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Our Film And TV Recommendations: What To Watch This Week, From The Sparks Brothers To Tattoo Redo
The  clocks have gone back, the weather’s grim - it’s the perfect season for hibernating in front of the television, or a night at the cinema. Here are the films and TV shows on our cultural radar this week… Wolfwalkers I can’t remember the last time
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Our Music Recommendations: What We’re Listening To Now, From Bastille To Anika
Is your playlist in need of some refreshment? We have some suggestions. Taylor Swift — Evermore Surprise! Again! Taylor Swift’s lockdown adventures continued with the news that she has a recorded second secretly written album. Evermore is the “sister
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What London’s Reading Now: Patricia Lockwood, Maggie Shipstead and Ellie Taylor top the list
Each week we bring you a guide to the books flying off the shelves in London’s bookshops. This week’s bestselling top five includes one of the hottest novels of the summer and a non-fiction book that tells us how to make the best use of our time. You
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Russia, But Not As We Know It: The Ban That Means Nothing At The Tokyo Olympics
It’s Russia but not as we know it. Instead, a place above Great Britain in the Tokyo medal table, sits ROC — the Russian Olympic Committee. In the BBC commentary and often at the venues here in Tokyo, athletes are announced as Russian because that is
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An Art Gallery In A Football Stadium? OOF! Spurs Kick Off A New Era
At the Tottenham Stadium, beyond the vast edifice of steel, concrete and glass, and attached to Europe’s biggest football club shop, is an incongruous historic building. Warmington House, a late Georgian townhouse, is dwarfed by its shiny new neighbo
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Dawn Butler: ‘Black Politicians Are Judged More Harshly. That’s A Fact’
Before I speak to Dawn Butler, her assistant sends me a few choice examples of the messages the MP for Brent Central has received since Sunday when she tweeted about police pulling over her and her friend, who is also black, as they drove to lunch. I
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Is The Honeymoon Over For Joe Biden And Kamala Harris?
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have come a long way in the past two years. As rivals for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, they traded vicious blows in some of the most heated moments of that contest. She questioned his record on race rela
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What Really Happens When Someone Gets Cancelled?
In 2018, the screenwriter Kashana Cauley tweeted a joke that riffed on the old Andy Warhol quote about fame. ‘In the future,’ she wrote, ‘everyone will be cancelled for 15 minutes.’ 2018 was the year that the now defunct babe.net ran a story on Aziz
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Floating Cities, Life On Mars And Colossal Egos: Inside The Battle Of The Billionaire Blokes In Space
The billionaire space race has a new frontrunner. Yesterday (July 11), Richard Branson’s big shiny space Virgin Galactic rocket plane made it 53.4 miles up to the edge of space. With five colleagues, the 70-year-old soared above the Earth on VSS Uni
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Why London’s Canals Are The Place To Be This Summer
It’s aperitivo hour on a balmy summer’s evening and I’m sitting on a wooden deck with a Campari spritz and a bowl of fat green olives. Beneath me, the canal twinkles — but this isn’t Venice. I’m in Hackney, at trattoria Ombra, and the ripples under m
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Best Islands In Croatia For Every Traveller
Croatia, with its more than 1,200 islands and gloriously sparkling coastline, is one of the few European countries on the UK’s green travel list right now - and frankly, the joy and freedom of island hopping has never sounded so enticing. We should
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Best Cooling Blankets To Help You Sleep On Hot Nights
As a nation, there’s nothing we love more than discussing the weather, but usually, it’s about how cold or rainy it is. When the sun comes to town, it triggers a national celebration - marked with garden party BBQs, ice cold drinks and lazing under
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‘The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle, People Want To Know More History’: National Trust Boss Hilary McGrady
Hughenden Manor, a National Trust property on the edge of Buckinghamshire, half an hour from London, is teeming with smiling visitors. Children search for hedgehogs in the grounds while their parents take photos of the art collection of former prime
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First Look At Necker Island’s Multi-million Dollar Restoration
“There were 50 of us locked in the cellar. Water was pouring in; trees were smashing into the side of the building and for 14 hours it sounded like there was a roaring train going past.” Sat sipping a coffee in the mid-morning sunshine, Sir Richard B
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A Million Hopes: The ASHA Women Delivering The Covid Vaccine In India
“Here they come again…,” the woman in the green saree mutters under her breath as two women in radiant pink sarees walk towards her. “I won’t. I won’t. I won’t take the vaccine,” Masanamma shouts at them. “I’ve told you this before!” “But why?” asks
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Mark Bezos: Who Is The BFF Brother Accompanying Jeff Bezos, Wally Funk And Their First Customer Into Space?
