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Free Online Records
w bit.ly/special-hants Hampshire-wide volumes on the University of Leicester’s website Special Collections Online include a Pigot’s directory (1828) and a Kelly’s edition (1898). There are directories for Winchester too. w rshg.org.uk/grave-search
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Who’s Your Hero?
Share your family hero with us and they could appear in the magazine! Each month we’ll award our favourite a year’s Pro subscription to findmypast.co.uk worth £159.99. Please write to us at the address on page 6 or email wdytyaeditorial@ immediat
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Over 200,000 People Sign Up For RootsTech Connect
More than 200,000 family historians from around the world have registered for the first virtual RootsTech Connect (rootstech.org), which takes place on 25–27 February. First established in 1998, RootsTech is an annual family history conference held
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Findmypast Introduces New-look Family Tree
Family history website Findmypast (findmypast.co.uk) has launched a new look for its online family trees. The updated features include showing five full generations at once, and a sidebar menu allowing easier editing of ancestors’ profiles. There are
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The Ruby One-name Study
The Ruby One-Name Study provides an excellent example of collaborative working. It was a one-year project running from 2018 to 2019 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the guild, and to showcase best practices for one-name studies. Thirty-five guild
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Hampshire Surnames
The census districts of Brading, Portsea, Shalfleet and Titchfield have all been hotspots for the name Buckett.  This prominent local surname derives from an Old English personal name and the word tun meaning ‘farm’.  This is a topographic surname fo
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Charles Grey 1764–1845
Charles Grey was born in Fallodon, Northumberland, on 13 March 1764 and attended Eton and Cambridge. He was elected to the House of Commons at the age of 22, and quickly became one of the leaders of the Whig Party and a proponent of many reform movem
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Plots, Pikes, Plague And Puritans
When we think of the 1600s, events come to mind from our history lessons at school. The Gunpowder Plot, the sailing of the Mayflower, the Civil War, the plague and the Great Fire of London. It was a century when our ancestors might have been caught u
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Can You Help?
Staff at The National Archives in Kew want to hear from anyone who has run a citizen-research project online as part of the new initiative ‘Engaging Crowds: Citizen Research and Heritage Data at Scale’ (tanc-ahrc.github.io/Engaging Crowds). They want
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‘My Family Has Been Involved In Several Sea Disasters’
My granny, who would have been eight at the time, remembered her father putting on his Sunday best and going out with other people from the village to collect the bodies that were washing up on the shore.” This was the aftermath of the Iolaire sea di
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Bell Inscription Books, 1888–2005
Located in Loughborough in Leicestershire, John Taylor & Co is one of the oldest bell foundries in the world and has been run by the Taylor family since 1784. The company’s archive includes a set of inscription books recording the messages cast on th
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Surviving Records
w census.nationalarchives.ie/ search w bit.ly/fh-pre-1841 w bit.ly/nrs-scot-pre-1841 w bit.ly/fmp-derbys-census w bit.ly/anc-1831-harrow  w bit.ly/fmp-marylebone-cen w bit.ly/fmp-nether-cen w bit.ly/ fmp-shrews-1831-cen ■
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Who Do You Think You Are
Editor Sarah Williams Production editor Seth Burgess Staff writer Rosemary Collins Art editor Robbie Bennie Ad manager Sam Jones 0117 300 8145 Ad sales executives Andy Williams 0117 300 8803, Tony Robinson 0117 300 8826 Inserts Laurence Roberts
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This detailed exploration of daily life and experiences draws upon contemporary accounts. You will find colourful images and interesting information in this concise overview of fashion during the Regency period. Sullivan provides an entertaining guid
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Muster Rolls And The Milita
The militia was a part-time voluntary force, a means of amassing men for home defence during conflict. The system gradually developed during the Tudor and Stuart periods, the Seven Years’ War and the Napoleonic Wars. The 1757 Militia Act established
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Reader Tips
• If you have a tree on ancestry. co.uk, keep returning to the site to see if useful information has been added by other members. • Check multiple family history websites and newspapers online for potential leads. • Googling a relation’s name (use do
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The approximate population of England and Wales in 1600. This rose to six million by 1700 190,000 The number of casualties in the English Civil War, about 3.7 per cent of the population 87 The number of churches destroyed in the Great Fire of Londo
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Can You Find Out If My Great Great Grandfather Abandoned His Wife And Children In Scotland?
IAN STABLES contacted us for help researching the life of his great great grandfather Q I’m looking for advice in the search for my great great grandfather Daniel Melville Crawford, born 21 November 1881 in Greenock, Scotland. He married Catherine B
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Digital Picks
bit.ly/guardian-colette Free This moving 25-minute documentary on the website of the Guardian follows 90-year-old Colette Marin-Catherine, a former French Resistance fighter, and 17-year-old history student Lucie Fouble as they visit Mittelbau-Dora
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In the early 1700s Huguenot refugee Henri Portal arrived in England and joined a paper company at Stoneham Mills near Southampton. He took English nationality, changed his name to Henry, and set up on his own, opening Bere Mill in Whitchurch, subsequ
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June Perrin Retires As CEO Of Society Of Genealogists
The Society of Genealogists has announced that June Perrin has retired from her role as chief executive. Perrin joined the society 20 years ago to work with former director Robert Gordon, directing and refreshing its human-resources and finance oper
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The Prince Regent 1762–1830
Born in August 1762, George Augustus Frederick was the first child and eldest son of George III and Queen Charlotte. He acted as Regent from 1811 to 1820, then reigned as George IV until his death. Able to charm, and with manners that could be extrem
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Military Picture Analysis
Q Can you help me with some photographs in an old family album? Two are of soldiers. If I knew the regiments and approximate year it might help me work out who they are. Janet Jacob A These photographs depict two Welsh Regiment soldiers, both phot
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Go Visit
Find out more about how your nailer relations lived and worked a Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B60 4JR t 01527 831363 w avoncroft.org.uk The museum has a reconstruction of a 19th-century nailer’s cottage as well as a preserved nail-shop,
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Fact File
a Station Yard, Burtersett Road, Hawes DL8 3NT t 01969 666210 w dalescountrysidemuseum.org.uk/story-of-schools The Story of Schools exhibition, which was due to open on 30 January, will now open as soon as lockdown is lifted and run through to the e
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Off The Record
Alan Crosby wonders if he’ll ever manage to solve all the enigmas in his family tree The fringes of my tree are populated by a shadowy group of people, a crowd of hardly visible figures whose one-time existence is known, or assumed, but about whom I
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Find My Past Adds Belfast And Ulster Directories
Family history website Findmypast (findmy past.co.uk) has added a new collection of Belfast and Ulster directories, containing more than 1.6 million entries and dating from 1890 to 1947. Directories were published annually and provided a comprehensi
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Jason Donovan
Jason also found a convict in his tree, his 3x great grandfather Joseph Lyons. Joseph was originally from London, where he was put on trial for handling stolen goods in 1841. We found the details at the free website Proceedings of the Old Bailey, whi
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Meet The Author
What made you want to write the book? Most readers assume that I wrote the book because of my family history, but actually I was very worried about the political situation in Europe and the USA in 2016. Populist parties in France, Germany and Easter
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Andreas Önnerfors Oxford University Press, 2017 This guide to Freemasonry includes its rituals, symbols and practices. John Lane United Grand Lodge of England, 1895 This important source can be downloaded for free from the Internet Archive at
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