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10 Restaurants With Outdoor Dining Open Now
1. Smokestak, London (smokestak.co.uk) 2. El Pastor, London (tacoselpastor.co.uk) 3. Root, Bristol (rootbristol.co.uk) 4. Escape to Freight Island, Manchester (escapetofreightisland.com) 5. Hoppers, London (hopperslondon.com) 6. Breaking Bread, Brist
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Cook Like A Local Turkey
Turkish food is bright and flavoursome, bursting with zing from pomegranate molasses, fiery kicks from pul biber pepper flakes and the warming notes of cumin, paprika and cinnamon. Wandering around the streets of Istanbul is a treasure trove of incr
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Kitchens To Covet Calm And Clutter-free
I’m a food and travel writer, photographer, and retailer living in Shoreditch, London, with my partner, John Clinch, in a split-level warehouse apartment that we converted from scratch in 1996. Our L-shaped kitchen, on the lower level, covers 25 squa
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Fancy A Slice?
These deliciously balanced cheesecake bars make for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up with tea, or dressed with fresh berries for dessert. 30 MINUTES + CHILLING | MAKES 12-16 BARS | EASY unsalted butter 100g, melted, plus extra for the tindark cho
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Meet Charlie Bigham. You Couldn’t Make Him Up.
Even though some people think we have. Twenty five years ago, Charlie was travelling the world experiencing different food and was so inspired by the things he tried, he started Charlie Bigham’s. We think it’s time to put a face to the name. Discov
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Sourdough Twists
To make a white version of sourdough, simply follow the method for the spelt sourdough but using just strong white bread flour. 6 HOURS + OVERNIGHT PROVING | MAKES 1 LOAF | EASY water 380ml, warm to the touchstrong white bread flour 500glevain 10
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Love Your Leftovers
20 MINUTES | SERVES 2 | EASY butter 4 tbsp, softenedsourdough 4 slicesvine tomato 1 large ripe, at room temperature, slicedmozzarella 1 ball, drained and torn pine nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts or brazil nuts 50grocket, spinach or a mixture of salad
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The Story Of Sourdough
It may be the bread that everyone is making at the moment but sourdough is one of the oldest known methods of bread leavening. The first dough ever made would have been a simple mixture of flour and water, baked until crisp like a flatbread. At som
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How do I know when my starter is ready to use? Your starter will have nearly doubled in size and be really bubbly. If it isn’t like this it could be down to one of two reasons. Firstly, your starter culture isn’t strong enough yet – which means it l
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Bringing You The Best
Founder of Den Bake Shop in Harlesden, London, Maxine shares her no-bake double chocolate cheesecake recipe on page 40. On page 60, chef Francis teaches us how to make dumplings from northern China – a signature street-food dish from Baozilnn restau
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A Vision Of Vietnam
One of my favourite midweek meals takes minutes to prepare – sometimes things just have to be that simple. Ginger, tangy lemon, hot chillies and sticky honey are a great combo, and you should have a supply of them in the kitchen to turn simple chicke
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Look Out For The Following
high fibre high protein low cal low fat low salt low sugar nourish Craving something nutritious? Look out for the new Nourish tag on our healthy recipes. We’ll also spotlight high fibre, high protein, low cal, low fat, low salt, and low sugar. For m
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May is a happy month for cooks. Knobbly shapes of austere root veg give way to leafy greens, crunchy radishes (pickled, raw or roasted) and freshly unearthed new potatoes, paired this issue with chilli crab salsa. If you’ve never eaten broccoli in a
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Why You Should Buy Mixed Sized Eggs
Chickens don’t lay uniformly sized eggs, for example younger birds lay smaller eggs so this means that farms don’t have a steady supply of eggs of all one size. Larger eggs have come to be a standard in many recipes but they don’t need to be – even f
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Kitchen Therapy
4 HOURS 30 MINUTES + RESTING | SERVES 4 | EASY ‘00’ flour 400geggs 4, beatenparmesan for grating olive oil 2 tbspbeef shin 1kg, cut into large piecesonion 1 finely choppedcarrot 1, finely choppedcelery 1 stick, finely choppedtomato purée 2 tbspbay
