried while in my office (which can resul
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Stretch Outside of Your Boxes
“I didn’t realize until I started practicing yoga just how much of my life was being lived inside of boxes,” yoga teacher and author Jessamyn Stanley says. “I decided all of these boundaries for myself.” Boundaries that included what a fat, Black bod
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In Our Nature
he lodgepole pine cone is a curious thing. Squat and egg-shaped, the pine cone seals its symmetrical scales shut with a sticky resin, protecting precious seeds within. Such a design appears to disadvantage the lodgepole. Survival seems slim when your
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Care for Our Healthcare Workers
As the gravity of the pandemic dawned, Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang considered how to help herself and her colleagues stay afloat in the storm to come. “From a healthcare professional perspective, we know that burnout was a pandemic even before the COVID-19 pa
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Offering Shelter From the Storm
Amit Bernstein recounts a pivotal moment in 1990 when his mother found a letter she’d never seen before in her aunt’s filing cabinet labeled “soucis familiale” (family troubles, normally soucis familiaux). “The letter had been hand-written in 1943 by
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Slow Down to Wake Up
After an early career as a nurse, Susan Bauer-Wu returned to graduate school—and started meditating. “I was in my 20s, my mother had died, I was coming out of a bad marriage, and I was going back to graduate school.” Alone and in a new city, Bauer-Wu
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Sense The Benefits Of Nature
Research shows that time in nature offers an abundance of psychological and physiological benefits. However, according to data gathered by Statista, over half of the world’s population lived in urban areas in 2021, with around 82% of North Americans,
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How has the meaning of connection changed for you? “Connection has taken on a deeper meaning. It’s so valuable to connect with those we can’t see on a regular basis. I do miss hugging and look forward to those hugs. They’ll be sweeter when it’s safe
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Welcome To Mindful
By reading Mindful and sharing it with others, you’re helping to bring mindfulness practices into the world where the benefits can be enjoyed by all. Thank you! Print magazine & special topic publications 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge FREE! Guided med
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Ignore the Skeptics
When neuroscientist Sara Lazar began studying meditation, she was one of the few. “Initially everybody was skeptical,” she recalls. “I can’t tell you how many times I heard someone say, ‘Meditation is ephemeral, there is nothing to measure.’” Though
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Meet The Moment
And what a moment it’s been. What remains, amid loss and suffering, uncertainty and fear, is the breath. Ten women of the mindfulness movement offer the wisdom of their practice, from their hearts to yours. There are many ways to meet the moment. If
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Honor the Sorrowful Parts of Yourself
Ruth King found ease for her inner crybaby when she was young—in the plumbing systems her father worked with, and the jazz music her mother played. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles in the heat of the civil rights movement, she understood that
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Lay Your Burden DOWN
Does this sound familiar? You’re exhausted, you can barely get out of bed, you feel unappreciated, unseen, sad. You’re doing everything right: meditating, writing in your gratitude journal, eating well, volunteering. Yet days and nights are still col
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The Big Picture
“Drink water. Get sunlight. You’re basically a houseplant with more complicated emotions,” reads a meme that was ubiquitous online in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. It wasn’t unusual in those days to need a reminder to tend to the basics of
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Playing with A FULL DECK
A new deck of cards aims to deliver community-based end-of-life planning for Chinese-Americans. Reported in the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, the cards are used in gatherings called Heart to Heart Cafés, which encourage meaning
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3 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself When You’re Feeling Blue
When we feel low, our perspective on life can shift. A painful moment can cause us to see the world as hideous. Why not turn this darkly charged moment into a reminder to tune in to beauty? As we look for beauty, we may find many lovely things to soo
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Heal Yourself First
In her 17 years as a high school principal, and a teacher before that, Tovi Scruggs-Hussein witnessed passionate teachers doing their best while being overworked and undersupported. And she noticed that while the teachers struggled, the students were
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“Before Times”
An expression of nostalgia for how things used to be pre-COVID-19. The before times were “before masks and social distancing, when we could occupy restaurants and concert halls without risking the spread of disease,” according to Webster’s. Tame it:
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Mindful Or Mindless?
That driver’s license may be expired, but it’s the caring that counts: A man and his daughter, with help from a veterans’ organization, successfully returned a missing wallet to its owner, former Navy meteorologist Paul Grisham—53 years after Grisham
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Why Does My Anxiety Keep Coming Back?
We easily recognize our anxiety when it shows up as an anxiety attack, or when a cascade of anxious thoughts is triggered by a stress-inducing event like public speaking. Yet anxiety is a lot less noticeable when it’s our constant companion—part of t
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Plant The Seeds For A Calmer Mind
As a psychiatrist and neuroscientist, I’ve been doing research for decades, and I’ve loved learning and discovering new things about the way our minds work. But I’d have to say that the single most interesting and important connection I’ve made is th
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TOP OF mind
An awkward portmanteau of calm and entertainment, “Calmtainment” made the Wunder-man Thompson Agency’s list of trends that will define 2021, which means mindful play is on the rise and brands are beginning to take note. None other than LEGO released
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Remember Your History
In her 2010 paper “Superwoman Schema: African American Women’s Views on Stress, Strength, and Health,” Dr. Cheryl Woods Giscombé writes, “The legacy of strength in the face of stress among African American women might have something to do with the cu
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