It’s the news many had been suspecting for a while now: Jeff Bezos is finally making his first trip into space. The Amazon founder announced his trip onboard his rocket company Blue Origin’s New Shephard spaceship yesterday, but the real star of the
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Cody Rigsby: Meet The Man Who Makes Rishi Sunak Sweat
“Indisputably… Kevin is the hottest Backstreet Boy,” Cody Rigsby tells me and my fellow Peloton riders as we sweat through a hill-climb to one of his 30-minute pop classes. The 34-year-old New Yorker stands up in his rainbow-pattered cycling shorts,
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Who Needs Edinburgh When You’ve Got London? The Best Comedy Festivals To See This Summer
This is the time of year when I would usually be writing my annual Edinburgh Fringe comedy preview. But nothing is usual in 2021. While the Edinburgh Fringe is at least going ahead this year, it will be smaller than in recent years with fewer star at
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Boris Johnson Faces Growing Backlash Over Plans For Covid Vaccine Passports In Nightclubs
Boris Johnson is facing a growing backlash over his plans to make coronavirus vaccination compulsory for nightclubs and other crowded venues in the autumn. Clubs, backbench Tories and opposition MPs criticised the Boris Johnson’s announcement on Mond
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Covid-19: At-risk Children To Be Offered Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine
Children who are at increased risk of Covid-19 are to be offered the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine on the NHS “as soon as possible”, as are those living with people with weakened immune systems, the Health Secretary has announced. Sajid Javid said he had a
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Johnson Loosens Isolation Rules For ‘Small Number’ Of Critical Workers
Isolation rules will be relaxed for a “small number” of fully-vaccinated critical workers who are identified as close contacts of coronavirus cases, Boris Johnson has said after coming under sustained pressure over the “pingdemic”. The Prime Minister
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Where London First-time Buyers Should Start Their Search For A New-build Home Post Pandemic
While Covid-related property moves have sparked a frenzied search by owners for bigger or better-value homes, aspiring first-time buyers have had to sit on the sidelines, pondering whether they will ever be able to step on to the housing ladder. Yet
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The Most Unusual Olympics Ever: Your Guide To Tokyo 2021
Really, the Euros was just the warm-up. Last week’s post-football comedown may have felt like the end of sporting days - at least for this year - but the truth is 2021’s great summer of sport is only just getting started. Think two weeks of tennis an
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Vanessa Kirby: Film Has Been So Male-dominated - Now It’s Women’s Time, And We’re Not Taking It For Granted
“My best friend has moved away and I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.” That tragedy sketched out in just one sentence, hidden in the diary of a frontier woman among “all these facts about how many potatoes there’d been,” inspired the short stor
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Lanserhof Life Fasting: The Celebrity-approved Gut Reset Has Arrived In London
When the going gets tough, there is one place where the likes of Victoria Beckham and the Delevingne sisters head to recalibrate: the exclusive Lanserhof medi-spa retreat nestled in the Austrian Alps. The club opened its London outpost in 2019 in pa
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Nicola Benedetti Interview: ‘It’s Hard When You Feel You’re Doing Your Part, But Others Aren’t Doing Theirs’
Some people quit when faced with lockdown. Others don’t. When the pandemic abruptly smothered live music, the violinist Nicola Benedetti threw her considerable energy into finding new ways to connect people online to music and, through that, to one a
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Clubbing Is Back: Are We Ready To Go Out Out Again?
Just before the pandemic struck, the DJ, producer and recording artist Fred Again took an impromptu away day trip from his London home to Berlin. ‘I went in and out one Friday to Berghain,’ he recalls. For the past 15 years, Berghain has settled int
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The Best Beaches In The UK
Beach-appropriate weather occurs all too infrequently in the UK. So, when the mercury hits 29C (which it’s forecast to do today), there is nothing left for it but to grab the SPF and head to one of the country’s most beautiful sandy stretches of coas
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Iris Law: ‘I’ve Been Brought Up With Morals, Not Necessarily To Do With Acting But For Life’
Iris Law has undergone a transformation. I arrive at the end of her ES Magazine beauty shoot with Dior in east London expecting to see the cherubically pretty, sweet-looking girl I follow on Instagram (along with about half a million others). Instead
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Idris And Sabrina Elba On Marriage, Mortality And What They Learned From Kim Kardashian
“We’re still learning about each other,” says Sabrina Dhowre Elba - Somali-Canadian actress, Vogue cover star and wife of Hackney-born Hollywood titan Idris Elba - hands on her husband’s knee as he tells me how much of a rock she’s been through the “
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