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With Love for All
INTRODUCING To help navigate these difficult days, check out mindful.org/covid to access a collection of free resources curated to help you tap into community, connection, and love. Anne Alexander is a longtime meditator, yogi, and editor. She is the
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The Science of SELF-INSIGHT
Gabrielle was lonely. A series of short-lived romantic relationships had left her heart in tatters. Although she said she was ambivalent about pursuing a committed, long-term relationship, she reported feeling lonely and continued to fall into intens
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In Your Words
What ritual connects you to your inner power? “Deep breathing and listening to a guided meditation. And, of course, reading Mindful!” ANTHONY KINGSTON, ON “While getting dressed, I read three affirmation books. I’ve been rereading one of the books fo
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Connect With Kindness
This classic loving-kindness meditation can help you to awaken to how connected we all are. You don’t have to like everybody, or agree with everything they do—but you can open up to the possibility of caring for them, because our lives are inextricab
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Bring To Mind A Circle Of Love
Visualize yourself in the center of a circle composed of those who have been kind to you, or have inspired you because of their love. Perhaps you’ve met them, or read about them; perhaps they live now, or have existed historically or even mythically.
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ACTS OF kindness
A photo shared by China Daily—and internationally on social media—shows a simple act of kindness in Wuhan, where Dr. Liu Kai wheeled an 87-year-old man with COVID-19 outside to see the sunset. “The elderly man had been stuck in the isolation ward for
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When Love Flows Like Water
Most of us are familiar with the description of the fight-or-flight response to stress or trauma: our common tendency to perceive a situation as an imminent threat, and react either by gearing up (physiologically, hormonally, and emotionally) to figh
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Research News
Active-duty soldiers face mental and emotional challenges that diminish attention and memory. New research by Mindfulness-Based Attention Training (MBAT) codevelopers Dr. Amishi Jha and Scott Rogers finds that mindfulness instruction may lessen cogni
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Gathering Our Energy
This foundational attention practice is designed to strengthen the force of concentration. If you consider how scattered, how distracted, how out of the moment we may ordinarily be, you can see the benefit of gathering our attention and our energy. A
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Mindfully EVER AFTER
A growing number of books for kids explore mindfulness themes like focusing on the breath, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. Here are three new books worthy of your library. This picture book, written by a six-year-old from Blakely, Georgia, is a
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What It Means To Have clear Vision
You know those moments when things don’t go as planned—the job, the relationship, your health—and you feel unmoored and unsure of your next steps? Or, when things are going so well that there’s a sense of opportunity right at your fingertips? Those a
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TOP OF mind
Mindfulness and meditation can be found from schools to boardrooms to prisons—and now streaming in your very own home theater. Written and directed by Rob Beemer, The Mindfulness Movement explores why a growing number of people are practicing mindful
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The Four Pillars Of Purpose
There are four research-backed qualities that lead to a strong sense of purpose: awareness, values, aspirations, and congruent behaviors. The good news is that these qualities can be nurtured with simple mindfulness practices designed to activate the
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Q Sometimes when I’m meditating a thought arises that feels really important. What should I do about important thoughts and ideas that arise when I’m meditating—and what about the irrelevant ones? A The essential attitude of a meditator is curiosity.
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What’s Alive For You Right Now?
The thread that runs through Rich Fernandez’s life—unifying his undergraduate degree in literature; his pursuit of mindfulness practices and martial arts; his master’s in organizational psychology, and doctoral work in counseling psychology; his year
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Connect With A Mindfulness Teacher
To help you sort through the ever-expanding meditation space and find the right mindfulness teacher for your needs, the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, in partnership with Mindful, is launching a directory. The UK team crafted guidelines that help identif
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Are You Misaligned with Your Purpose?
When you find yourself feeling drained or unhappy in your work, it’s important to ask yourself whether you’re experiencing the normal growing pains of career growth or if your discomfort is actually revealing something deeper. As you move towards gre
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Mindful Or Mindless?
On her blog Children’s Happy Days, Karina invites children around the world to write to her about what gives them joy. She translates and publishes each letter online as a reminder that happiness comes from “our family and friends, enough time, doing
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Easy Speed
I’m no Diana Nyad. But I’m a capable swimmer. During the summer months, I regularly swim a half-mile in the Pacific Ocean, churning through waves and unpredictable tides with the selfassurance of a Los Angeles lifeguard. So when a gym pal encouraged
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Reading used to be a social activity, not something we did silently to ourselves. For thousands of years, we shared the news of the day around a crowded dinner table or a bar, and stories were told aloud after tea and chores. Perhaps now is a good ti
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Meditation Made Simple
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How Reading Aloud Can Be a Mindfulness Practice
Just as you start meditating in shorter bouts that became longer over time, give yourself permission here to do the same. Books of short fiction, poetry, and essays are great for reading aloud. You might start with a two-person reading practice, one-
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Bookmark This
Paul Salmon • Guilford Press How many movies or TV series have you seen depicting psychotherapy? Every time it’s the same scene. The therapist in a comfortable chair, their hands nested beneath their chin, listening intently or speaking wisely. Acros
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Caring for Your AMAZING BRAIN
The human brain is the most dazzlingly complex entity in the entire known universe: 80 billion brain cells, with additional neural cells throughout the body. Each neuron connects across synaptic gaps to thousands of other neurons, resulting in trilli
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TUNE IN TO Mindful
FIND YOUR WAY THROUGH ANXIETY 1 A 23-Minute Anxiety Practice to Calm Body and Mind from Hugh Byrne When we’re anxious, caught up in fearful or worried thinking about what might happen, these difficult feelings will often lead us into acting in habitu
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My heart felt as if it were being squeezed through a meat grinder. I couldn’t stop sobbing as I drove my pale blue Volvo through the streets of Vancouver, wondering, to quote the BeeGees, “How can you mend a broken heart?” It is natural to want love.
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Episode: Managing Our Feelings Through the Coronavirus Crisis As much as the world of podcasts offers entertainment, education, and news, it also provides valuable tools for mental and emotional support, in the very real and human moments when we nee
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MOMENTS of Meaning
From brewing a morning drink to reading a bedtime story, our personal rituals are like friends, giving us purpose, stability, and flow through the day—even in tumultuous times. How do rituals show up in your life? How are your everyday rituals helpfu
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Heart TO Heart
Loving-kindness is so much more than “just” a feel-good practice. It is the force that can connect, inspire, and motivate us to transform the world. Here world-renowned mindfulness teacher, Sharon Salzberg, one of the foremost teachers of loving-kind
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