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The Heyday Of The Packhorse
Horses and donkeys have been used to transport goods since they were first domesticated 6,000 years ago. The peak of the packhorse in Britain was between 1650 and 1800. In the north of England they would take cloth and limestone over the Pennines; in
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Lakeland Peaks To Yorkshire Shores
Distance: 182 miles/293km Total ascent: 8,601m Max height: 775m Duration: 12–21 days Difficulty: challenging “One should always have a definite objective, in a walk as in life – it is so much more satisfying to reach a target by personal effort than
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Magical Sights And Sounds
During the lockdown I often liked to recall some truly magical moments spent in the countryside. One of these was when, as a family, we were exploring the Norfolk Broads and the surrounding area by boat. One evening we decided to moor up for the nigh
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Take A Chance...
“Ellie Harrison, as usual, makes an excellent point this month (page 114). With holidays and hard-earned cash so precious to most of us, she says it’s understandable that many people are risk-averse in their choice of destination. So Cornwall, the L
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Holidays With Horses
Located on a working hill farm in Sterling, Scotland (the same family have been in residence here for more than a century), Castle Rednock Trekking Centre not only offers novices the opportunity to learn to ride, but also the option to take a stroll
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How To Prepare For Your Long-distance Adventure
GET ACTIVE In the month before your walk improve your fitness by climbing local hills. BE REALISTIC Keep daily mileage within your capabilities. STAY DRY Quality waterproofs will keep you dry and warm on rainy days. GET ORGANISED Book your accommo
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Your Countryside
In November’s issue there was an interesting juxtaposition of John Craven’s complaint about litter and Nick Hayes’ excellent article on countryside access. This led me to wonder whether, disagreeing with John Craven, we drop so much litter because we
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This Month’s Contributors
“Over those two days of walking, my pony Susie taught me a great deal. She showed me that sometimes, just sometimes, it pays to take your time.” “I just wanted to capture one Lake District mountain through the seasons in the best possible drama and
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Birds On Tour
As you wake up on a frosty February morning, it’s hard not to envy a swallow, 9,600km away in southern Africa with the sun on its back. Some of our swallows will spend this very day flitting around herds of grazing animals, such as elephants, buffalo
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Three More Spectacular Sections Of Wainwright’s Coast To Coast
A lakeshore, valley and fell walk through more superlative Lake District scenery (14 miles/22.5km). A journey from Cumbria to the charming Yorkshire Dales via the historic Nine Standards Rigg summit (12.8 miles/20.5km). The triumphant final leg, co
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A Day On The Farm
Sunrise starting slumber stopping, Cockerels crowing creating chaos, Chickens clucking craving corn, Geese gathering gaily gossiping, Drakes driving dawdling ducklings, Bulls boasting building beef, Cows calling curious calves, Calves chewing constan
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February In The Country
“There’s a secret as old As the stones to unlock: There’s a riddle, a mystery Trapped in the rock.” Thus wrote Katrina Porteous in her poem Dunstanburgh. This castle on the Northumberland coast was built in the early 1300s by Thomas of Lancaster. He
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Arctic Tern
Famous as the land bird with the longest migration of all, the Arctic tern retreats south to the waters of Antarctica during the British winter. The round-trip is about 40,000km, but some tagged individuals have travelled as much as 70,000km in a sin
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How To Use OS Maps On Your Device
OS Maps gives unlimited access to OS maps throughout Great Britain. Discover hundreds of thousands of ready-made routes at your fingertips. No signal? No problem. Download maps and routes and use them wherever you go. Visualise your routes in ful
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Warm Winter Layers
Norwegian brand Helly Hansen pretty much pioneered the concept of top-quality technical base layers for outdoor use, and the Lifa Merino hoodie is the company’s most highly evolved undergarment to date. Complete with a hood (clue in the name) this is
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Podcast Of The Month
Lay down your trowel and tune in to the all-new BBC Gardener’s World Magazine Podcast with the nation’s favourite experts. In the first episode, Monty Don shares how gardening has helped his mental and physical wellbeing throughout his life, and what
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Going Into Hiding
Because they are less commonly seen, many people assume that yellowhammers (top right) and skylarks (below) migrate away from Britain in the winter. But they don’t – these two species tough it out here over the cold months. Yellowhammers moult and be
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Mourne’s Majesty
Distance: 23 miles/37km Total ascent: 1,050m Max height: 503m Duration: 2 days Difficulty: moderate Founded in the 1970s by Wilfred Capper, the Ulster Way walking route circled all six counties of Northern Ireland. At 665 miles long, the original ro
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Grow Tomatoes
You will need: tomato seeds • pots • peat-free, multi-purpose compost • vermiculite (a water-retaining mineral) • cling film • soft twine • stakes (such as bamboo) • tomato food Between January and March, thinly sow your tomato seeds in 7.5cm-wide po
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John Craven
These are worrying times for our waterways. Across the length and breadth of England, rivers, lakes and streams are polluted by a filthy mixture of sewage, chemical discharges and agricultural run-off. A measly 16% of them are rated as being of a goo
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Life On The Edge
Distance: 102 miles/164km Total ascent: 4,533m Max height: 310m Duration: 6–10 days Difficulty: moderate The Cotswold Way is a 102-mile trail that follows the line of the Cotswold escarpment, from Chipping Campden all the way to Bath. The 7.2–mile s
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Next Month
Take a true journey of discovery among the spectacular unvisited coves, peninsulas and mountains of this beguiling corner of Northern Ireland Inside the complex brain of Britain’s most familiar working dog: the border collie Could more of us adopt
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ID Guide: Early Spring Birdsong
Short, wistful, almost melancholic phrases of song from December onwards. Often sings at dusk and during rain, which gives rise to the old nickname of ‘stormcrow’. Head to southern heathlands on a late winter’s day to hear this little-known songster
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The Road To Peace
The 442 bus runs from Buxton to Ashbourne in the Peak District. It must be one of the most beautiful bus journeys in England, winding its way along country lanes as it criss-crosses the River Dove, which marks the Derbyshire and Staffordshire border.
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Walking With Waves
Distance: 60 miles/96km Total ascent: 3,251m Max height: 156m Duration: 5–8 days Difficulty: challenging Beneath contorted black cliffs with pie-crust overhangs, grey-green waves lap on to an orange sandy cove, leaving lakes of white surf in their w
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Ellie Harrison
“It seemed easier to count the people who didn’t go to Cornwall this summer. If the UK had the foam geology of Fred’s weather mapon This Morning, we’d have all been in the drink. By the return of school in September – mischievously labelled the holid
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The Seasonal Table: A Taste Of February
The smallholding is softly stirring into life again. At dusk, while we are quickly grafting a few new apple varieties on the old trees, a bat swoops through the orchard and a toad is heard croaking by the pond. There is even an enthusiastic plum tree
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High-tech Travel Solutions
“In the next few years, we will see some of the digital services that are affecting transport in the cities begin to work in the countryside,” says Julian Glover, author of the Landscapes Review. “The idea that you might be able to do ride-sharing, o
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Ramble Around The Moor
Distance: 108 miles/173km Total ascent: 4,561m Max height: 424m Duration: 7–12 days Difficulty: moderate Taking in 108 miles of ancient drove roads, wooded valleys and some of Dartmoor’s most beautiful towns and villages, the newly waymarked Dartmoo
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