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Keep Calm and Listen to Paul
Paul Smith apologises for standing me up. “Sorry about yesterday—that was a nightmare!” he says, palming his hands together in a prayer position. “It never happened to me before, but we were doing live TV to Russia and their technology was—I don’t kn
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Samuel Ross
A former protégé of Virgil Abloh, Samuel Ross is the founder of fashion house A-Cold-Wall. Ross was a finalist for the LVMH Prize and Andam fashion award, and also won a British Fashion Award. Now, 29-year-old Ross, having won the Hublot Design Prize
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If You’re A Wine Lover ...
It appears that the 2018 vintage of Alter Ego de Palmer, with its luxurious gold label and holiday-friendly red capsule package, is already sold out in many parts of Asia. However, the 2008 vintage of this merlot-dominant second wine is now beautiful
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Clean Slate
It’s a brand new year, and with it comes hope for new beginnings. After the year we’ve had, we’re hopeful that things will be better this time around. To start, we’ve invited acclaimed feng shui specialists Lillian Too and her daughter Jennifer Too t
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Paul Says
We have a little expression about collaborations: we always say, do things that are right and not just because they’re easy. You can do things just for the money but they might be detrimental to your image or end up not being something you enjoy. I’v
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Editors Pick
Franck Muller’s watches are easily recognised by their rectangular cases and distinctive numerals, which come in flashy colours and add a playful touch to the brand’s many creations. This decadent Long Island timepiece, which was released late last y
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One More Thing...
“Whether it’s a positive or negative reaction to my work, the point about that feedback is to understand, to learn where people are coming from, and to allow everyone, including myself, to educate ourselves” — DANIEL ADAMS Conceptual portrait photog
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Connie Berg is a New York-based fashion stylist with more than a decade of experience. Her work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and L’Officiel, among others. For Tatler, Berg styled this month’s fashion shoot (p.74) Hailing from Lithuani
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The Wish List
If last year s bubblegum pink was a little too sweet for your taste, its pastel partner, purple, might be more your flavour. The mercury might say otherwise, but when it comes to fashion’s most lust-worthy accessories, spring is already in full bloo
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We Made It!
Last year wasn’t entirely bad, watch-wise. In fact, we saw some great new pieces released, a few of which I’ll call attention to below. Nonetheless, for most luxury watch producers, 2020 was an annus horribilis from the get-go. Last January, watch co
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Merry and Bright
Just in time for the year-end festivities, Tatler Malaysia hosted an upbeat Gen.T networking lunch for past and present Malaysian honourees, all delighted for the chance to catch up with friends and meet new people as the year drew to a close. “We’re
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Shape Shifters
Photography Lara Jade at Atelier Management Styling Connie Berg at Atelier Management Hair Yukiko Tajima at See Management using Kérastase Make-up William Murphy at Atelier Management usingMake Up Forever Manicure Kana Kishita using Essie Model Aketc
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A League of Her Own
Lung Lung Thun whizzes around Singapore in her cherry-red Ferrari, down Orchard Road and past the city’s upscale shopping malls and high-fashion houses. It’s 2012, and the 23-year-old is hot off yet another spending spree. In the boot of her car are
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Agent of Change
In 2017, when Philip Morris Malaysia (PMM) launched its Unsmoke Your World campaign, it boggled the mind as it raised the question—wasn’t this going to affect their main bread and butter? There’s an end game that they’re driving towards, which will b
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Metamorphosis of Lady Dior
An iconic bag named in honour of Princess Diana, and an emblematic symbol of the House of Dior, the Lady Dior never ceases to amaze with its ability to be reinvented and transformed into a unique work of art, through the various artist collaborations
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Tatler Features
Photography Paulius Staniunas (Farah Ann); Kwannam Chu (Villard) ■
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Keep On, Keeping On
It wasn’t so much a leap of faith as it was a determined dive towards her goals for 23-year-old rookie hairstylist Winnie Loo when she opened her very own hair salon, A Cut Above, alongside business partner-and-husband Richard Teo in 1979. Renowned l
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Sweet Dreams Are Made of These
In a project that ranked global cities for their sleeping environment, based on research about the leading causes for lack of sleep across 75 cities, London-based wellness company Alphagreen produced the 2020 City Sleep Index. On it, Hong Kong came i
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Strength in Grace
The clock is ticking. Displaying a mesmerising combination of a physical agility, strength, and stamina, she executes her jumps, her body a vision of athletic grace on the 10cm-wide, 5m-long balance beam, a look of concentration on her face. Finally,
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Talk Of The Town
Before we dive into the practice itself, can you tell us what the KL Speakers Club (KLSC) is all about? Roopi: The club was actually formed 1970 and its members are exclusively women who have stories to share as well as an awareness to create. It’
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Now Listen Up, Me
If a friend or loved one ever spoke to you the way that you speak to yourself, would you want to keep that person around? The answer seems obvious. And yet our inner critic’s voice is louder than that of our inner cheerleader’s more often than not, e
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Poetry and Purpose
Cult is a word that gets thrown around often in the beauty world. But few brands can claim to have such a legion of loyalists as Aesop. Since it was founded in 1987 in Melbourne, the Australian skincare brand has drummed up an army of conscious custo
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Roopi’s 5 for -Step Formula for Public Speaking
This is important, but it doesn’t have to take long. Dress appropriately and always smile, that’s going to be your biggest support tool. Keep in mind that the first 20 to 30 seconds is all it takes for the audience to decide whether they want to list
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Genderless Aesthete
Sean Garrette’s obsession with skincare came about after suffering from adult acne when he turned 21. Wanting to treat his condition, he ventured into the science behind skincare, researching different acne treatments and learning from trials and err
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Master of One
“How does one begin an email to a monk?” I wondered when I first reached out to master Shi Heng Yi, who belongs to the 35th generation of warrior monks known as Shaolin masters, after watching his TEDx Talk about self-mastery. A joke came to mind onc
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What gives Ili Pot an edge over its competitors is its all-encompassing model. No portable stove? No problem. Add an 18cm-wide steamboat pot or 20cm grill skillet to your cart for just RM29.90. Though small in size, the nifty devices work like a char
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To the Rescue!
As part of the Doctor Babor Cleanformance series, both the Moisture Glow Cream and the Moisture Glow Serum are formulated with ingredients that are up to 98 per cent of natural origin. Infused with a hydrating concoction of hyaluronic acid and aloe v
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The Mind’s Eye
A registered hypnotherapist and founder of Hong Kong’s All About You wellness clinic, Sonia Samtani has spent the past 15 years helping patients work through crippling phobias, substance abuse, eating disorders and other personal traumas or blocks. “
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Koh Li Tim
Whether it’s dressing up or down, style maverick Koh Li Tim is almost always camera-ready for any occasion—even as he busies himself with work, dance and even TikTok while at home. With an innate aptitude for aesthetics and design, the 30-year-old ha
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