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Totally Now
We love this gelato-inspired look by YouTubers Veronica and Vanessa (a.k.a the Merrell Twins)! These pastels are perfect for sweet Easter vibes, and the accessories? So kawaii! Awww, happy Easter, TGs (if you celebrate it!). Doug the Pug is looking
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World Of Adventure
Rides, Disney Princesses and magic! Disneyland is so popular; there are five different Disney Parks around the world! The biggest one being Walt Disney World in Florida, USA. This park alone has four different lands including Magic Kingdom, Animal Ki
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Into The Woods
The stream leads to a giant waterfall, but you see something behind it – a cave! You jump through and find a cave full of treasures. You found the gold! The End. Inside the box is an antique compass, yes! Do you a) Head north – go to page 65. OR b) H
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We were having a school fundraiser and I was in charge of the cookie stall. When I was making the 100 cookies, I accidentally used table salt instead of sugar! OMG! (Let’s just say, I didn’t make much money for the guide dogs). Emma I recently mentio
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Pop Quiz
1. What is Ari’s fave movie genre? a) Comedy b) Teen flicks c) Horror / scary 4. Ari’s fave fruit is strawberries. True / False 7. What is Ari’s natural hair colour? a) Red b) Brunette c) Blonde 2. Ari is a huge Harry Potter fan and sa
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Totally Entertaining Who Is Your Raya Sidekick? Who Is Your
Take the quiz and add up the points to reveal who’s joining you on your epic dragon adventure! 1. It’s the middle of the night and you need a glass of water. You… a. Accidentally bump into something and make a noise +5 b. Turn on the light coz y
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Hop To It
★ An empty tissue box – cube shaped ★ Scissors ★ Hot glue gun and glue ★ 48 popsicle sticks ★ Pink metallic paint (we used DecoArt metallic acrylic paint in ‘Berry’ ★ Water-based varnish ★ 3 chenille sticks in pink ★ Craft glue ★ 1m pink ribbon ★ Emb
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Raya and The Last Dragon
Long ago, the world of Kumandra was a place of peace. Humans and dragons coexisted and kept a perfect balance. 500 years later and dragons are but a distant memory. Harmony that once bound the people of Kumandra is all but bare threads, frayed and qu
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Total Girl HQ!
I once went on a hike to explore natural waterfalls in the Philippines! Afterwards, I had an amazing local meal filled with delicious seafood. Visiting all the gaming arcades in Japan! They are everywhere and it was so much fun spending hours playin
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Celebrity FAVES
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Adventure Time
We’ve hidden an exciting trail throughout this mag, filled with crazy roadblocks, quests and decisions to make. Are you up for it? Your story starts here, at the bottom of this page! Answer the question, then turn to the page next to your answer. The
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Take A Hike
Planning a big family bushwalk? Read this smart story before you set off! Bushwalking is so much fun, and it’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise! But before you hit the track, do a little bit of pre-planning so that you’re organised an
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Higher, Further, Faster!
Back in 2019, these NASA astronauts took part in the first all-female spacewalk outside of the International Space Station. Jessica and Christina made some repairs to the station and all up, their spacewalk lasted a whopping seven hours and 17 minute
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Picture Perfect
First, you need to get a camera! Different cameras require different skill levels and even have different uses – some are digital, some use film, some are disposable. Start with a basic digital camera and get the hang of all the settings. Or ask your
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We’ve been having soooo much fun writing the stories in this month’s mag – it’s been a total adventure! This photo of me (above), was taken when my parents and I took a HUGE road trip to Byron Bay NSW (it was more than a 10-hour drive!). It was a few
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Hey Total Girl, My name is Jayla and I am seven. Here is a photo of me relaxing after a long day of shopping, ready to unwind. I’ve been a TG fan for a very long time. My aunty, Billie, was in a couple of your magazines years ago and I have always w
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Does your family have a Netflix or Disney+ account? Secretly change each fam member’s profile image and name to something hilar! They’ll be in for a total surprise when they see the account home screen. 1. THE GREAT OUTDOORS, HERE WE COME! 2. WH
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Make Your Own Sensory Sand
✦ 8 cups plain flour ✦ 1 cup baby oil ✦ Food colouring in the colour of your choice (optional) Step 1 In a large bowl combine the flour and baby oil. Mix well with a wooden spoon. If you like, here is where you can add a few drops of food colouring t
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Total Girl
Roseanne Scott Sandra Markovic  Aaron Streatfeild Rebekah Manibog Louise Meers, Marisa Morea, Eleni Moutevelis, Mandy Streatfeild, Georgia Sutton and Amy Vagne Vera Cheung ADVERTISING DIRECTOR – KIDS Anabel Tweedale Ph: 02 9901 6371 ATweedal
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✦ 1 litre rectangle long-life milk carton (recycled and washed) ✦ Pencil ✦ Scissors ✦ Small stick or used pen ✦ Masking tape ✦ Coloured markers or paint (to decorate) ✦ String or wire ✦ Bird food Step 1 Draw a small window on the front and back of
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All the fun begins in the morning before the zoo opens. We start the day off with greeting the elephants and doing a quick visual look over them. We clean their exhibits while they are eating one of their many breakfasts. After this it’s either a tra
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Waiting on the new Billie Eilish album to drop? Saaame! Camp Billie have been tight-lipped about deets regarding a follow up to When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? But a post on her official Instagram spilled the beans. The post in question appe
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Reach for THE STARS
Marsai Martin is an American actress mostly known for her role on family TV series black-ish. She also holds the Guinness World Record for the Youngest Hollywood Executive Producer for her breakout flim Little,released in 2019. The role of executive
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ARI ARI ARI Goes Global
We’ve loved her since her Sam & Catdays, we’ve rocked the Ari ponytail and yep, we’re still blasting hits ‘Break Free’ and ‘thank u, next’ at TG HQ whenever we get the chance. But there’s something more to Ariana Grande (than her 223 million social m
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Travel Blogger
Hey guys! Who are The Trax Tribe and what do you do? We are team of two, named Keely and Aiden, who have a love for outdoor adventures and a passion for photography and videography. We hope to inspire others to live an extraordinary life, one filled
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Mini banana MUFFINS
✦ 3 bananas ✦ 1 tablespoon honey ✦ 2 whole eggs ✦ 1 teaspoon baking soda ✦ 1 teaspoon baking powder ✦ ½ teaspoon sea salt ✦ 1 ½ cups whole wheat flour ✦ 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ✦ 1 red apple ★ Makes: 12 mini muffins 1. Add banana, honey, and egg
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The Total Girl Book Club!
Hey TGs! This month, we’re reading the coolest new book in the Friday Barnes series, Friday Barnes 9: No Escape by R.A Spratt. If you haven’t downloaded your FREE book extract from our website, there’s still a chance! We’re searching
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Tech It Out
Music and science do mix, and this cool DIY kit shows you how! Start by wiring the speakers, battery and on/off switch. Now you’re ready to experiment! Connect over 46 circuits to produce different sounds, melodies and functions, like light up LEDs.
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Ask Me Anything
Q If you could revisit any childhood memory, which one would you choose? – TG reader Evie Awww such a cool question! I’d love to revisit my childhood house, so the memories I had when I was four and five years old. Just to see what my old bedroom
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