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Sunshine Flavours
Honey and harissa give a sweet and spicy kick to this side of salmon. It’s surprisingly quick and easy, but looks gorgeous when taken whole to the table. Leftovers are great cold the next day, too. 25 MINUTES | SERVES 4-6 | EASY | GF harissa 2-4
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White Miso
Miso is a paste made from fermented soybeans, salt and koji (a type of fungus) and is used as a seasoning in Japanese cuisine, often adding savouriness or umaminess to soups, salads and sauces. It’s hailed for its beneficial bacteria resulting from t
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Wines To Try This Month
Strawberries and rose petals come together in this gorgeous English sparkler – a great aperitif or as a partner to the strawberry and elderflower eton mess on p30. Fresher and less jammy than many a merlot, this is juicy with plum and cherry fruit,
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Cozy Living Mathea melange wool throw in curry £75, chalkinteriors.london With a classic herringbone weave in a beautiful summery ochre, this throw is thick but very light, so it’s the perfect accessory to carry on your next outdoor jaunt. Prue Lei
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Blacklock’s White Chocolate Cheesecake
Known for serving piles of chops on top of bread to soak up the juices and an exceptionally good Sunday lunch in its three restaurants, now Blacklock’s home kit and delivery options include this heavenly pudding, the recipe for which owner Gordon Ker
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Kitchen Shelf
Wildpress apple juices These single-variety and blended juices are made from lesser-known heritage apples from sustainable orchards. We love the lemony notes of the Mellow Rebel blend. £5.50 (75cl), wildpressjuice.com Strazzanti Sicilian sauces The
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On The Olive Podcast Ukraine
All over the Ukraine, we’ve got these special outhouses – four walls, a roof and a little porch – but inside it’s just a kitchen. They exist because Ukraine is incredibly hot in the summer and people didn’t have air-con. But the summer is when you wo
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Teaming Up To Fight Child Food Poverty
The pair want to shine a light on the fact that 4.2 million children live in poverty in the UK – that’s 30% of children, and demand from children for food bank services has increased by 121%. The project aims to equip families with the skills to get
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Helping People With Disabilities In The Food Industry
In his early twenties, David Croft moved to Bermuda to work as a pastry chef, but a few days after his 21st birthday, was involved in a life-altering rock diving accident. ‘Thinking I was in a safe place, I dived into the water, but felt my head hit
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Recreate Our Stunning Cover Photo?
To enter, share your photos on social media with # Olive cookcover or email oliveweb@immediate.co.uk with the subject line ‘Cook the cover’ by 19 May. We’ll feature the winner in an upcoming issue. Want to sharpen up your photography skills? Gilli
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Welcome, Bakers!
This is a one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to bake the perfect sourdough loaf, including how to make a starter, a levain, step-by-step recipes (including some inspired ideas of what to do with your excess starter) and advice on what sort of e
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The Measure
Many of you will have enjoyed a pisco sour – made with egg white, lemon juice, sugar syrup and bitters – but what do you know about pisco itself? A brandy made from fermented grape juice, pisco is found in Peru and Chile, although the spirits are mad
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Loving Your Local
As the UK reopens, many of us have already dined al fresco in a pub garden or on a restaurant terrace, reconnecting with family, friends and colleagues over a glass and – at last – a meal not cooked by ourselves. Perhaps, as you soaked up the atmosph
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Eat In Eat Out Baozilnn
BaoziInn, meaning ‘people’s canteen’, has six locations across London – the flagship restaurant in London Bridge, two more in Chinatown and one in Soho, as well as smaller takeaway outlets in Market Hall Victoria and Market Hall West End. Highlights
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More Of Olia’s Favourite Ukrainian Ingredients
Similar to Italian lardo, it’s a kind of cured, salted pork fat. Sometimes we freeze it and just slice and eat with pickles and a shot of vodka. You can also use it as a cooking fat, or bash with garlic, salt and dill to stir through borscht at the v
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